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  1. o7 @SecTranLive Godbless and goodluck 😢

  2. wow congratulations @Strae 1st 3rd worlder ☺️

    1. Strae
    2. rabid


      talk to me

    3. rabid


      also congrats mr strae

  3. congrats @PanDa1771 poggers

  4. 1706435f9c7b15fb55d75a678c9e7742.png

    God bless your souls donate to keep the boat up and your bank account down 🦀

    1. Tech


      Casino to fix the 39% lmfaooooo

  5. Foxtrot future sgts program has had 2 graduations today, congratulations @Bloodmoon @Rossco

  6. happy birthday @Viper .50cal planes soon 🥰

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    2. Viper


      You'd see me playing instantly if that happened deadass, thank you for the bday wishes tho ❤️ 

    3. Bloodmoon


      1 hour ago, Viper said:

      You'd see me playing instantly if that happened deadass

      It is happening

    4. Strae
  7. ce211a6e56b5cf070b154922d2946fc1.gif

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    2. ChillX


      Awesome dude!!!!! i totally wanted to see this amazing content

    3. Mike Lit

      Mike Lit

      How dare you hit the poor role players heli. He even had his collision lights on. Should be fail role play. SMH :kappa:

    4. PJ.


      Thank you for destroying my heli 😤. Im reporting you to the nearest APD station for speeding btw....

  8. poggers all the hood niggas getting promoted today @Kamikaze @Fraali @raykazi great work lads

  9. The only crime here is the nigga using edge instead of chrome
  10. They're in the base game as parts of DLC, just been a while since there's been something new besides dancing do I figured it'd make an easy addition.
  11. Congrats @thor 🥰

  12. 2 Ryans born on the same day both intrinsically connected to an Arma 3 RP server weirdchamp

    Happy birthday @Ryan and @TheCmdrRex

    btw can i have mod

  13. IGB @Mike Lit gz

    1. Mike Lit

      Mike Lit

      Those times were fun!

  14. wow haha congrats @Hylos @Kamikaze I was rooting for you the entire time!!






    soooo..... a-about moderator?

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