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  1. Happy birthday @Panda smile get silver with that new skin it gives extra ap 

  2. anyone wanna buy a full screen thermal helmet pm me

    1. Ventar


      me how much

    2. Cooper:P


      Gimme your top dollar 

    3. Ventar


      1 MILLION

  3. uuhg1vV.png


    1. Bloodmoon
    2. Hoonter
    3. Strae


      My mom bought me this new laptop and it gets really hot when the chat is being spamed. Now my leg is starting to hurt because it is getting so hot. Please, if you don't want me to get burned, then dont spam the chat.

  4. you refused to come into support btw stop posting non sense on the forums
  5. watch my video then tell me we didn't get his name
  6. ` Made myself a cool picture too - 4 gangsheds for farming moonshine but wants the server to be "balanced" Also @Noahhh! fake grandma v2 not a good look especially for someone that is arguing against this For anyone saying the person on top of the house wasn't John OR that we "didn't get his name"
  7. @88 thanks


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Vigi easy money
    3. Cooper:P


      When big john says "Nice fail raid fatty, didn't even make a dent" when its a 70m+ raid lmao totally a fail raid 


    4. [OG] Justin

      [OG] Justin

      Lol I guess senior apd just raiding houses with no probable cause now. yikes feels bad to be in the senior apd circle jerk

  8. I mean the way I see it cops shouldn't be camping Therisa but there is currently no rule against it unless conquest is active
  9. Against server rules, any APD member found camping therisa during conquest with the sole intention of raiding on repeat feel free to submit an internal affairs report.
  10. congrats all

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