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  1. Google

    No one is saying you can’t search them ever but there definitely has to be more limitations such as actively being engaged or only being able to raid it if they’re caught at it in the moment etc.
  2. Google

    Runs are already hard enough with cops flying around in an orca checking the places 24/7.
  3. Google

    There’s a difference between removing a whole faction and then noticing where there’s flaws in some of their systems. Fixing this isn’t just going to make it robbers it’ll keep it cops vs robbers. Cops just have rules to follow. So do robbers though. I mean to put it in perspective I put stuff in my gang shed then went to gather and got a message by a sergeant saying he was searching it and he showed me the evidence. But in the evidence he didn’t get a name and the person who was in the evidence at the shed was my friend not even me. So for all he knows my friend could’ve not been wanted or etc. and I mean the sergeant was literally in a plane engine off flying over the city waiting to see someone interact with a house. If that isn’t to OP then you guys are high.
  4. Google

    Cool to see you saying you want to expand into other games as that’s definitely the smartest move since Altis Life will inevitably die eventually.
  5. Google

    Welcome to Olympus @Alec-I Glad to see you realized Asylum will never fix the lag like I have.
  6. Google

    Wanting to buy a house in DP 23 on Server 3, willing to pay good hmu if you're selling.
  7. Google

    Can't wait to see it.
  8. Google

    Make a montage
  9. Selling 382 War points for $12.5k a war point. If interested hmu
  10. Google

    o7 Even though you think I sold IPs I still liked you, no homo. I'm planning on going to school for Software Development as well, any advice on it @Ignis?
  11. Google

    How to find a house to buy with the Realtor and use it
  12. Google

    Honestly it's stupid asf. The fact that cops can just fly over a city and spot a criminal interacting with a house then search it when he leaves it absolutely stupid. In my opinion they should have to at least be initiated with him while seeing him interact with his house. Straight Facts. Asylum sAPD is way more professional than Olympus sAPD Hopefully that realization will impel them to fix it. Doubt it though.

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