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  1. Google

    Plot Twist: iKiled moves to Asylum
  2. My house is on fire.


  3. Google


    Nah it’s less malicious. To my knowledge it’s only Ring3 ( I think ) so less malicious For $65 a month I think he’ll be able to make the cut
  4. Google


    Well to bypass BattleEye they have to have high control of your computer. BattleEye is a Ring0 process meaning to bypass it you’re going to have to fight back with another ring0 driver as well. Ring 0 has the highest privilege in your computer it controls everything including the boot screen. BattleEye has a Ring0 ( Kernel ) driver meaning they as well have just as much control over my computer as these people have. CS:GO’s anticheat is Ring3 ( meaning it has least privilege/power ) this is why cheats for CS:GO are so abundant. Basically anyone can cheat in a ring3 only game.
  5. Google


    Sand Dunes
  6. Google


    @Jimmy Jarvis I doubt that’d use it maliciously against any of their customers. I speak to them often and they’re chill people even recommended me a good book on Reverse Engineering. @vedalkenn wow man they falsely accused you too?
  7. Imagine not getting Search and Rescue

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Zakaloko


      @1-800TryHards imaging imaging someone not getting Search n Rescue 

    3. ᴄ ᴏ ɴ ɴ ᴏ ʀ *
    4. Strikke


      10 hours ago, ᴄ ᴏ ɴ ɴ ᴏ ʀ * said:

      imagine buying cheats.

      Ye, imagine going to work and then using your hard earned money on cheats for Arma. :) 

  8. Google

    Nah I didn’t use Silent Aim 24/7 at high populated areas because it made it so obvious. The only reason I got that one click on a guy behind the wall is because I forgot I was holding the sim lock key and shot without thinking about it. So at feds I didn’t use silent aim so I didn’t accidentally shoot the guy behind them as well.

  10. Google

    So after reading all the comments. According to @Hadi Mokdad apparently he did this to him because he's black... WHAT A RACIST!
  11. Google

    @Hadi Mokdadwtf
  12. Who wants to get carried in Rainbow Six Siege?



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    2. vedalkenn


      32 minutes ago, DeadPool said:

      Idk if someone has said it yet but I didn’t know dune worked on Rainbow 6

      wherez ur poof!

    3. Civak


      1 hour ago, N7Zero said:

      lmk when u hit atleast plat NA solo, then maybe ill inv u to EU plats :P

      lmk when u can get a kill on NA plat

    4. Google


      @vedalkenn Typically when a person knows about a place that sells hacks it's because they are interested to some degree in cheating. @DeadPool

  13. Google

    Give me Search and Rescue
  14. Google

    I don't have to imagine.
  15. Google

    What? How did I attempt to justify me using cheats? Where in this post did I try justifying it? All I've said is why I used it... I put our two differences next to each other because they're basically polar opposites. You cheated to get into a good gang because you really wanted that. I cheated to troll people by camping rebel. How is me saying I cheated to camp Rebel Outpost a justification? Lol, you're just salty that you're banned from their service ( at least for now ) for leaking an ID of mine. I mostly used it to camp rebel ( didn't use Silent Aim that much ) I would go to Rebel when there was active fights and camp it and say I'm protecting it under the United Nations because I saw that as funny asf

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