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  1. i would edit the post but they took it away from me for some reason
  2. Game-1 @Zurph @Regal @Tech @Twitchy @Mr GOAT @xItsArchie Game -2 @swervy @Tapatio @Hurricane @Revise @G F @SuWooP Game-3 @Yeet157 @Millennium @SPBojo @Stelar @Thick Mans @Headless Game-4 @thor @CocoisDead @-CK- @gibgab @Jig @KudosTV All these games will start at the same time. 1,2,3,4 is just the names of those specific games. Beyond this point no entries will be taken. Everyone within this rosters will need to be in Olympus team speak by 4PM EST, i had to push it back a couple hours because i have work during the original time. We will need one volunteer from each game to stream the game through discord. Also anyone trying to derail or break any of the rules above will not be able to participate in the next couple events or maybe no events depending on what you do. The next event is going to be a smaller scale gang wars, so if you want to fuck with this event then you are not playing in the gang wars, maybe even an event disruption ban if the admins are ok with that. Any question please ask.
  3. Remember this starts tomorrow.
  4. 70+min jail timers, how outdated are we?

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    2. lvy


      Well, this was already an idea I  brought up back in April when I first join CC which was to reduce time to 60 minutes instead of 80 mintue, however, we figure it is better to increase contraband from 1-3 to now 1-4. Just pick and pick and you will only be in there for like 30-35 mintues. Like dude, if you have a 4m bounty, 35 mintues isn't long. 

    3. Kedar


       @Zurph he's a career cop so he doesn't know the struggle 


    4. Bloodsport


      got over 300hrs in jail i think i know, just get lethaled or summin not hard

  5. you are still permed from peter long?
  6. If you are ban you can not play because if you decide to derail a game we cant do anything to you because you are already ban.
  7. Monopoly Tournament Event Description Olympus will be hosting a Monopoly Tournament with in-game prizes for the winners. Anyone with Monopoly Plus can participate, you can buy it on Steam. Participants will be randomly put into games. There will be a maximum of 36 participants so that we only play two rounds to decide a winner. The winners of each game in the first round will play in a Championship game to decide the Monopoly Champion of Olympus. Rules Intentionally throwing a trade/ bankrupting to help your friend win will result in a forfeit/ rematch If a player disconnects, you may not trade with the AI, wait until the player reconnects or AI bankrupts Each game will be played on the Classic board and with Free Parking Cash enabled No intentionally stalling the game to force someone into a trade Rewards First Round Each winner of the first round of Monopoly games will receive 5 mil in-game money on Olympus Championship The winner of the Championship game will receive 10 mil in-game money on Olympus 2nd place will receive 5m 3rd will receive 2.5m Signup Sheet https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdwa8aj-yBXWKXbOnuhP7IxUD25Ja_TAcFW_5XORaADYLYPFw/viewform Time The event will take place on (7/11/2020) 2:00 PM EST shout out to @swervy for planning this event. (We are making the post a little early because the game is on sale, if you dont own it now is a good time to buy it)
  8. The bank win rates are high because it is easy to hold but then you have to fill trucks and drive in the direction of a police HQ. Should probably look at the amount of bags sold and seized if you can because anyone can sit on the roof and kill cops as they drive in but they are not going to be able to escort it out.
  9. obviously if something is new its going to need tweaks to make it fair, thats why we ask for feedback on how things should be changed. If you dont like it, dont participate no one is making you go.
  10. @Mr GOAT can you let @Thick Mans back on the APD he will put a stop to the these black water spams.

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    2. Thick Mans

      Thick Mans

      @Millennium ya but then I was unblacklisted and became the best PO this server has ever seen

    3. Mr GOAT

      Mr GOAT

      hard no

    4. Thick Mans
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    2. Bloodmoon


      Subscribing to this status update

    3. vedalkenn


      @Raquese calm down before i kick your door in and pour water on your computer buddy

    4. Linka


      @House if Bohemia finds anyone selling money, the server gets shut down. If there wasn’t literal proof of them hacking on arma, your situations are not similar. One ruins the server, the other is just kids getting kills at cartels 

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    2. Ravin


      was told i have to get battleye to confirm that it wasnt an arma cheat before unban

    3. Masoooooooooon


      Good luck with getting any response from battleeye

    4. Zurph


      @Ravin yeah i wish some one that actually played the game would be able to make the decision on the unban because the person that is suppose to make the decision obviously does not know what is going on.

      @Masoooooooooon you are actually right though they wont ever reply.

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