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  1. Birthday Stream Time POG


  2. Peter Long

    Just a 0 drama chill day
  3. Hot Horny Single Women - 

    Also Peter


  4. Official Statement - Kyle Lake is no longer KOS. 



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    2. Peter Long

      Peter Long

      I will retract my statement for monetary gifts. 

    3. Ryan


      @Peter Long Already got the wishlist open

    4. Millennium


      thats not what this says 



      Just now, Millennium said:

      thats not what this says 



      LIKE YOU SAID CAN't BE LIFTED BY ANYONE BUT @McDili AND @Grandma Gary(never said you could lift it)

  5. Drama stream? 


    1. draMa


      Okay fine I will

  6. Peter Long

    Coffee isnt illegal. O7
  7. Hey, you! Come chill! 



  8. Peter Long

    Lag and desync were awful on that though, however it will be something to look into.
  9. Peter Long

    Alright guys and gals listen up. This post is intended for input and ideas only. Any trolling will be met with a public roast so horrible that you will never been seen the same way in the community again. Gang Wars. You all know that this event is my baby. I (with a metric fuckload of help from Staff and Olympus Community Members) have turned this event from something that started as a forum joke to a pretty well polished machine. Give me your thoughts on the way this event works. This involves everything from the set-up, to the meetings, to the rules, the tourney itself, and EVERYTHING involved. Is the event too big? Too long? Hosted on a bad server? Too restrictive in the applications? Not restrictive enough? Not fun? I know the frequency of the event is not where we would all like it, and that is something that I am working on. I wanted to make some changes to the event, and normally I would just do it. However, in this instance, I would like to see what you all think and feel about it, and maybe air your ideas.
  10. Peter Long

    To be fair, i dont tell everone in my stream that they are uneducated retards and wave my dick around. When you are a bad person, people will shit on you. Also, def wouldnt take any action on Olympus players for ANYTHING ever said on my stream. Its separate.
  11. Hey, you! Come chill! 


  12. Peter Long

    I love the rumor mill.

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