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  1. I own that and a 3 crater in dp23... interested?
  2. @Noahhh! are you talking about the garage right beside your shed?
  3. Congrats ez win @3 Rip @Connor McGregor
  4. i have 3 crater would sell it for the right price
  5. Respect @Unjo for coming clean. Hopefully admitting you did wrong will go in your favor down the road through appeals
  6. i have a Dp23 3 crater and garage.
  7. Im aware you want a 21 or 22 garage, but i have a dp 23 garage. if you're interested let me know
  8. Just finished watching some prime Michael Vick highlights.... wow the dude was sooo fun to watch. Glad i was able to grow up watching him and Randy Moss play.

  9. sorry man, might wanna lower the price my friend
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