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  1. genesis

    Good run

    the servers been in development for over 6 months dont want to lose this opportunity
  2. genesis

    Good run

    shit my bad i should stop shit talking a cheater because you killed me fuck
  3. genesis

    Good run

    being shit at the game with cheats 0.o go fuck yourself faggot
  4. genesis

    Good run

    you are being removed from staff of genesis cqc for saying that to me. fucked up.
  5. genesis

    Good run

    fuck you retard
  6. why do cops raid warzone daily shits getting annoying

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    2. Pledge


      12 minutes ago, an overweight giant retard said:

      not our fault when you lead us to it

      Genuine facts here. If you didn't lead him he legitimately could not come. Would be sad. 

    3. Fake Grandma
    4. x a n x

      x a n x

      1 hour ago, Fake and Gay Grandma said:


      i lowkey spam apd all the time "come warzone u wont" 

  7. for the love of god please make this server 1.8
  8. o7, didn’t think you would go out this way

  9. worlds best streamer live atm

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