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Official Olympus Discord server is now live! https://discord.gg/cqf5m8F. We are in no way switching completely from teamspeak to discord so this is not required but we would love to see some of you guys hop in there so we can fill it up.

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  1. Peter Long

    Alright guys, its time for Set-Up Wars! Post your current Set-Up below! Ill take the top 5, and we will do a poll later to see who the winner is! Winner gets $5 million in game and 100 Warpoints! LETS SEE THOSE BEAST RIGS!
  2. So I haven't been paying attention, but we hit 30k members on the forums. Pog Champ! Thanks @zoomzooooooom for all the alts when you were banned. 

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    2. #FreeSkys


      @Dante dw i still got like 15-20 unused emails

    3. zoomzooooooom
    4. Dargen


      *cough cough* yopmail.com *cough cough* *cough cough* no sign up *cough cough*

  3. Peter Long

    You know, I find this hilarious. You might be the one guy I have killed since becoming owner. Have a dev check the stats, other than testing weapons, I have just been launching people with my spangle gun But yeah, you probably got wrecked by a staff member with my name in game. Unless you have been killed by Gandalf the Gay, it wasn't me my dude.
  4. This is a neat tool to see how much spit is on your monitor because someone roached you or you got vigi'd.




    Needless to say, I broke out a whole bottle of windex. 

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    2. indian


      @bdj @Johnson/Montez your welcome for the @

    3. Millennium


      my monitor was clean as fuck

    4. bdj



      GANG WARS IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  5. Peter Long

    Corsair K55. Cheaper, mechanical, 3 rgb areas, 6 macro keys, ect. Best 30 dollar purchase ever.
  6. @Drama I expect staff to handle all thier ban appeals in a timely fashion. After numerous reports of you skirting your duties, I must inform you that @DeadPooL will be taking your Admin role.

    1. Drama
    2. DeadPooL


      Eta on my whitelist? 

  7. Peter Long

    Nope. All perks are retroactive. This will be a nice buff to our more dedicated players. The "OG" guys should be pretty happy, amd it gives new players some incentives to try something new. Im really freaking excited for this.
  8. Peter Long

    Owner Update #4

    Jesus is it really February already? I'm still nursing my hangover from New Years Eve..... Alright HI OLYMPUS! I hope you are all doing well! Time for another Owner's Desk Update! So, here are some of the major points that happened during January: Community Coordinator Role Created Community Advisor Role Created A few server Updates I farted Passive Perk System Teaser (donation goal) I am sure there are a lot more things to update, but currently I am writing this on my phone while on the shitter. Let's go into a little bit of detail about those points huh? 1. Community Coordinator Role Created A few weeks back, some Administrative Staff members asked me about Olympus as a Gaming Community, and how they can help the community grow. You all know that I have had plans for a minor expansion for the community into other games, and I really wanted to push forward with the Olympus League. This expansion must be done the right way : slowly, organized, and the right way. The Coordinators are dedicated to the growth of Olympus, and will actively work to bring not only new players to our Arma servers (with events, the Olympus League, Gang Wars, ect) but start bringing on players from different games, and integrate those games into Olympus. We have tried a few times as a community for a Rust Server or a Minecraft server. Every time this happened, it was with little effort, and done far too quickly for it to take hold. This is not the fault of those who spent time working on the expansion, but they were far to busy with being Administration to dedicate the time necessary in making it really work. The Coordinators are making a concentrated effort to make sure this is done the right way the first time. 2. Community Advisor Role Created This is pretty straight-forward. The Advisors work under the Coordinators, and assist them in creating the teams necessary to grow Olympus. They will help run events not only on our Arma Servers, but for other games as well (CSGO, LoL, ect). This role, along with the Coordinator role, will be expanded upon as time goes on. 3. I Farted It was dry, about 3 seconds long, and sounded like @DeadPooL when he laughs to hard. 4. Passive Perk System So, the Passive Perk System. What is it? How does it work? Why do we need it? Are you really the size of a mammoth? Don't worry everyone, I will detail everything for you guys here. This started with a conversation between @Fusah and I about the title system. I'm not sure what brought it up, but Fusah made a comment that a progression system would be a pretty neat feature in Arma. About 20 minutes later, the basis for the Passive Perk System was born. It will work with our current title system, and a post will be made with the full list of perks that you can unlock after the goal is met. For example : Currently there are 5 titles for time spent on the server : A Whole New World - 1500 minutes on Civilian Invested - 6000 minutes on Civilian Dedicated - 15,000 minutes on Civilian Committed - 30,000 minutes on Civilian Addicted - 60,000 minutes on Civilian Now, with the Passive Perk System, each title will unlock a Perk, which is a permanent buff to your player. A Whole New World - 1500 minutes on Civilian / 1% discount on all general store purchases Invested - 6000 minutes on Civilian / 2% discount on all general store purchases Dedicated - 15,000 minutes on Civilian / 3% discount on all general store purchases Committed - 30,000 minutes on Civilian / 4% discount on all general store purchases Addicted - 60,000 minutes on Civilian / 5% discount on all general store purchases See how that works? Now, once you have unlocked the title, the perk will automatically apply to your player id. You do not need to wear the title to take full advantage of the perk. As a Staff, we worked closely with the Civilian Council, sAPD, and sR&R to come up with perks that would be appropriate for each title. Yes you heard that right, each faction has its own perk system. Alright guys and gals, that is it for this post. Just know that you are all beautiful, and each one of you are what makes Olympus AMAZING. Feel free to comment below, and look for another post next month! - Pete
  9. HOW do I become medic


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    2. Gaz


      damn straight to the top

    3. RDyer216


      Yikes.  By messaging owner of the server.  That’s where you start. 

    4. 7yler_cold steppA

      7yler_cold steppA

      yea on the top

  10. Chapter 16 Section 6 has been added to the server rules. Its been an "unwritten" rule for a long time, but now its official. 


  11. If i see one more troll post, im selling the server to the highest bidder.

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    2. codeYeTi
    3. communistjosh


      @codeYeTi Stop holding out, we know you have more than that :Kappa:

    4. an overweight giant retard

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