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  1. Fusionz

    Bump still looking
  2. Fusionz

    Bump I’m still looking
  3. Fusionz

    4 crater 4 mill
  4. Fusionz

    o7 . You have done great things for the R&R.
  5. Fusionz

    He wants a S3 DP23 4 crater
  6. Happy Birthday @draMa!

    1. draMa


      Thank you!

  7. Fusionz

    I’m down
  8. Fusionz

    I’m not looking for 2 crater I want 3-4 crater. Thanks for offering though
  9. Fusionz

    I’m just wanting a DP23 house 3-4 crater on Server 3. Just PM me with offers if you have one or comment
  10. Fusionz

    Yes you said 600k?
  11. Fusionz

    When do you wanna sell I’m ready whenever
  12. Fusionz

    This house has been purchased by me.
  13. Fusionz

    You on now?
  14. Fusionz

    Title basically said it all just offer me house with price I’ll pm if I’m interested

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