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  1. Chapter II - Use of Force Lethals are authorized for the entire situation: After 2 failed non-lethal attempts by an individual officer. If you have loaded lethals during a situation against a single group and another group joins that situation, lethals are still authorized against all opposing forces. If an officer is taken hostage or tased during an active engagement. Officers who have been neutralized by a ratio of 3:1 are considered hostages. Lethals may continue to be used after the officer has been rescued. When officers are outnumbered by a ratio of 3:1 (until death). Lethal force remains active regardless of server restart If lethals were loaded solely due to server restart happening in 5 minutes, then lethals must be unloaded after the restart. If the Ghosthawk/Armed Plane is guns-hot in the situation. Chapter VIII - Searches and Seizures Seizure of Vehicles Illegal vehicles should be seized at the end of the situation after getting the order from the highest ranking APD officer at the situation. Civilian vehicles left at Federal Events/Bank/Art Gallery will be seized. Vehicles containing $350,000 or more of the following can be seized: Illegal items (Market value) Weapons (Market value) Drugs Contraband (Market value) Vandalized APD Hatchbacks are subject to seizure. Chapter X - Illegal Areas Any area marked with a red crosshatch is considered an illegal area, including active Banks, Jails, Blackwaters, and Federal Reserves. Officers must announce themselves when entering an illegal area with code 3. Code 3 automatically engages all armed civilians in the illegal area. Exception: No code 3 is needed when entering an active Federal Event, Bank or Art Gallery robbery. Exception: Officers may enter illegal areas with garages with the intent to pull vehicles if their vehicle has been damaged beyond repair. Officers may not interfere with any activities inside of the illegal area unless fired upon first. Illegal Areas may be patrolled every 15 minutes. Officers must not remain in, or monitor, an illegal area if there is no activity Looking into an illegal area is considered checking it. During situations inside of illegal areas, officers must respond in waves. Exception: An active Bank/Art gallery robbery A wave is finished when all officers have been killed or neutralized Warzone raids: Officers may only enter Cartel/Warzone when they have probable cause to raid unless APD has reasonable suspicion of a suspect fleeing there. Additionally: Must follow Rebel raid rules. Exception: Cartels outside of warzone may be searched every 30 minutes. Five waves maximum per warzone raid. Patrol Officers+ are required to use lethals during warzone raids. Exception: Officers may choose to utilize tasers if they've pursued someone in the first wave. If you enter Warzone without a Sergeant or higher due to pursuing someone in, you must check the general area of the suspect you chased in. Once the situation is deemed clear, you are to leave. Do not check the rest of Warzone Island. Once APD has engaged rebel forces in a Cartel, they may continue to raid it following standard rebel raid rules until the situation has been neutralized at that Cartel. (Outside of Warzone Island) APD may enter Cartels/Warzone for hostage situations PO or higher to negotiate. Can be accompanied by other officers. Cannot return to rebel unless standard Rebel prerequisites (mentioned above) are met. Airdrop raids: Officers may only enter for a singular wave. Sergeant+ must be present for the raid. Airdrops may be raided with a maximum of 5 officers. May only lethal individuals within the airdrop. APD Officers may not utilize Armed Aerial vehicles or Armored vehicles for the raid. APD Officers must respond Code 3 to the zone. Sergeant+ must authorize lethals at APD HQs for Patrol Officers involved in the raid. As always post any comments or questions below.
  2. goat told me to like this or i'd be removed for inactivity
  3. dca10e8c802a4c490ee61a5a6f84d5f4.jpg


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    2. Monks


      @i chop hatchbacks your goin bankrupt bud

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      Isn’t that right next to drug dealer?

    4. Dab



  4. Congratulations @Strae 

    o7 @Crenshaw 😢

  5. My condolences to your friends family, I'm sorry for your loss as well. We'll be adding something in next patch in his memory.
  6. o7 @SecTranLive Godbless and goodluck 😢

  7. wow congratulations @Strae 1st 3rd worlder ☺️

    1. Strae
    2. rabid


      talk to me

    3. rabid


      also congrats mr strae

  8. congrats @PanDa1771 poggers

  9. 1706435f9c7b15fb55d75a678c9e7742.png

    God bless your souls donate to keep the boat up and your bank account down 🦀

    1. Tech


      Casino to fix the 39% lmfaooooo

  10. Foxtrot future sgts program has had 2 graduations today, congratulations @Bloodmoon @Rossco

  11. happy birthday @Viper .50cal planes soon 🥰

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    2. Viper


      You'd see me playing instantly if that happened deadass, thank you for the bday wishes tho ❤️ 

    3. Bloodmoon


      1 hour ago, Viper said:

      You'd see me playing instantly if that happened deadass

      It is happening

    4. Strae
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      Mike Lit

      How dare you hit the poor role players heli. He even had his collision lights on. Should be fail role play. SMH :kappa:

    3. PJ.


      Thank you for destroying my heli 😤. Im reporting you to the nearest APD station for speeding btw....

  13. poggers all the hood niggas getting promoted today @Kamikaze @Fraali @raykazi great work lads

  14. The only crime here is the nigga using edge instead of chrome
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