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  1. o7, Only person who could ever convince me to run from kav hospital to sofia hospital.
  2. Damn no mention lol, hmu if you ever want to play rainbow.
  3. Fusionz

    Civ Ideas

    You just proved the point of that comment why they dying 10 times with no issues just to come back and die again and still get away with money. Why the civs have to deal with endless cops to lose an hour of there life and all they were fighting for. If Corps keep dying 10+ times at any scenario then why do they get to keep coming back without paying a price.
  4. Yikes man no wonder you couldn’t last one game of R6 lol
  5. Happy Birthday!

    1. Nex is Retiring

      Nex is Retiring

      Thank you. :3 

  6. o7

    1. Richard


      See ya tomorrow 

  7. Happy b-day :)

    1. Fusionz



  8. @Nex is the name is selling in DP3 take a look at this post^
  9. Why feed my addiction more? On that note 5 mill bet?
  10. What server are you wanting the house on?
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