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  1. happy birthday lil guy @ Kamikaze

  2. I haven't pulled 34 hunters for a fed You also seem super interested in me maybe stop begging me for money everytime you see me in-game.
  3. any tarkov gamers?

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    2. rabid


      Yeah it just wiped

    3. Remorse


      Let me know if u wanna play sometime, I havent played in ages tho so got no clue what im doing really

      Discord Remorse#0226

  4. rabid

    That girl Lea

    is it a crime to give new players money I do it all the time lol you a lil poor yourself strafe you want some?
  5. rabid

    That girl Lea

    Hello What's your name on the servers? If I run into you I'll donate some money
  6. https://gyazo.com/65ce60b151da438cd3b547040f61053b

    (doing night time scav kills w mosin task)

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    2. Monks


      @rabid r u sure?? everytime i fight him the area he is in is infested by skavs

    3. rabid


      yeah I'm 100% killa does not spawn with any other guards but obviously interchange has scavs that just roam around.

    4. Courean


      @Monks Naa he doesnt have guards, however sanitar on shoreline will use normal scavs as guards on top his own heavily armed ones.

  7. rabid


    How old are you? Seriously so much anger in a child over nothing? I haven't even talked to you in weeks and you went out of your way to make this post.
  8. rabid


    Is that why I told @Snort 2 to unban you after you got a doxing perm ban? but sure keep thinking whatever you want.
  9. rabid


    I don't know you but hello I guess. @ZAZA

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