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  1. Congrats @rapidaax on Sgt. and Sr. Designer.

  2. Mako

    ^ l o l
  3. Don't have an issue with players from other servers after all I came from Asylum. What I didn't like was his staff role on another server that sought to directly compete by cloning Olympus. ^ I don't trust a wide variety of people including those within staff due to the fact that people are always willing to make a quick buck and aren't perfect. We hold quite a bit of intellectual property and code just as designers and beyond that I can't have everyone leaking information from patches or content being added, that's my job after all.
  4. Mako

    Good bye, slave.
  5. Updated the donor rewards a smidgen for upcoming content. ;)



  6. Contrary to popular belief still open for anyone willing to apply
  7. Since nobody seems to have picked up on the first part of the hunt here is a clue regarding the Easter egg hunt mentioned in the patch notes. Just for further note the reward is 5 million and staff/contributors may not claim the prize money.

    An island in ruins, a country torn apart those who seek wealth look towards Kavala's blasted out heart.

  8. @Kamikaze @ikiled @Fusah real nigga gains enough said

  9. 1386ba01f4dca2909af636da4e2a297a.png

    fuck it why not, art by @Gluxdator :wub:

    1. an overweight giant retard

      an overweight giant retard

      Unironically looks good

    2. Hadi Mokdad

      Hadi Mokdad

      this should be on the hill next to vigi shop ,anyone on msr can see it

  10. Mako

    Allowed to engage in restraints, as stated before-hand if their comms are taken then its metagaming. They are not allowed to engage at any point once comms are taken.
  11. happy birthday to the 2 most likely people to set off a suicide vest irl @EatMeth and @Hadi Mokdad :wub:

    1. Hadi Mokdad

      Hadi Mokdad

      you know i would :wub:

  12. Mako

    im glad the server isnt dead

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