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  1. Peter Long

    If i had to skip a meal for everytime i heard olumpus was dying, i would be skinnier than a polish jew at Auchwitz.
  2. Peter Long

    Ill take a look and see what Twitch had saved. I didnt pay too much attention out of frustration after the last gang wars. If there is anything there i will upload it.
  3. Peter Long

    1 offroad A/T
  4. What ever happened to that draft gang wars idea @Arigato thought of?

    1. Dante


      Lmao @Hot Pocket get fucked. 

    2. Hot Pocket
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Prime


      Shit @Kyle Lake looks like your secret is out there now. @Bocaj it's complicated 

    3. Kyle Lake

      Kyle Lake

      @Prime I told you not to tell anyone!

    4. Ryan


      Peter Weeb

  5. Peter Long

    @SHStealth_1 WINS
  6. Peter Long

    @drraison WINS
  7. Did someone say Gang Wars?

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    2. TheoryB


      letssssssssssssssss gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    3. obeymatt


      Idk you tell me 

    4. Cougar



  8. Peter Long

    This is hilarious.
  9. Cheat somewhere else thxbb. o7

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    2. Canada


      could've been, looked fishy to a lot of us. would've had to have been in the fight, after that we spent hours getting shot threw trees by 6.5 (different gang then TI) a lot of stuff that happened yesterday was startling, you could be right though, apologies to TI if this wasn't infact a switch.


    3. MonsteReZ


      i honestly cant tell cause Gyazo has no sound 4 me so i cant hear if he shotgunned but it looked like he got shot from the side

    4. Ryan


      Peter long just gave him the Peter Dong.

  10. Go give your dad a hug. Trust me, its awesome for your dad.

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    2. Bahamut


      My dad abused me

    3. Homicide


      Happy Fathers Day Peter I wish i can hug mines but he died a long time a go but ill just hug my kids instead

    4. DeadPooL


      3 hours ago, obeymatt said:

      im still looking for him 


  11. Peter Long

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  12. Fair. Fun. Balanced. A time for a new era boys. o7 to the BBB. 

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    2. Daddy Fenwick

      Daddy Fenwick

      Who got permed? Majed?

    3. max^ x yung pinch
    4. Pledge


      55 minutes ago, Nerdy said:

      The Better Business Bureau? :Kappa:

      Honestly what I read it as though

  13. Podcast is up! If you missed it, check it out here 


  14. Peter Long

    Peter Long's Podcast - Episode #6

    Hi everyone! Big shout out to all who showed up for the podcast, we had a great panel and roundtable discussion. Podcast starts around 6 minutes or so!

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