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  1. hello upgrades to helis dont affect the max weight that they can lift all the stuff it can lift is listed here on this guide which also shows all the helis in game and their lifting capacity : https://armedassault.fandom.com/wiki/Slingloading the upgrades only make the heli handle faster / affect max speed physically other then that the other 2 upgrades only track it alarm it and upgrade space
  2. make a ban appeal if it was truly a vpn staff will be able to see logs to make a ban appeal go to support - new request - ban appeal fill out all the boxes with the required information + sufficient ev to help your case
  3. Why remove the Proment from PO when u can buy it at reb outposts not to mention the fact tht rebs have all the new weapons 

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    2. Millennium


      @Toasty it takes a decent amount of mags depending on the angle that you get because usually they start turning the opposite direction. You are correct it can take 2 mags, but other times it will take more than that.

      @Skys fuck you cutie <3

    3. Skys


      @Millennium When and where im down

    4. MAV


      Not supposed to be super easy to take it hemmt or tempest

  4. love how the updates always break my apd / r and r/ civ garage mixing all the skins up

    1. Richard


      Textures are the least of your problem tbh.  You’re complaining about first world problems.

  5. https://store.steampowered.com/wishlist/id/yakgod/#sort=order
  6. alright thanks could be as they went down the stats page fixed so probs ill wait and see
  7. since the servers are fucked yet again with another rollback does the cop time and medic etc count for this week too or another by week 

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    2. Soulz


      7 minutes ago, maxg said:

      Last 2-3 rollbacks we have had, they didn't do times




      Then who is?

    3. maxg


      Just now, hawk said:

      Wait, you aren't? :( 

      nah @Pledge coop'd me :(

    4. NokiaStrong
  8. why unban kids who have been permed multi times for scripts 

    1. indian



      they’re all banned permanently

      it’s called Ban Evading

    2. Edweirdo


      There's no such thing as a permanent ban on Olympus.

  9. you can remove the rain easy but if you wanted to reduce the night time then the day cycle would be shorter meaning that you would end up with more night then you already do over the course of a reset
  10. speak to bots slayer last i checked he had a load going
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