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  1. Put this guy on civ council @SuWooP, he would fit right in with the retards *including yourself*
  2. If you do make a ticket make sure to put your previous rank
  3. Congrats my fellow Delta mar-10 expert @Strae

    o7 @Crenshaw

  4. WTS full screen thermal helmet pm me


    1. Monks


      Mans mouth was foaming with anger

    2. Lime


      "your lids, your cups, your- FUCK YOU"

  6. oh no this doesn't stop me yet I have plans see u next conquest @Ryan had to use some quick tactics!!
  7. rabid

    good job

    Didn't shoot us down or kill any of us but ok lol
  8. rabid

    good job

    Teamplayers inviting hackers to conquest yikes lol
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