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  1. can't wait for swat 👮🏿‍♂️👏🏿


    1. White13


      Wouldn't doubt it APD needs it 😁

  2. Mako


    ya'll some weird niggas
  3. @Ron happy birthday John Readman 🥰

  4. @TheCmdrRex you're a little less gay than 1 year ago glad i could get to know you corona c******
  5. #BringBackCockSpaghetti

  6. 1. The admins did nothing to bring the servers or forums back that would be @ikiled, @Ryan and @Zahzi 2. There was no proof beyond a reasonable doubt that any transaction occurred. 3. I'm pretty sure everyone is aware that there is monetary compensation provided for the time spent developing on the servers, @Ryan had to spend money on this shit hole to save us from Ares. Notifying the community that the donation goal got bumped up a bit since there were services purchased to bring the servers and forums back up was transparent and what should be expected of someone in his position. If you expect the owner to cover the operating costs of a server that costs you're smoking meth. 4. This isn't the first or last time Olympus has taken a hit or had an issue, this was probably the first one that you've noticed because it actually took the forums off.
  7. https://gyazo.com/21f4300bc468e91947006a7085f1f90c

    so excited for this next update thanks @Ryan :wub:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ryan


      Fake news :angry:

    3. Skys


      this better be a big sike

    4. Mako


      33 minutes ago, Ryan said:

      Fake news :angry:

      damn ryan thanks for this too!!!!


      this is about to be the best update ever! :100:

  8. @Mita congrats cant wait to hear people complain

    1. Ryan


      I’m complaining. 

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