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    Currently studying to become a LEO and hoping to pursue this career and I like playing video games on my free time.....MATT IS A SAVAGE......GARRY NEVER IS ACTUALLY FISHING

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  1. +1 lol
  2. +1 its aids as tits
  4. Haha fedot anything you do is a ban
  5. +1 for olympus staff
  6. Hahahha
  7. I know we all said that after we were dead
  8. Lol
  9. ahh ok, are you a Bronie
  10. Damn, What rank are aloud to pull out ghost hawks in the R&R? or did a Mod or Admin spawn them in?
  11. Fuck yeah +1 And another reason, dont get ban, or don't use a VPN, or don't be a shitters and play the damn game.
  12. nah its some good shit man its helping my FPS idk how it just runs smoother
  13. +1, Very true LET THE PEOPLE PLAY
  14. how do you get stuff under your name when you make a post

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    2. Ignis


      What Ares said

    3. BlackJack


      Just do what Rex said 

    4. javins beast

      javins beast

      thanks...to all @Ignis @TheCmdrRex @Ares @BlackJack


      how do i make it to show my money and stuff?