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  1. happy birthday sheet doctor @Rossco

  2. Happy birthday to the only smart American @rafaaa 

    1. rafaaa


      Thank you, least annoying British person! 

  3. Finally can do apd escort now when no fto+ is on @rafaaalets go role play this truck till the end point
  4. Anyone fancy helping new players and old players out?. If so, consider applying for the support team as we are currently recruiting. For more info follow this link 


    1. Rossco


      This guy wants lead or something, fight for it @Regal

    2. Billeh


      lmao support team isn’t helping players out, it’s basically moderating arguments between either retards who don’t know the rules or retards with huge egos 

  5. PSA: @Support Team /  Community. As of 01/10/2021 Support case being handles must only have members involved inside the channel at the time not their friends/gang/ whole APD Channel . Anyone caught stacking cases with people not involved will face Action.

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. buckie


      @Kamikaze I got my retard helmet just for that occasion. Try me wetad 

    3. HeadLESS


      Clarification Faction heads, Staff, and Seniors of the support team are exempt.

    4. kami



  6. fuck yes can start escort best update in ages finally something to do eu time
  7. Maybe they should start the purge and see who wins at capital hill 

    1. rafaaa


      “Trial by combat?! Trial by combat?!” Is being heard by protesters escorted out by police 

  8. EFT resets tomorrow any eu players hmu for squads 

    1. Courean


      That moment when its Christmas for swedes the 24th so I wont be able to play the day it wipes.

  9. If u like the community and want to give back to it feel free to apply if u meet the minimum entry levels

  10. who played with the tags 

  11. hello upgrades to helis dont affect the max weight that they can lift all the stuff it can lift is listed here on this guide which also shows all the helis in game and their lifting capacity : https://armedassault.fandom.com/wiki/Slingloading the upgrades only make the heli handle faster / affect max speed physically other then that the other 2 upgrades only track it alarm it and upgrade space
  12. make a ban appeal if it was truly a vpn staff will be able to see logs to make a ban appeal go to support - new request - ban appeal fill out all the boxes with the required information + sufficient ev to help your case

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