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  1. @Xlax White knights incoming

    1. Xlax


      fuck bro im done for

  2. will it not let you install halo reach before release?

  3. Yooooo! @SystemChips my boy!

    1. SystemChips


      ayyyy my man thank you brother i half started this grind cuz of you

  4. Zurph

    Rip Fed

    That was a plague fed no dome was needed, all gold was sold.
  5. Zurph


    Best o7 post i have seen
  6. Most war kills title does not work and loading loadouts does not work half of the time. @Civak

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Zahzi


      @Zurph Most war kills is "God of War", most war points is "Merchant of War"

    3. Zurph


      is that what it is now?

    4. Zahzi
  7. Asylum is off the leader boards for good servers, server has been dead for so long and i doubt it comes back its funny that dude talks shit.
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