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  1. Lmao ur old. hbd kid

  2. @Jesse When can we expect these animations? 


  3. Real men wear pink.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. RambleR
    3. hadi mokdad

      hadi mokdad

      Real men sniff coke from a hookers pussy ~ True story

    4. Gibbs




      I like it. I was wondering why i was tagged in this, then I just noticed.


  4. https://olympus-entertainment.com/forum/25-gang-recruitments/
  5. Happy Bday Gury!

    1. Talindor


      Happy birthday Gary!

  6. I knew you were gay all along... P.S. I Forced @Ignis at gunpoint
  7. lmao kys u toxic nerd
  8. Doesn't matter. Olympus is dead anyways
  9. Happy birthday you fucking nerd.

    1. chino Brih

      chino Brih

      @heyday happy late birth day HES DEAD

  10. How did this bitch make #2 trending?? 


    @G.O.A.T - Still not legal

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    2. Ragnarok


      I know a 19 year old that wants to smash. I tell him good luck in jail xddd

    3. Bucko
    4. Fedot


      yo she 14 but has the body of a 23yrold crack head

  11. lmao
  12. My Olympus contacts have reached out to me and have informed me of the infestation that has filled the administration in my absence. #Never4GetTheServerThatWas






    1. TheCmdrRex



      I set the bar now.


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