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  1. Google

    Vote Google for Civ Rep! It's time for change, fuck cops. Love the updates.
  2. Why are Mexicans never allowed to play Uno? Because they steal all the green cards!!

    1. Panera


      nigga got that 2007 jokes

  3. Google

    Yes it’s possible easily just some change of a variable
  4. Google

    No one does that...? Not that I hear of at least. I gain nothing from ddosing a player on my CQC nor leaking their IP except a loss of a playerbase.
  5. Google

    You pull in the fact that I leak IPs when I don't you hypocrite.
  6. Google

    Proof that I give out IPs? proof? No one has proof of me doing such a thing because there is none (Because I don't leak IPs). And fine you have time and dedication to Olympus doesn't mean you have the right ideas that it'll need to prosper. Kind've like how they one server you constantly spammed advertisement for and it went to shit.
  7. Google

    You can vote for two people, but not that difficult to decide. MrBoonie went and tried being staff on some trash server (Forgot Name Already) and it failed. He doesn't give a fuck about people on Olympus, just being something on here. I on the other hand actually give a fuck about the people, I made a CQC Server for people to play on and to practice even though I get shit for it claiming that I sell IPs... I still keep it up. Boonie hasn't done shit.
  8. Google

    Just another reason to vote for @Google
  9. Google

    Also, are we guaranteed profit or is it one of those things are are just risky.
  10. Google

    Love this idea, can you link the SpreadSheet in this post so we all can view it?
  11. Google

    Damn Jesse keeping up to date holy shit, thanks.
  12. Google

    Okay, you're a fucking low IQ retard. Use your fucking brain you dumbass, you don't want to be a monkey. How's it a dog shit rule? It literally doesn't affect you, if they're training they're in a training dome basically uninteracting with the outside world. Fucking retard. You're a god damn human being not a fucking monkey. You have a brain, now fucking use it.

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