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  1. lf mouse suggestions i broke my mouse wheel while i was fucking slapped

  2. Ryan

    Happy Birthday QT 🙂 

  3. ad013bfd3133d68edbd57a20ab0dcf2a.png

    Hey guys Sr. Admin here 🤓

    Good thing you banned me other-wise you'd be getting cyber bullied right now since that's your only way of winning an argument.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bloodmoon


      Staff team been messing up recently smh

    3. Strikke


      lol, ok

    4. NokiaStrong


      This guy tried to kick destruct from his own channel

  4. #FreeBloodmoon

    Told a kid who was screaming his head off to "stop talking or die"

    downvote @Ryan until he's freed

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    2. Bloodmoon


      @Orgondo ban was lifted but @xDRO said this in a ban appeal "That's after hes been unrestrained. There is no exception to shooting someone in restraints."

    3. Unjo



      Failed hostage situation

      Cross fire

      This situation

      Tree doing it since 2014 with staff literally saying they dont care as long as its 10/10 RP


      Back to the books clown

    4. Mr GOAT

      Mr GOAT

      Hey guys he’s unbanned

      thus was a good read

      inb4 dbos

  5. 31aea8aadea3bcba2675ab106b271e17.png



    👀 @Civak not being useless pogu

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    2. Richard


      @MAV nailed it.  Cause lethaling an unarmed medic who’s been taken hostage is a sign of being macho.  The best if when we’re tazed and restrained by the cops and “forgotten” at federal event until auto unrestrained.  

    3. Mako


      Ya there were still people at the federal reserve when the S&R was "free'd" from being a hostage + the fact that when there are 9+ dead civilians you don't want to risk dying and giving them a strategic tool to keep the fight up. 


      that medic hit the 💀

      dunno why you take a joking gyazo as an opportunity to shit talk the server but L O L 🦍

    4. MAV


      i mean, not going to lie, i dont need to say many words to 'shit talk the server' its doing plenty good job of that already on its own... lmao... 

      excuse: "9+ dead civilians, what would you have me do?!"

      brain dead monkeys answer that even @Grandma Gary could answer (jk ilu): "Taze and restrain the medic, put him in the strider or hunter you no doubt brought, and remove him from the fed."

      Really not that difficult, just y'all too busy flexing on a medic because sAPD has a superiority complex instead of using even a portion of your brain to play the game mode like its supposed to be played.

  6. c2061ffab484fb1ffb0681a5a74c27e2.png


    more useful than any other support team member pop off @buckie

    1. destruct


      Yo atleast Buckie for support team though fr

    2. Masoooooooooon



  7. Congratulations mr. @PJ. and @Rexo

    real talk you'll probably get removed in a week when they decide they don't like you because Sr. Medic lol

  8. Just to clarify a few things regarding some of the Corporal changes Your uniforms will be changed alongside the vests, you're going to see some different colors for them. We didn't trade your money making, vests or anything else for MK18s and UC Qilins. I can't speak for all SAPD regarding this however I spent a great deal of time with a T2 vest as a Corporal, the greatest limiting factor is your aim at Corporal. It sucks that you don't bang the block with a better looking vest but its a healthy change for the server. There are currently no plans to introduce uniforms outside of the current palette especially considering the vests you're referencing are T1. Just to further reiterate we did not trade anything for the MK18/Qilins. I also don't know what the reference to that bug is, we got them in response to increases in Federal Events.
  9. medics are essential to winning feds take notes gentlemen


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    2. Ryan


      @Senior R&R Member You trained them well

      @Mako Bet you a defib couldnt do that

    3. NokiaStrong


      ADVANCED defib 

    4. zoomzooooooom


      public slot faction 🤡


  10. wow is that -TI- @SystemChips!! omgsies!!

    1. SystemChips


      lmfao ty i try my hardest to rep the gang

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