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  1. @ThatNerdyGuy sorry for putting a speed bomb on your car at fed, but it was too funny.

    1. ThatNerdyGuy


      Cleared out gate 1 though!

  2. Scribble

    Lol yea stand in Kavala for a hour when DB is scatting ez money
  3. Scribble

    Oh then all of what I said except $20k per rev lol
  4. Scribble

    Medics get paid $17,500 per revive plus a additional $300 above civ per rank per 5 mins played. civ $1,700, emt $2,000, basic $2,300 and so on. they also make $100 per wall/tree repair for keeping the city clean and $7,500 for giving dopamine.
  5. Found this video from over a year ago I forgot @JAMIE @Fushigi


  6. Scribble

    Sounds like it
  7. You forgot the part after you robbed the gas station where we took you too the jail and trolled saying we were leaving you there for your crimes.
  8. Scribble

    Ohhh there’s dates on these things. Probably not
  9. Scribble

    ??? I didn’t play yesterday
  10. Found some old footage of APD


    1. Rexo


      Its like when I fly

    2. Scribble


      that’s why we take cars when you fly 

  11. Started my travels and this mobile WiFi takes forever to upload but here’s the first

    btw anyone that looks into my RV while I’m talking in ts or podcast must think I’m crazy talking into a closet. You can also ask me questions about my traveling that I’ll answer in the podcast with the #AskScribble on any social media

    1. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      I'll buy those tv's off you

    2. MAV


      Good luck brotha... 

      PS. If they knew you they wouldn't think anything of about it ;)


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