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  1. EPhedra is way to open and out of place. frog factory has always been at the water, looks weird
  2. I didn’t need to. But seriously... we who bought it have been cucked.
  3. I paid 12mil for a blackfish which then became broken, unflyable and never got fixed then you guys just made it cost 750k... Where’s my rebate @McDili
  4. Yeah I think that was the issue. Possession of contraband would cover the charge of drug possession. So I get charged twice for the same offence.
  5. @TheCmdrRex i never read any of this post but it reminded that there are two contraband charges that I got hit with automatically. I should only get charged once based on the description.
  6. show bobs u bich
  7. 2mil
  8. U rat
  9. It’s been leaked - patriots won

  10. Was always vx and cy6. DB and KS are the kavala rats.
  11. MX’s 125k each, ill take em all
  12. Sounds like a terrorist, nobody sell him anything
  13. Your just mad I chopped your armed plane
  14. In the general question area I can’t post or reply to post since I have no forum rank.... seems rather stupid for a support section. @Peter Long @Ignis
  15. I'll link you on TS. I'd get flagged here

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