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  1. Blackwater vehicles spawn with T4 when was this approved LMAO
  2. rabid

    80m Bet

    np u need the money
  3. rabid

    80m Bet

    how does 60 sound pm me what server and where
  4. congrats dumb faggot@Zahzi

  5. Selling ghosthawk 25m

    5x .338 suppressor (mar10)

    PM me

  6. Yeah they arent worth 2m I would sell them for 20 lol
  7. bump // selling ghosthawk now
  8. Selling ghosthawk pm me

  9. rabid


    Still owe me 86m
  10. pafmY3M.png


    see u soon yoyoman

  11. rabid

    Need a loan

    I'm the financial wizard I think I have it handled
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