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  1. Started my travels and this mobile WiFi takes forever to upload but here’s the first

    btw anyone that looks into my RV while I’m talking in ts or podcast must think I’m crazy talking into a closet. You can also ask me questions about my traveling that I’ll answer in the podcast with the #AskScribble on any social media

    1. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      I'll buy those tv's off you

    2. MAV


      Good luck brotha... 

      PS. If they knew you they wouldn't think anything of about it ;)

  2. Scribble

    he was SGT for about 5 mins lol
  3. Scribble

    By this do you mean Olympus KOTH? Or just new maps again? also when you make the mc server again don’t admin it. It makes it boring for everyone else.
  4. Scribble

  5. Scribble

    I’m coming for comp in person now lol @Hylos that soundboard needs to be the new support team lead motto “either do what I tell you to do, or fuck off!”
  6. Scribble

    This is more of a see you later than a o7 post. What a ride this has been. Where do I even start on this? As some of you know I bought a RV and I’m going to travel the country for awhile. (13 months) Olympus has always been my arma home I’ve been here since pre wipe and watched Olympus grow pretty much from the start. I remember my first run was crawfish on foot just so I could buy a car, having to rob the ATM before there was a little sign, then finally getting NPCs. I’ve been here off and on throughout the years and when I finally started taking the server serious I joined the R&R. Had my fair share of good times and bad times. I’ve had my wings ripped and suspended. purposely Accidentally blowing up @Isaac Newton and a party bus of people at a checkpoint thinking we would go flying, but nope just blew up. Worked my way to the top ranks of R&R becoming a R&R coordinator. Joining support team and grinding out tickets becoming MOTM my very first month with over 120 tickets in my first week, becoming Senior support team. Finally after everyone kept begging me, I finally joined APD thanks to @Pledge for accepting my application for listing “Why do you want to be APD?” As “because everyone keeps nagging me to join.” Working my way up to the ranks, taking my PO test 4 times, then finally making the rank of corporal where I have happily been for 11 months without the desire to reach any higher APD rank. I made a ton of friends over the years which has always been a pleasure playing with, and shit talking each other. Made couple enemies, but fuck them. I’m not going to tag anyone in this part, only because there are too many. OS: It was a pleasure given the opportunity to be staff some of the most fun I’ve had. Made some mistakes but also did a lot of good. Nothing like fighting rebel outpost in god mode or standing in Kavala deleting cars that try to vdm me while watching their bodies fly and smash into houses. R:R: I never knew where my windows key was until medic. Overall most faction changes good and bad, but good for the most part. After becoming a Sr medic I was happy to take over the title of most tests of roughly 400 combined. APD: It’s been a pleasure driving and dying, driving and dying, driving and dying wave after wave for every federal event. Letting deputies fly, landing with the sickest auto hover hot drops in to a high priority red zone. Although, overall I never really wanted to be apd but it’s also been some of the most fun I’ve had. Devs & designers: A huge shout out to the past and current devs and designers. Olympus wouldn’t be what it is today without you guys. Anything the community wants you make it happen. @Peter Long keep the servers progressing and don’t touch my money while I’m gone. I’ll be on and off the next week or so need to finish some stuff around the house to get it moved out and sold and be moving my PC into my RV last to stay connected as long as possible. I wanted to make this post today so I won’t have to worry about it when I move my PC. It’s been fun Olympus!! L8r nerds

    1. Montez


      getting RDM'd the island of lemnos. seems about right

  8. #LuketheCoop4Sup or riot

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    2. Tommyrat


      Yep greatest medic of 2019 

    3. Ryan


      This is why war was called.

    4. Opus



  9. Scribble

    @Peter Long
  10. Can we get a #FuckScribble in the chat plz?

    1. Dank MeeMoo

      Dank MeeMoo

      Sorry I can’t disrespect our cult leader

  11. Scribble

    Roughly 50% success? Cops are OP, we need to nerf them, or just remove APD from fed events.
  12. Scribble

    put the bars back we need more of them not have them removed

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