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  1. Congrats @Xeltini well deserved.


    1. Xeltini


      Thank you your majesty. I can now add this achievement to my tinder profile 

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    2. Drippp


      24 minutes ago, Xeltini said:

      Thank you so much! This is the best day of my life. I can now call myself a honored MEMBER of EXODUS!!!! I have worked so hard for this moment I am tearing up. I can't believe I have actually achieved this I never thought it would happen! #hardwork #dedication #cartelfighterzzzz

      jesus christ

    3. Elements.



    4. communistjosh


      Maybe one day he can be the God of War 

  2. Designers do nothing but make the server worse.
  3. Update?

    1. draMa


      Hopefully by friday

  4. Azeh

    Stole my old avatar :angry:

  5. Zurph

    The skill level is to spaced out gangs are to scared to fight other gangs, most of all the players that have fingers are all in one gang. The only people that can fix gang life is the gangs. if the good gangs split there gangs up and make there own gangs, gang life will pick up. Dirty money is a great idea in my opinion. i just dont think it will fix gang life, it might bring more players to cartels but they are not going to fight. the good gangs are going to have to split into individual gangs and recruit newer cartels players for there to be more fights, but that wont happen because people in this game think that they have a ego to hold and it might make them look bad if they take in new cartel fighters, but if you dont notice cartel fighters are leaving and no new one are coming because there are no gangs they can join where they can actually be taught how to fight a cartel. There is nothing the admins can really do to help gang life its up to the gang leaders/members, grow some balls and make your own gang. oh and the thing on asylum, the reason why asylum dead is because of server performance and the staff team is ass. the ideas asylum came up with when i played the server were creative. The reason Olympus is a good server is because of the staff and the performance.
  6. When are we getting new civ reps?

    1. Jesse


      This month I guess...

    2. HunterBklyn


      Already? Dang... @Homicide run for civ rep bro

  7. Can i have corporal? 

    1. Dante


      Convert then maybe ;)

    2. Zurph


      Never, but i need to PM u something so hold up.

      Edited by Zurph
  8. Zurph

    Selling these as well for got to add this in
  9. Zurph

    Server 1 - 3 Crater - Garage Server 2 - Garage Server 3 - 3 Crater - 3 Crater - 4 Crater +Garage below is also on server 3 BID BELOW OR PM OFFERS

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