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  1. Sorry we're late on announcing the donation goal rewards for this month, we've been shuffling things around behind the scenes to provide a better experience for you guys, the COMMUNITY🥰

    You can view the donation goal's rewards here: https://olympus-entertainment.com/donate/

    1. Peterr


      Cooming soonTM

  2. Our recent hotfix introduced some bugs that could be exploited for personal benefit, if you're found to use these bugs you're subject to administrative action. If you have abused one of these exploits you need to turn yourself in immediately. 

  3. Added: Conquest "Hotzones" 1 zone is converted to a Hotzone that rewards double the points Alternates randomly between points, there is a 3 minute notification stating which point will be selected Hotzone exists for 7 minutes after which it presents a notification and selects a new point FAK+ Virtual First aid kits & FAK+ added to all general stores/markets Does not make a healing icon appear on your scoll actions Option to enable/disable scroll action in y menu Custom scroll appears at the bottom of all actions, the vanilla FAK appears at the top Bound to Custom Action 5 Altis Penitentiary Rework Jail has received a significant overhaul - @ Diamond_drop Anti Air has been moved into the Jail compound Jail has received a visitation area Causing a failure of the prison security system now opens other areas of the prison that are inaccessible elsewise APD specific gates that can be opened for flanking in the compound APD now receive rewards for terminating the pharmaceutical Another garage at Pyrgos HQ Another gate at Pyrgos HQ Vest size now increases virtual inventory size (140 cap) Various objects to certain conquest points RnR Red Flare & Marshals Cap SWAT deaths and kills are now calculated in the Conquest Prize Pool Advertisement billboards all around the map SAPD Stealth fatigues Casino blacklists If you want to be PERMANENTLY blacklisted from being able to use the casino you can make a general inquiry. June Donation Goal - Nameable Loadouts Loadouts now have a custom GUI that you can direct to from the weapon shop You can input names and view the primary weapon of the loadout and the vest Texture Additions 2 Olympus+ billboards @ Peterr New splashscreen @ Peterr Alcoholics Anonymous Uniform @ Masoooooooooon Alcoholics Anonymous Hatchback @ Masoooooooooon Olystar Qilin @ Masoooooooooon Rexo Gang Uniform @ jig Changed: Salt Flats Airfield Redesign @ Maddox Redesigned Conquest Zones Syrta Kavala Oreokastro Airdrop locations - @ Strae :) In-game voice icon now plays an animated voicewave instead of a static microphone SWAT Ifrit minor changes SAPD Uniform minor changes APD Huron minor changes SWAT Backpack minor changes Conquest rebel flags now utilize the Custom Olympus flag If you cancel processing items you no longer reset your progress Ex: Processing Iron and you cancel at 58% you can start again at 58% Mushroom Processor Redesign - @ Maddox Sofia Hospital Redesign + Relocation - @ Maddox SWAT Conquest Flag Capture Payout $50,000 -> $100,000 You can now rename your loadouts accordingly Garage UI UI Redesign @ Martinezzz Added the ability to buy basic and full insurance within garages Fixed: Northwest Airfield Vehicle spawns Network performance enhancements Locality of Black Market Mushroom's exterior walls Option to add a custom plate to vehicles that do not support it Event gear not wiping while players were in clothing menus Panagia Conquest Rebel marker Vehicles that blow up inside of Conquest zones are now returned to the players garage without losing insurance Conquest Prize pool gear updated Athira Radio tower marker Kavala HQ boat garage ramps Gang Base shack door not opening Gang Base containers rotation OPlus not being able to set OPlus Title Color Lollypop Icon missing RnR being able to rob gas stations Speed bomb installing animation Staff Directory on Loading Screen Marking Blackwater Vehicles All Conquest Rebels being usable regardless of which Conquest zone is active Ability to claim own vehicles Players name after soft restart when impounding a vehicle House Owners name being outdated Pull out unconscious not working if the vehicle is flipped Vehicles need to be flipped upright before pulling out bodies Players can now unflip vehicles without keys so long as they are disabled/flipped Titles that you no longer have access to are properly removed Ability to spawn at gang base during skirmish Cop loadouts not saving Adjusted player variables in order to improve performance APS Delivery van appearing twice in shops EAF Carrier Rig not saving to rebel loadout Removed: CQC Woodpiles on Salt Flats Texture Removals Bape Qilin RnR Quadbike RnR Hellcat RnR Gokart Two-Tone Offroad Joker Suit Vanguard Ghosthawk, Uniform & Hummingbird America Hummingbird Chocolate Ghillie Black Tempest Barbie Qilin Batman Hunter Grave Digger Hunter Tan Ghillie Suit Electric Wetsuit AAN Van Vandal Orca Gang Wars Billboard Minor redundant textures DB Gang Uniform & Ifrit BC Gang Uniform As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.
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    2. Waddles


      mako you trying to play osu?


    3. Mike Lit

      Mike Lit

      Good lord @ notsodank . What has @ Waddles done to you?!?! FUCKING FREAKS!!

    4. Courean


      ey ey ey osu is a great game😤

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    2. Mako


      Very small UI interface, reduces crosshair size and increases my peripheral view as I'm not bogged down by as many UI boxes.

    3. Mighty


      how do you get the olympus stats bars to be in the bottom right when you change the ui to very small?

    4. Jerrod


      restart game after changing setting

  4. PSA if you've purchased Olympus+ and your account has not had perks applied within 5~10 minutes, please submit a donation support ticket so that we can fix it for you. 🥰

  5. Founder's Circle has a subscription to this, you do not need to purchase it to receive the rewards.
  6. Olympus+ Olympus+ is our new subscription method to help pay for our server maintenance, upkeep and paying our development team. We're introducing Olympus+ with a slew of perks that will stand as a foundation as we introduce more cosmetics and improvements to it with time. Currently standing it will be a recurring subscription costing $15 a month the month will be incremented every 30 days as opposed to Jan. 2nd - Feb 2nd. You can check out the page for Olympus+ where there is a graphic included. In-game rewards Unlock the ability to request an airdrop at the rebel outposts - must be a minimum of 60 players on the server to call an airdrop Get access to weapon skins at the $50 and $30 dollar donation tiers $50 Tier $30 Tier Gain access to unique RVMATS VR Red, VR Blue, Toxic, Amethyst and Emerald Special in-game titles that signify how long you've been subscribed (1-month, 3-month, 6-month,1 year etc) Unlock the ability to name vehicles and add custom number plates Vehicle name will be displayed when said vehicle is impounded/seized Custom number plates can be add to select civilian vehicle (hatchback offroads jeeps and SUV’s) Unlock two additional loadout slots Access to three additional hex icons for each month of your subscription Stats Page rewards Allow Players to check recent messages Allow players to view details about their own houses/inventory within the houses Add an ability to "Bookmark" profiles Advanced Stats view Unlock new textures for all factions Civilian Yellow Abibas Tracksuit White Abibas Tracksuit Abibas Messenger bags Hyperbeast Hatchback, Hyperbeast Qilin & Hyperbeast Ifrit Aquamarine Hatchback, Aquamarine Qilin & Aquamarine Ifrit BattlEye Ifrit & BattlEye Qilin BattlEye Uniform Paypal Ifrit Olystar Orca APD Pilot Uniform (Rank 3+ - Corporal) Short Sleeve Combat Uniform (Rank 3+ - Corporal) Digital Camo variant (Rank 6+ - Sergeant Long Sleeve Combat Uniform (Rank 2+ - Patrol Officer) Long Sleeve Fatigues (Rank 2+ - Patrol Officer) Hex Urban Camo Fatigues (Rank 4+ - Ret. SAPD) Hex pattern Qilin (Rank 4+ - Ret. SAPD) Hex pattern Ghosthawk (Rank 6+ - Sergeant) R&R Adorable sweater (Rank 1+ - EMT) Coastguard pilot coveralls (Rank 3+ - Adv. Paramedic) Forums and Teamspeak Access more detailed stats and have the ability to bookmark certain players you would like to keep track of! Get a teamspeak tag that correlates to the length of your current subscription Gain access to a new forums tag and unlock more forums reactions

  7. Today's S3 Conquest will be hosted on Chernarus 2035. You will need the following workshop files: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1113631358&searchtext=chernarus+2035 / https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=583496184. Conquest will be scheduled for 3PM PST/ 6PM EST as per usual.

  8. PSA: SWAT Applicants are now only required to have 7 days time in grade as a Patrol Officer instead of 14. Individuals denied from SWAT now only have to wait 14 days from their denied date instead of the 1 month.

    @APD Member

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    2. Silton


      Give the men some better gear faction is buried

    3. Karma


      @Cale its 50k to all swat in the area

    4. Mudiwa


      Swat? more like Stupidly Willful Ass Ticklers

  9. https://olympus-entertainment.com/olympus-policy/ You really should have read this prior to starting this post. You should seek explicit permission to do a giveaway prior to starting the post as this has implications with BI's monetization policy. Seems like its pretty fair game though so I don't mind this, any future parties happening across this should adhere to the monetization policy and message a senior staff member prior. Good luck to those who entered.

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