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  1. To be fair if you google arma 3 cheats and you try and use 99% of the stuff you find you're gonna have a bad time. I highly recommend ^_^
  2. Discord in 2015 was barely functional as a communications app never mind a replacement for what we needed from TS. Now though it could easily replace TS, just a pain in the ass to do the initial setup =D Voice quality is comparable to TS, the only issue is with TS you buy the yearly license and you're good to go whereas Discord would require 30+ Nitro boosters to offer the best codec.
  3. Olympus is boomer central and TS came along first. Discord has come a long way though and could replace TS completely though it would mean I would probably have to allow messages again and listen to more "I ONLY HAK A LITTLE PLZ UNBAN OMFG" messages again =(
  4. Looking back and morning comes
    Don't find your face in your glass
    Take the moonlight by the tail
    It's a rainy sight you're shading

    What is that it's just the same
    What is trying in your crown
    I'm spending in my glass, walking back
    So wear my glass you're fading

    I'm waiting so long...
    I'm waiting so long...
    I'm waiting so long...
    I'm waiting...


    1. Tobubas


      Shittiest song I've heard in a hot minute

    2. smodamemory


      Rip Miura Greatest Anime Maker Ever To Live We All Miss You Everyday 😞

  5. Guys he is super serial this time he is leaving and not coming back please acknowledge him.
  6. What are you talking about step brother? 0 deviation from L.I.S.T makes for amazing roleplay!
  7. Congrats @ Noodles:D on your first tentative steps out of the closet.

    1. Greenbum


      It only took him 19 years!

  8. Streaming it sucked for whoever actually had to stream it cause you needed such a huge delay on it or the cartel rats would just watch it and know where everyone was. Also DDoS Wars /o/
  9. @myfellowUKbrethren

    There is a massive restock of RTX cards happening today.  Prep thy wallets. 

    1. bentoki22


      where gary?


    2. Brolaf


      Can you buy me one ❤️

    3. Lime


      Will send rainbow dildo for RTX 🙏

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