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  1. ETA on Gang Wars? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bloodmoon


      Gangs don't exist here anymore. 

    3. buckie


      Who let you out of ur cage 

    4. Mr GOAT

      Mr GOAT

      on the 1 server? you got me

  2. Was looking through old posts and found this classic : 


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    2. Linka


      come play with the olympus group man 🙂

    3. Monks


      We do be gaming in among us doe

    4. Scribble


      I still have the soundboards 

  3. I give this 2/10. @proud tried harder.
  4. Does anyone have any old clips or vods of my stream saved? Ones with my cam overlay? I lost all my shit with a new pc. 

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    2. Drippp


      @Corporal Moob I mean u had m4’s and tier 4 armor which was some of the best at that time in tarky. I am not trying to act good, I am simply sharing an experience

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Post the clip then @Drippp

    4. Drippp


      It’s greyed out on gyazo @Grandma Gary

  5. 125718951CB0516E5E5655BED49256CBC5A93C17 (1920×1080)

    1. Joce


      the real amazing part is how many of them are using their actual names in this pic. 

    2. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      whats wrong with everyone these days using I FucKeD YoUr DAD  

  6. 0184ecbc143eee0d55776814e09684ab.jpg

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    2. Xlax


      hello father

    3. Elements


      if you didnt wear the helmet with grass on the top your a weirdo

    4. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      You had to be a high lvl donor to get a pilot helmet. This is before monetization. There was a time where you couldnt buy a GA either unless you donated.

  7. 5322c15f054761ba3e11c65bda059c7a.png

    Been back 35 seconds. Feels good to be home. 

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    2. Ryan


      Dont play with their feelings like that, they all like you better so you gonna make some of them off themselves 😧 

    3. billdroid


      We don’t like him better. We hate you @Ryan

    4. Drippp


      I just wanna say that you should reupload the vod where I streamsniped you and moob om tarkov 

  8. Oh hi there.

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    2. decla


      Peterrrrr come back you gave us quality content

    3. Strikke


      What decla said pls

    4. Fat Clemenza

      Fat Clemenza

      Yo Senior Deputy Peter. Should I come back and be a copper on ND?

  9. Image result for popcorn gif

    1. MAV


      about the right reaction haha

    2. Mr Josh

      Mr Josh

      @MAV No one likes you retard

  10. happy b-day peter schlong

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