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  1. John Wayne

  2. Kev and deadpool are both in Tree


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    2. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      If you load his profile it shows Don is in Tree

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      DeadPool definitely was in Tree at least temporarily cause I saw him the other day.  Orgondo has standards though so that would explain his removal ^_^

    4. lou25000


      nah hes just got a temp inv

  3. John Wayne

    Why have I never seen this happen to any vehicle ...I bet if you get insurance it will fix the texture
  4. John Wayne

    I use a mk200, I’ll hit all three ez
  5. John Wayne

    Lol making the vehicle illegal is pointless since it’s already been involved in the fed. Seized either way. Someone must’ve done something unrelated to Trident recruiting blackfish pilots for feds. Increasing the cost is the only way to restrict its usage.
  6. John Wayne

    Welcome to the arma retirement club, 1hour a night, nothing but kavala scat
  7. John Wayne


    Jack Goff
  8. Cop expense 360k in ghost hawk civ expense 700k? in titan + two missles
  9. Great update @McDili & Co.
  10. "lite" rp server :thinking-face_1f914:


    Edited by John Wayne
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    2. RogueOvert


      I actually volunteered to be blown to Oblivion soooo.....

    3. Peter Long

      Peter Long

      Blaq Mold is no joking matter.

    4. Linka


      more like LIT rp server 

  11. John Wayne

    Flashlight reduces recoil
  12. John Wayne

    You can rotor tap any heli but if they blow up or die then you get banned. It also engages them to shoot at you. I’d imagine same rule about the shooting tire thing.
  13. John Wayne

    Is there a free tshirt?
  14. John Wayne

    I disagree
  15. John Wayne

    I gave one away for pilot coveralls lol...

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