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  1. blind corp don't let me catch you running round in vex's set
  2. 1666d1518b7e193c8fc4c906977dec3e.png

    all my homies love Cherno 😤

    Good fights today. 🥰

  3. If you're having issues getting on S3 currently make sure you're only connecting with Chernarus 2035 & CUP Core otherwise you will experience errors. These should be the only 2 mods you have enabled.

  4. Conquests do be popping though 🤯

  5. Added: Chernarus 2035 Required mods: CUP Core & Chernarus 2035 Changed: Conquest pot 17.5M -> 30M Ifrits have a singular smoke Vehicle service stations to every Conquest map Granit/Tracksuit updated from 5WP -> 10WP Fixed: Sarahni objects not being hidden
    1. Venomm


      Fallujah Simulator

    2. ClashBy


      i was zooming in first

  6. What do you guys think #1 or #2? 🧐


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    2. Skateezy


      One. Two is too dark, makes it hard to see the concept.

    3. Masoooooooooon
    4. DeadPool
  7. Thoughts on SWAT so far? 

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    2. ClashBy


      lots of warpoints

    3. Silton


      6 hours ago, SuWooP said:

      Give em like 5k per kill or something but otherwise good concept

      No once the cap thing is fixed money will be fine


      2 hours ago, Tech said:

      Recruit newish players. Give them guidance and make them better

      I'm not a preschool teacher they can join a gang and learn we have to push the top gang no matter what. Enough fingerless cops as is.

    4. Bloodmoon


      21 hours ago, Silton said:

      I'm not a preschool teacher they can join a gang and learn we have to push the top gang no matter what. Enough fingerless cops as is.

      Having to play civ to progress on cop, lul

  8. Please read the following information prior to making an application for S.W.A.T. Failure to follow the correct format and requirements may result in denial. You can click HERE if you'd like to read more about S.W.A.T. and what we do. Requirements to join S.W.A.T.: Have participated in a conquest on the Civilian Faction Must be the rank of Patrol Officer+ 14 days TIG (Time In Grade) 50 hours on cop Ideally a competitive player How to Submit a S.W.A.T. Application: Be sure you have read and fully understand the Server Rules & APD Handbo
  9. Due to some development issues we'll be hosting Conquest on S2 tomorrow instead of the regularly scheduled S3. We apologize for the inconvenience however we have some stuff in the works awaiting release that will make it worthwhile. 🥰

  10. We can make a gang uniform that isn't the combat fatigues, the only catch for it is that we cannot allow you to spawn in the wetsuit. It would provide an in-game advantage which is against Bohemia ToS. Teamplayers have a wetsuit for winning the most Conquests in a month, their normal gang uniform is the combat fatigues.
  11. I'm guessing you didn't read the post? The last tier of SWAT gets MK-1s, in every other sense they are inferior to your regular Conquest player's loadouts. The only benefit is that they don't pay more than 15K per loadout on death and for that they have to follow rules that have repercussions on both their SWAT & APD whitelists. The point of adding SWAT is to allow JrAPD to experience more than the regular spectrum and allow them to participate in what are normally SAPD activities. Also, I don't think it'll be an issue for you to hold points considering SWAT is supposed to attack
  12. This is a Conquest team, the current implementation has no plans for SWAT members raiding Cartels. Based on your apparent lack of participation in Conquests I doubt you'll notice anything happening that is outside of your regular loop of gameplay. https://stats.olympus-entertainment.com/stats/players/76561198285944398/
  13. APD SWAT: SWAT is a new role that is deployed during active Conquests to counter the top gang (HVTs) in terms of conquest points. How It Works: There is a maximum of 10 SWAT Members allowed at Conquest. SWAT spawn at conquest rebel like civilians APD push in waves together as a faction SWAT must attack each first-place gang's points and restore each of their Conquest Points. When the Capture Point is captured by the SWAT Team it will be set to APD but the APD will gain no points. Example - Capture Point Bravo - SFA would change to Capture Point Bravo -

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