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  1. have a 4crater and garage side by side S1
  2. so what actually happend in the finals of GW?

  3. I dont know why anyone would want to play cop anymore tbh..
  4. Is the Spar 16s getting a different color?
  5. anyone know how to keep your crosshairs from shrinking then expanding? 

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    2. Xlax


      it's sway. sway increases when your character is fatigued / hurt

    3. Legendary
    4. Mustache


      Lose some fucking weight 

  6. @Bloodmoon i like the 2 minutes bones thing. sucks running several meters just for them to disappear right when you get to them.
  7. hacker S2 plzzzzzzzz come mass revive ppl

  8. anyone know the distance you must maintain to keep your vehicle from despawning?

  9. I own that and a 3 crater in dp23... interested?
  10. @Noahhh! are you talking about the garage right beside your shed?
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