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  1. Mako

    Tfw you're so much of a beta male that fighting outside of warzone is legitimately scary to you. On top of that can't really recall a time I've ever camped bottleneck besides mobile checkpoints or ever camped Pyrgos hospital. You can spout shit on the forums, it just makes you look like a retard when you name the wrong people though.
  2. Mako

    tfw you know why Isaac quit now
  3. Mako

  4. @Xeltini Congrats :wub:

    1. Xeltini


      Thanks bud :wub:

  5. https://www.humblebundle.com/games/arma-2018-bundle

    15$ for a ban evading account 20$ total gets you apex good deal xd

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    2. Savage


      lol i didnt wana spread this cause it was gonna actually allow ppl to ban evade but i guess u did it so whatever

    3. MAV


      people who are going to ban evade will do it whether you can get a copy for cheap or not...

    4. BananaHammock
  6. ETA on the next purge? I'd like to mass rdm.

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    2. Mako


      Make that shit July 4th or we're going to have some problems @McDili @Grandma Gary

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      My bad I forgot Americans can't read correctly formatted dates. I'll type it out for you special little guys <3

      First of April Two Thousand and Nineteen.


    4. Bow


      4 minutes ago, Grandma Gary said:

      My bad I forgot Americans can't read correctly formatted dates. I'll type it out for you special little guys <3

      First of April Two Thousand and Nineteen.


      They aren't little by any means.

  7. Happy Birthday yung SCI coder hacker boy @ikiled

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    2. ikiled


      1 minute ago, Ashur said:

      happy b-day

      Thanks man :)

    3. Headless


      happy birthday @ikiled

    4. ikiled


      Just now, Headless said:

      happy birthday @ikiled


      thanks :Kappa:

  8. @buckie Happy birthday poggers

  9. tfw the APD genuinely never loses


    1. Ignis


      I had front row seats to that :D

    2. QKSILVR73



  10. Changed: APD lethal money cap reduced to $200,000 from $600,000 Whoever suggested this clearly doesn't play enough cop. The amount of times that there is a situation that can't be resolved with tasers is higher than the number of times they're abused on groups that could be peaceably taken down with non-lethal means. The civilian population gets buffs to every aspect every month, god forbid we get some too. Other than that its a great patch just sad to see dumb shit like this.
  11. Loving the new theme!
  12. Happy Birthday retired APD DJ @HyperGoat

  13. Congrats to the only mans who made me question my sexuality @Egnazio

  14. @Dominick Ramos o7 dingledog rimjob realest kiwi loving nigga i knew

  15. congrats on the egirl

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    2. Dominick Ramos

      Dominick Ramos

      it was a massacre

    3. Egnazio


      @Excision when you say traps aren't gay you get death threats. this guy deadass gets married to one and gets congratulated. :FeelsBad:

    4. Excision


      @Egnazio member when u roasted that cringe ass kid who got corporal by making some gay shit giveaway and now that dude is an admin LUL


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