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  1. Opened arma today only for it to uninstall itself so with my super high speed 500kb rv park internet downloading 32g game I'll see you in a week

  2. Congratulations you just signed your perm PO rank
  3. Is this involved with the situation or involved in the processing?
  4. cops on security duty today


  5. We will be using the TeamSpeak gang wars rooms use the “wait for pull room”
  6. OH NO corporal @Monks congrats

  7. Lol your 200 hours is nowhere near the big boys lol
  8. look, I don’t want to talk about it, ok
  9. 4 1/2 Next event we will be doing time trials on farming simulator 19
  10. Agreed but it’s hot so might as well make money free money and ts tags
  11. It’s all we got to work with we can’t make it custom plus doing that falls under meta
  12. I must of been bugged when it happened then like @Montez running around killing mid vote cuz that’s suppose to happen right? Fixed 10 people and on only 4 complete all tasks before everyone is killed or voted off. so say I’m the killer. And you do 3 of the 10 tasks all 3 rounds that’s 9 total for you and and jig does 5 tasks on all 3 then he gets 15. the way we’ve been playing, we’ve hardly ever completed every task before the imposter is figured out
  13. I’ve been able to unless I was just bugged that how I found out about it
  14. yes they can unless they updated it in the last 2 days
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