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  1. Has anyone used the name "B10'" lately and has a house up on realtor? 

  2. congrats to my friend @Secret Agent, by far one of the hardest workers on the server. @GluxDesigns thank you for all you've done for the server, also your patience with people man idk how you did it lol. This server would be bland without these cool texture designs. Shoutout to ALL the designers map and textures. 

  3. Nice easy transaction thanks @Noahhh! !
  4. lets not get a event disruption ban this time @Zurph
  5. how bout the 4 crater at Tree's shed
  6. extremely late but congrats to the homie @Mike Lit

    1. Mike Lit

      Mike Lit

      Thanks man! Really appreciate it.

  7. You should've been the new Civ Council leader IMO @Bloodmoon

    1. Bloodmoon


      Didn't want it, I'm a career cop now.

    2. Monks


      He resigned lmao

    3. ChillX


      lmao how bad do u want the server to fail

  8. how much you offering? lethal or taser?
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