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  1. So who wants Server 3 unlocked for winter break?

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    2. Elements.


      perm unlocked, there is no point of caring about people being rich. Be happy if everyone has money and wants to play

    3. Daddy Fenwick
    4. Floyd Mayweather
  2. What ever happened to the loadout saving, that was the September or October donation goal:p

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    2. last


      oh so you respond to him but not me

      @Peter Long

    3. Mustache



      1 hour ago, kilo. said:

      oh so you respond to him but not me

      @Peter Long


    4. Canada


      1 hour ago, kilo. said:

      oh so you respond to him but not me

      @Peter Long

      Pays to be a relevant player.

  3. Dis man really changed his name and logo to gold like he thinks he is King what an egomaniac woww wow wowwow wow


  4. To all who are asking, Arma released a hotfix update that is affecting all servers. We are working on it.

    1. communistjosh


      Don’t worry peter, I’m already on it @ThatNerdyGuy

  5. Peter Long

    In the first month . . .

    Hey Guys and Gals! So the first month of new ownership is in the books! Let me just tell you, there has been A TON to learn. Some of the things that I am proud to say we accomplished as a community are as follows : Administration: Increased response time to hackers More tools designed to help us mitigate server issues Revamped tracking on Staff members and their duties Development: 2 MAJOR UPDATES (POGGERS) The addition of 4 new staff members to our development team New Web Developer Increased responsibilities across the board New Life Control is in the test environment - this will be huge for all staff! Design Sick textures have come out, and even better ones are in the works Map updates have been great, new processors are actually nice! APD New Chief APD Wins Again R and R New Skins coming out! Coordinators smell bad Civilian Representative Council work has been started - watch the forums for an update Support Team Success - these guys have been crushing it and revamping the team and its tracking. Shout out to the boys! As with everything, when there is a change there is the possibility of something going wrong. Our first month was no different, as we had our first major problem under my tenure. Fortunately, the issue was resolved by some current and former dedicated Olympians. My heartfelt thanks to all of those who spent time with me on the phone while i was driving across the country fixing the issue. They took time out of their normal day to make sure Olympus was back up and running. If you see @Kurt @Retired Developer and @Ignis, give em a kiss on the mouth. Not too shabby of a first month, and we have only just started. My continued focus in the coming months will be on server stability, performance, and Staff training. I want to make sure that EVERY Olympian, from the "OG" to the newfags will have a great time on our servers. Oh, did someone say Gang Wars? Alright guys, that is a wrap! See you next month!
  6. Peter Long

    Beginning and end of christmas break
  7. Peter Long

    We are going to be doing some extensive testing on it to see if it will fit within our style of play here on Olympus. It looks sick though!
  8. Servers are being updated with the Warlords update right now. Please let us know if you see any bugs!

    1. credit


      thankyou peter

    2. Hadi Mokdad

      Hadi Mokdad

      I just saw a butterfly at Weed Field, is that considered a bug?

    3. N7Zero



      u chat shit, its not updated! :DansGame:

  9. Welcome to the Founders Circle @SPBojo! Come find me in TS later. <3

    1. SPBojo


      Appreciate it buddy, will do!


  11. I would like to give a big CONGRATS to @Fusah and @ikiled on Senior Developers. Good luck shitters!


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