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  1. Took 24 days to get the most tickets on Support Team.


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    2. Mike Pence

      Mike Pence

      Cool man tell your grandkids

    3. Phizx


      Yeah let me just alt+tab from ingame to do a support ticket every time someone joins xd

    4. Canada


      that just points out the incompetence.

  2. You don't need to be comp'd for anything from the way it sounds, it just didn't update for some reason.
  3. Okay, so your title and the explanation of the event that took place are two contradicting statements. The title says you're banned for a VAC Ban, the other says you're banned for an RDM ban. Either way, submit a ban appeal. Process to submit a ban appeal Click on "Support Tab" Select New Request Click General Inquiry Then click Ban Appeal Fill out all the empty boxes will the relevant information Wait for a response by the banning admin Also, just press F12 then upload the screenshot to Steam if you want to screenshot the ban reasoning.
  4. :FeelsBad:


    1. McDili
    2. Dominick Ramos

      Dominick Ramos

      gimmie gimmie 400 shine

    3. Invu


      that man put in 4 hours last night picking and processing :FeelsBad:

  5. Okay interested just waiting to see this picture
  6. YES finally no longer need lockpicks to break your friends out of a Vigilante's Custody. love you!
  7. It's likely that after the first one (Class/Lesson) happens he'll link his Youtube channel or video.
  8. Congratz on Support Team @Arigato

  9. If you don't have any previous background knowledge in coding getting into SQF might be a little more difficult, but certainly not impossible.
  10. Congratz @Julian on Support Team Lead.

  11. I can see how big gangs might be very unappealing to newer players, but on the other hand you are not considering to the very players they fuck over then they go out and seek revenge on these gangs by possibly grouping up with others and fighting back. This is what makes the game fun, in my opinion, is trying to get into a big gang and become the best by robbing tons of people and letting everyone know not to fuck with you.
  12. I'll take it
  13. There's currently, to my knowledge, nothing for that. Maybe in the future though. Who knows.
  14. GfCXkOR.png

    1. McDili


      Regicide TS?

    2. Monkeysz


      Yea I don’t think anyone else trust autists with banning powers

      (don’t ban me nibba <3)

      1 hour ago, McDili said:

      Regicide TS?



      Yea I don’t think anyone else trust autists with banning powers

      (don’t ban me nibba <3)

      1 hour ago, McDili said:

      Regicide TS?




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