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  1. @Tapatio Best Arma 3 Player

  2. Best MK-200 Player

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Parker R

      Parker R

      @-CK- best arma player overall 

    3. Drippp


      Kinda funny all players mentioned in this are poop

    4. Peterr


      @Drippp speaking faxx best player on oly is @House

  3. My ride or die. my 100 emoji. The honey to my Cheerios. #CKTheNameUnbanIsTheGame

  4. Free Jerrod

  5. -CK-


    Fear is a part of life @destruct, its disappointing however to see a 12 year old be a cause of it. I look forward to the strengthening of your mental fortitude, so that you can overcome your fears.
  6. The coup is retarded.

    1. ChillX
    2. Drippp


      Fuck it gorilla in da coupe

  7. big fan

    1. Masoooooooooon


      Sorry construction worker Lawler does not sign autographs

    2. Drippp


      Your actions speak otherwise 

  8. -CK-

    Happy Birthday qt ❤️

    1. Vcx


      thanks qt

  9. -CK-

    Olympus VON

    The additional bandwidth used to increase the quality of VON is negligible.
  10. Jerrod is a convicted ddoser, and has been banned since Oct. 29. I believe that shutting one's internet in order to win a fight in Arma 3 is quite drastic, and I condemn Jerrod's actions. Several people have recently been unbanned, and many think Jerrod's ban should be lifted. However, a general warning to the Olympus community about Jerrod is that he is still an avid ddosers. I strongly advice the Olympus staff to keep this ban in effect due to the very likely repercussions that would occur from unbanning Jerrod.

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