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  1. I hope you know @Peter Long i'm gonna be on edge for like a month now

  2. You are next.
  3. Did someone say squeaker banathaon round 2? 

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    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary


      16 actually ;D

      Online isn't rated though.

    3. Dαnte


      Don’t worry the other half has joined him. Successful banathon. 

    4. Colin L

      Colin L

      [VX] @Twitchy

      You can read my profile right?


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  4. Well I guess you didn't learn from your Bunk Bed Buddy, so it looks like you are next on the roasting spit. First, let us talk about the incorrect facts in your statement: "He's 30 years old" - Incorrect. I may be twice your IQ, but not your age. "He is going after 15 year olds" - Incorrect. I simply roast people who stick their necks out on the forums/in game and who deserve it. In the case of your brother and yourself, I should have done this months ago. Your Siamese twin brother made a comment a little up the thread that I thought was hilarious : "Ok I'm most of the toxicity, and I enjoy my seat there, but it's like u think I'm 100% of the toxicity. Like neck urself" Let us take some examples of you being the bigger, less toxic inbred child: And my personal favorite : What the actual fuck were you trying to say here? It looks like you need some help in school with basic grammar and sentence structure. This should help: https://www.hookedonphonics.com/ By the way, it is spelled "Your", not "ur". I mean for fucks sake, here is an ACTUAL SCREENSHOT of your last ticket : Bottom line is, I am tired of seeing you and your failed clone on the forums derailing posts, being toxic, and overall shitters. Proud had to sit out a month to learn his lesson, and I am going to give him a few more days to clean it up on the forums. However, in your case, its time for a timeout of your own. Oh, before I forget : Nah I'm good buddy. If you need someone to help you find your pecker however, I suggest you ask your doctor.
  5. You wont be back, not legitimately at least. Ill be waiting for the ban evading accounts. Don't cheat, keep playing. It's simple.
  6. ABORT
  7. Mcdonalds Im Loving It. McDili
  8. I paid for my bachelor's degree by playing Texas hold em. Y'all are fucked.
  9. Start off with Malwarebytes. Follow with AVG. Its free anti-virus, good for a quick scan. I also reccomend CCleaner. It will clean up a bunch of useless files on your pc, from cookies to bloatware.
  10. Sam, one more post and you are going to be DQ'd. I swear on me mum.
  11. You are actually retarded. Had i left the old bracket, TI wouldn't fight until the Semi-Finals. I had to regenerate the brackets in order to make it fair for everyone. Google it.
  12. Sam, just shut up and blame RNG.
  13. http://challonge.com/tournaments/bracket_generator?ref=Wy3ECuQXWZ
  14. I just copied what was submitted #notmyfault

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