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  1. Fusionz

    Love the first 3 they all were funny. 4th I never saw lol
  2. Fusionz

  3. Happy B-Day Man! Make It A Good One!

  4. Server 3 Just got nuked! Someone got a 25 kill streak and I blame @Queachy

  5. Fusionz

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy the server
  6. Congrats Man!

  7. Fusionz

  8. Fusionz

    What server
  9. Fusionz

  10. Fusionz

    bump still looking
  11. Fusionz

    Still looking for a house preferably 4 or 3 crater
  12. Fusionz

    no your not
  13. Fusionz

    Title says it all
  14. Happy B-Day Man. Hope it’s a good one.

    1. Kyle Lake

      Kyle Lake

      Thank You!

  15. I can confirm this man is legit and no nigerian scammer.



    -Jesus Christ


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