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  1. Legendary

    Looking to buy the frog swamp garage from whoever owns it. Would consider buying perm keys. Thank you
  2. Legendary

    aren't mk1's 1 mill tho?
  3. Legendary

    who is the admin that owns the house in front of yours?
  4. Legendary

    ok cool, appreciate the response. goodluck on your search
  5. Legendary

    i have the 4 crater at the hospital (ATM house). is that close enough for you?
  6. Legendary

    sold goods to @ZR0W went very smooth. a+
  7. Legendary

    i have a 3 crater and garage in 22. pm me
  8. Legendary

    sorry man only have a 2crater and garage in 22 on S1
  9. Legendary

  10. Legendary

    Title says it all. If you have one or know someone who does could you help me out?
  11. Legendary

    Don't use it much, if interested post an offer
  12. @destruct @Childish thank you for the help on my .338 suppressor. its greatly appreciated.

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    2. Ryan


      20 minutes ago, destruct said:

      No problem dude! Anytime

      Lol you suck 

    3. destruct


      7 minutes ago, Ryan said:

      Lol you suck 

      Fuck you guy

    4. Proud


      ryan hits gym, talks shit to everyone in his way cuz he thinks hes the rock :Kappa:

  13. Legendary

    i have a s1 2 crater and garage in dp22 for sale..
  14. Legendary

  15. server 3 smh

    1. Nex is Retiring

      Nex is Retiring

      What happened?

    2. Legendary


      hacker. on the deathscreen moments before i got a "Olympus has fallen" and spoilers to end game. also had weird music playing

    3. Nex is Retiring

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