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  1. hAhA not combat storing btw because no combat sick server


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    2. Dank MeeMoo

      Dank MeeMoo

      My question is did you even end up submitting a player report on him or not. If the staffs reaction to this was no obvious situation then perhaps we do need an iq test. If not then I don’t see the use of complaining when it’s on you to make the report

    3. MBPslyr



      @Fat Clemenza lmk if you want to buy some mar 10's m8

    4. Zahzi
  2. The way it was worded definitely made it sound like things made by invdividuals like myself Strugglebus Airman or Muthinator were being sold off without permission. Things made specifically for the server and not for redistribution across another platform. Doesn't matter if you would classify it as unimportant compared to the database after all the R&R isn't important compared to the APD but it still plays a role in the server.
  3. wow @TheCmdrRex congatulations! btw can i have developer!!?

  4. Mako

    Designers aren't staff, they're subhumans.
  5. 3d0e3caf81985b967948074d6e5a3ccb.png


    1. CocoisDead


      You are going to lose civ :(

    2. Snort


      Don't "Cry" this time

  6. this means @Badger didnt break any rules @Pledge

    1. Snort


      that's deadass the first thing i said

    2. destruct
  7. Mako

    tfw i get 2 @'s feelsgoodman btw not justified ok sir @Peter Long
  8. imagine deleting a status update because you whiff more then the person you called out lol

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    2. Elements.


      that was not me, someone was under my name

    3. GREGO
    4. Civak


      imagine deleting a boat

  9. my favorite taliban killer @buckie and my favorite taliban member @ikiled happy birthday autism incarnate and chocolate princess

    1. buckie


      thanks man u know it

  10. happy birthday 2/3 pocket admins named Ryan @Ryan @TheCmdrRex :wub:

    1. Ryan


      Thanks qt :wub:

  11. Mako

    GOAT literally got banned for RDMing in a redzone as a cop prior to this which stuck only due to staff being faggots regarding the situation @iPopsicle, if you don't believe that people are going to abuse their position to keep controversial players banned and use it to demote them you're delusional. This shits honestly a joke.
  12. Mako

    wow man cant wait to get banned on cop for a disciplinary by a medic for breaking a cop rule or some shit sick @an overweight giant retard @Fat Clemenza

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