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  1. i even troll on DayZ 


  2. Umm how is this boy a APD offcer, he legit uses a voice changer XD he is like 14 years old
  3. It’s about time @max^ congrats

    1. max^


      Thank you!

  4. Scribble

    Thankful for people not having their recording on when I RDM them
  5. Scribble

    You sound a bit thirsty
  6. Scribble

    Woke up to it
  7. Scribble

    Finally I can buy a real gun on cop again
  8. Scribble

  9. People wanted to see what it looked like so here you go.

    Thats ashes not dust

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    2. Scribble


      @Dante can't all my cum rags are in use

    3. tacosmell


      @Scribble Use a leaf blower 

    4. MAV


      got a new echo leaf blower....itll make quick work of that :-)

  10. Scribble

    1-800-238-7699 (Bets off)

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