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  1. Congrats @Ryan on Senior Admin

  2. Peter Long

    o7 To the best roleplayer I have ever come across in Olympus. Love you brotha.
  4. @destruct Can you post the Fed stats for the last 2 months? Just curious. 


    1. Snort


      past 7 days lmao

    2. destruct


      Yeah, let me see what i can do

  5. I guess the sAPD doesn't have turbans available in their shop. #feelsbadman

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    2. DeadPool


      I remember I was promised the whole APD funds would be cut by 20-25%. Still waiting on that

    3. Dante


      @Peter Long maybe they just need the Peter Dante Chief Owner connection back to get back in order. I think I could yell with you a few more rounds and we can get shit done. 

    4. Peter Long

      Peter Long

      I do miss our arguments. We got it done for shizzle. 

  6. Peter Long

    8. Patrol Officers may be authorized to use lethal force by a senior APD member during "Any Means Necessary" or during a Federal event at a seniors discretion. WaIt wE CaNt tRusT YoU WitH LETHALS, bUt If w3 ar3 LOsinG thAN Go FOr IT! What a joke. Any means necessary I understand, but at Feds?

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    2. Pledge


      Glad you chose the RnR here. I ain't letting go.

    3. DashTonic


      Hey I can post your #mint picture now

    4. Millennium
  8. Peter Long

    You know how to get a hold of me if you need anything. Still waiting on that address so I can send you some stuff. <3 o7
  9. I tuned into the State of Olympus stream long enough to hear @zoomzooooooom ask if you can stick your dick in your own ass. 



    Ive learned all I needed to about the state of Olympus. 

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    2. Elements.


      come back or im finding you and getting your daughter a happy meal with no toy

    3. cHROME.


      shut up


    4. Lincoln Williams

      Lincoln Williams

      Lol @RDyer216no... civ skin 

  10. Peter Long

    Unpopular Opinion: APD don’t have to win. If they don’t have enough to win the fight, then the Civs have done enough. APD doesnt have to win everything.
  11. Endgame was perfect. 

  12. Sitting at the movies about to watch End Game. PogChamp. If this doesn’t get 10 likes I’m spoiling it. 

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    2. NokiaStrong


      7 minutes ago, ᴍ ᴏ ɴ ꜱ ᴛ ᴇ ʀ said:

      its the 25th???? :hmm:

      Premiere is today

    3. Jonesy


      6 minutes ago, NokiaStrong said:

      Premiere is today

      was 24th in the uk 


    4. Mason Harrison

      Mason Harrison

      Antman beats Thanos

  13. Imagine ddosing in 2019. Bruh

    1. Mighty


      We need you back, you ain't afraid to put your dick down.

    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      How would you know if he put his dick anywhere when even he hasn't seen it for years?

  14. Peter Long

    O7 you toothless fuck <3

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