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  1. @rapidaax happy birthday just remember that you'll be charged as an adult for the amazon shit now lmfao

    1. Mighty
    2. rapidaax


      thanks makoa :wub: 


      ps: not if they don't find out


  2. tfw I didn't realize you got corp @Creepy :pog: now bo duke when @Pledge

    1. Luke Duke

      Luke Duke

      4 units of time

  3. Mako

    Faction Command APC added (Weapons disabled) APD Chief NOT Whitelisted for use RnR Director Whitelisted for use Head Admin & Owner Whitelisted for use Hefty cost of $1,500,000 base price per vehicle (not including upgrades / insurance) Why does the price even matter if the only people with access to it have unlimited money? lmfao
  4. this is the best superbowl ever

  5. If you've recently lost your OIC please submit a compensation request here. https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/  @SAPD

  6. Well seems like its time to get @zoomzooooooom lead designer already.

  7. Mako

    enjoy the removal of your forum account and the ban on your in-game one retard btw imagine ban evading l o l @SyNxd
  8. Mako

    Yeah you're actually fucking retarded who would've guessed. The underlying problem was stability regarding federal events, cartels and balance in general. More so the stability due to the increasing issues regarding people using Qilins specifically to push lowering FPS on cartel caps to stuttering amounts and occasionally crashing peoples games while trying to enjoy that aspect. The federal event issue being two fold regarding the cops having textured Qilins causing FPS issues yet again and it not being quite as "balanced" as some individuals within the community wanted it. Further more pretty sure some 2015 nostalgia made its way in as that was probably the time Arma was at its best and @McDili gave much more considerable thought regarding the issue then "Lets listen to the POLLS" TL;DR You're retarded
  9. Mako

    Ah yes, such as the classic "Sir Peter Long" or "Sheriff of Slaying" or "Justicar" my favorites.
  10. retired staff  L O L

    1. Mako



  11.       :deIlluminati:

    :deIlluminati:     :deIlluminati:

    1. thor



      :deIlluminati:     :deIlluminati:


  12. Recruitment is still active as I haven't got enough slaves.
  13. Congrats @rapidaax on Sgt. and Sr. Designer.


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