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  1. Mako

    After you made this post I can confirm that is what I think you look like.
  2. Mako

    You legit made 2 status updates and a post now, stop spamming the forums, Jesus.
  3. Free




    wait... 2EiDBoG.jpg

    1. Ashur


      mako why'd you sound like a woman?

    2. Mako
    3. Ashur


      you have a very feminine voice, i was just wondering if maybe it was medical or a lack of testosterone. 

  4. o7 @Decimus lalalalalalala lata bitch

  5. Mako

    Discounted weapon prices, money from drug/gear sales, notoriety, no taxes when selling drugs, and more soon. I don't feel as though increasing the processing speed by 10% is a buff cartels need. There are clear and obvious benefits to owning them its up to people to want to fight them.
  6. Mako

    Honestly a lot of what you've suggested is pretty yikes, or has been brought up and denied. However there are a few things I wouldn't particularly mind that being 3, 4, 9, 11, and 13. I feel as though the ideas you've suggested aren't really a reflection of the direction the server needs to go towards. There are already numerous benefits for holding cartels and pushing in a ifrit is still a risk which is why people don't like doing it permanently decreasing the cost seems like a bad idea imo. I could definitely get behind the addition of more Rebel clothing/vehicle textures however getting an invisible backpack because cops and medics have it seems like a terrible argument.
  7. @hawk and @zoomzooooooom finally the right retards got promoted. Much love congrats :wub:

    1. hawk


      Thanks a lot qt :wub:

  8. o7 @falcon you'll be missed :(

  9. B9NN1

    very racist -1

    1. B9NN1


      very toxic player aswell -1

    2. LiL J
  10. Mako

    I'm alright with that however that isn't what you stated originally or intended when trying to get it added. Auto generation for gang bank would be a good step in the right direction for correcting some of the problems that people have with not making money off fighting or holding caps due people conserving their moonshine/whatever until the other gang logs off to take cap.
  11. Mako

    Within my personal experience from the 3 years on Asylum all I can say is that Asylum ruined itself by not listening to its community to a certain extent. The reason I disagree with you regarding dirty money is because I had first hand experience camping the dirty money fridge and getting camped. It isn't fun to have 100k or 1mil here clapped out of your hands because some kids hiding off cap or waiting on the road. When dirty money was introduced people have had nothing but negative reactions towards it instead opting for money going straight to the gang bank. If you don't believe me just google dirty money, however I've done you the favor of gyazoing it. The second Gyazo is regarding them changing the bank from Dirty money to bank notes or some shit idk. Regarding drug runners however I think that with some modifications and rules it would be an enjoyable thing for people to do instead of farming out runs, however that would be up for discussion at the staff meeting.
  12. Thanks a lot everyone :wub:

  13. Congratz bro. Were gonna make the coolest designs Arma 3 hasnt seen in years!


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