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  1. I was wondering when this would happen, Congrats @Mike Lit @Lime

    1. Mike Lit

      Mike Lit

      Thanks man!

    2. Lime


      Means a lot ❤️ We still miss you!

  2. Congrats @Slumberjack! I know you will do great. 

    @Richard / @Childish -  o7, Thanks for letting me become a supervisor and helping me with everything. You guys have done great things for the R&R. Enjoy retirement❤️

  3. o7 @Claysive, The R&R lost a great one, may your future involve many titans and suicide vests.

  4. ^This Also why bet someone with Siri rather than using the in game betting system, sometimes Steam coin flips but not with random people. If some random person offers to do siri flips other than steam or in game betting should throw some red flags.
  5. Congrats @Bunny!!!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday @Claysive!! May your b-day be full of suicide vests and titans.

  7. o7 , I will get you to bet me one day.
  8. 200m bet

    1. Legendary


      I will middle man it

    2. Richard




      @Claysive this fuckin guy going for broke

  9. honestly fuck it wya
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