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  1. John Wayne

    Connect the ssd and set it to default boot on your bios, install windows and then copy paste files you want to keep from the hdd to the ssd...
  2. John Wayne

    Lmao people are on multiple teams. Next time I’m just applying with the same team 10 times just changing the name. Garenteed win. I’m pretty sure most of these people arnt even in the same gang lol
  3. John Wayne

    It’s to accommodate the ifrit rent. Plus I haven’t Checked but I believe people horde their points and use money instead for loadouts. I only use points to buy csats and that’s it. Others use it for entire load outs which would drain it faster for someone relying solely on points to play. But consider the renting idea because that’s what I always seem to hear the most complaining about, pulling cars
  4. John Wayne

    This is why. Make Warpoint bonus greater on island and ability to rent ifrits, if it leaves the island the vehicles engine dies permanently.
  5. John Wayne

    The map layout sucks, nobody wants to grind on something that may go down, majority of friends are still on Altis, cops are money hungry just as much as civs. If anything it should’ve been a rich server, start with a mil or two, easy to get money, cheap load outs. All of which promotes someone to go there and play.
  6. John Wayne

    How much you willing to pay for a 6.5 sup edit- just realized I don’t care anymore, not gunna sell lol
  7. John Wayne

    It was pointed out in the first civ rep vote that the civ rep could even change the way its ran... you could make it a council if you wanted. You could make tags, probably even a faction Also, I missed the part where I cast my vote on this poll???
  8. https://gyazo.com/b5a941a4d220bdd2038b958d68ed3ed8

    who TF is this

    Edited by John Wayne
    1. DeadPooL
    2. Instantmac


      Someone who is armed and dangerous obviously

  9. **link to shit twitch stream**

  10. why does the drug dealer on malden make me pay gang tax... there's no cartels @McDili

  11. John Wayne

    Metagaming - See Server Rules Officers are not to use information gathered while playing as a civilian to carry out their duties as an officer. Officers are not to use information gathered while playing as a cop to play as a civilian
  12. John Wayne

    remember when eatmeth got removed from OS... now hes on the dev server.
  13. John Wayne

    Oddly this is right sometimes, I like how it was down voted hard. R&R has always been strict on blacklisting though. Doubt it would ever get lifted anyways.
  14. John Wayne

    just join the apd like all the other 9 year olds
  15. John Wayne

    This is just so moob can apply without disbanding his gang.

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