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  1. I wonder how my investments with @Heinz Gormittz are doing.

    1. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      I gave that man like 100K for Gold and Apple Stock like 3 years ago.. 

    2. I’m NormaL

      I’m NormaL

      Hey Bud Hope Your Having A Wonderful Thanksgiving Today With The Fam :)

  2. John Wayne

    Oh jesus this is one of those economy change updates
  3. John Wayne

    Will you be returning to Retired Chief?
  4. John Wayne

    @McDili I miss the old days playing with you and the guys. Just doing pointless things really. I fondly remember doing a meth run and you calling me out no balls to slam my heli into the full tempest moob was driving... I had to. I also have to share some respect because I listened to Peters podcast along time ago and you said my name for best pilot, alongside with Goldberg. I appreciate the recognition. Since you went staff I rarely see/saw you anymore. Keep in touch, as we get older our availability for gaming becomes shorter and shorter. Find things you like doing and playing. I know the exact feeling your having now, having a weight lifted off your shoulders. Enjoy it and enjoy the memories, you’ve been through a lot. cya bro
  5. John Wayne

    Thanks for the hours dedicated to the development of this server.
  6. John Wayne

    I always like these posts. Not so much the structure of it but seeing someone become "woke". Good for you, stay out of the whitelist ranks like the rest of us. Favoritism and bending the handbooks is always an interesting topic. Must be why I like skirting the rules... nothing else to do on the server but see what you can get away with.
  7. 23 straight years of gaming... thats older than 98% of this gaming community.



    Edited by John Wayne
    1. DeadPooL


      how do you check the stats like tjhat

    2. Genghis Khan

      Genghis Khan

      Deadpool is going to have a new spread sheet in about a week :Kappa:

  8. John Wayne

    Perfectly executed.
  9. John Wayne

    The game is old, nothing takes off anymore, just enjoy altis and it’s history of players that keep coming back.
  10. John Wayne

    Connect the ssd and set it to default boot on your bios, install windows and then copy paste files you want to keep from the hdd to the ssd...
  11. John Wayne

    Lmao people are on multiple teams. Next time I’m just applying with the same team 10 times just changing the name. Garenteed win. I’m pretty sure most of these people arnt even in the same gang lol
  12. John Wayne

    It’s to accommodate the ifrit rent. Plus I haven’t Checked but I believe people horde their points and use money instead for loadouts. I only use points to buy csats and that’s it. Others use it for entire load outs which would drain it faster for someone relying solely on points to play. But consider the renting idea because that’s what I always seem to hear the most complaining about, pulling cars
  13. John Wayne

    This is why. Make Warpoint bonus greater on island and ability to rent ifrits, if it leaves the island the vehicles engine dies permanently.
  14. John Wayne

    The map layout sucks, nobody wants to grind on something that may go down, majority of friends are still on Altis, cops are money hungry just as much as civs. If anything it should’ve been a rich server, start with a mil or two, easy to get money, cheap load outs. All of which promotes someone to go there and play.

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