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  1. Does Olympus have a lottery licence for all this betting

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ThatNerdyGuy


      Pack it up, the feds are coming lol

    3. buckie


      FUCK 12

    4. Noahhh!


      That's why you can't buy and sell Olympus money Image result for black guy point finger at forehead

  2. John Wayne


    Good cop, any taze was deserved
  3. Rise of skywalker was good, better than 1,2 &3. 

    1. Unjo


      Nah, Disney are fucking clueless how lightsabers work, prequels so much better

  4. fuck all those DB guys
  5. I never told anyone this but we have some questionable photos from their leader, @Solomon. I bet you never thought this would get out.
  6. Imma put a hit in this guy every time I see him online for bringing this pussy shit up.
  7. Let’s keep the focus on Kos apd, not DB
  8. Doesn’t Arma3 just feel like a prison...

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    2. Dante


      Just stop opening the game. Easy. 

    3. N7Zero
    4. M0N5T3R


      @Dante for some of us its not that easy, we love losing 50mil with a few button clicks

  9. John Wayne


    Finally a good o7. Glad you got out.
  10. When he wants to bring the entire R&R to the fed. With guns. To rob it. With amazing medic armor.
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