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  1. Grandma Gary

    @Metro You dirty dyke you can't even lie. Bob and vegene + facial hair. Pretty obvious it's French.
  2. Grandma Gary

    Expanded NLR to exclude cartels /o/ Chapter 11: New Life Rule If you die for any reason apart from dying by a Arma bug you may not return to that area for 15 minutes. (1 Kilometer from where you died) Exception: When killed on the Warzone Island or at any cartel NLR will not apply. Exception: When lethaled by cops at Rebel Outposts, NLR does NOT apply. APD may return to legal areas after death as they see fit. (This is to simulate the size of an actual police force) If APD die in an illegal area they are to return in waves. (Described more in detail in the APD Master Handbook) R&R must wait 15 minutes to return to an area if killed by not following directives. (Within reason, more details in R&R Master Handbook)
  3. Grandma Gary

    I believe you may be doing it wrong.
  4. Grandma Gary

    Stealing this cause Blowjo doesn't know how to forum.
  5. @DeadPooL Peter long has surpassed you in forum tags.


    1. DeadPooL


      @SPBojo has cop and support team. He has more he has 7

    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Just now, DeadPooL said:

      @SPBojo has cop and support team. He has more he has 7

      Peter had 43 ;D

  6. Grandma Gary

    That's a fucking Lynx you absolute UNIT. Find me a better weapon on Olympus.
  7. Make R&R great again!


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fedot


      Fedot was the best medic. with my protective rook.....


      Also Gary was the best chief....

    3. NokiaStrong


      Is that Santa’s sleigh?

    4. Luke Duke

      Luke Duke

      Look at that classic stamina bar

  8. Grandma Gary

    You can trust me though. I too am a magician!
  9. Grandma Gary

    Where did you obtain this unique weapon?
  10. @Matt The Savage

    I saw this and thought of you <3


    1. communistjosh


      I think @Millennium was the founder of this technology

    2. RubberDuck


      Cant wait for the new iPhone LGBTQIA+

  11. Grandma Gary

    Merry Christmas to the PC fucks ^_^
  12. Grandma Gary

    Please message any and all dick picks to @Ignis. He is the Olympus Staff Official Dick Judge (OSODJ). Thank you.
  13. Grandma Gary

    Xanx have big brain big smart OS have small brain small smart Xanx use big smart brain to uncover wicked Asylum plot Xanx use big smart brain to try warn small OS brain of danger OS small brain no smart no listen Asylum unleash big evil plot Many cartel fighter go Asylum where more warm more women and more meat Xanx use big smart brain to tell all other Olympus brain that he BIG SMART and already warn small brain OS Olympus consensus deemed him FUCKING RETARDED Xanx actually have small brain and small penis but good edit so ok

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