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  1. Grandma Gary

    Ironic you pretty much got the same treatment that a foreigner would get ;D Shoulda been a perm though ^_^
  2. Grandma Gary

    Just asked Mercury and he said it's fine as long as you don't break NLR. @Deadpool can confirm.
  3. Grandma Gary

    Pretty sure you talking shit about a gang disbanding is ironic no? ;D Also why not just reform the gang? EZ
  4. Grandma Gary

    Believe it or not I do actually listen to constructive criticism, the part about not taking on people under 25 in't really realistic though considering right now there would likely only be about 5 staff ;D I'l be the first to admit I do occasionally partake in the art of trolling. I do also generally know who is up for a good time and who has no sense of humour, I mean who wouldn't like me having fun at their expense? @Colt is an exception to this. He is the number juan salty bitch NA when I am trolling him but I just can't help myself he is such a qt3.147.
  5. Hate when this happens. =(



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    2. Chaos


      Ayo old person fix my name

    3. Chaos


      Ty @Grandma Gary you can return to being a good admin

    4. Jamie


      This is how staff got here

  6. I want facts bro. You've been HA literally as long as I remember. I'm not chatting shit. Because I think your a great admin. But how long have you actually been in that position? Since day one, I want the grandma orgin my dude. +1 lemme suck that old cock

  7. PSA:  Staff are no longer allowed to have fun.  If in the unlikely event a staff member is found having fun please make sure the salty medic gets his 17k.

    Thank you!

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    2. Skys


      35 minutes ago, Ignis said:

      If there name happens to be @Kyle Lake yes.

      Time to test kyle lake to see if he can flare a random titan

    3. John Wayne
    4. mon5t3r


      *changes name to kyle lake in game then proceeds to walk around kavala* ez rdm report

  8. Grandma Gary

    Please do not sell your duped items. TY
  9. Grandma Gary

    o7 below average PUBG player. I rarely add people to Steam but if you ever feel like you need a strong back to play with feel free to add me ^_^
  10. Throwback Thursday. ON A MONDAY! 

    @McDili You remember this gem? ;D


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    2. Orgondo


      Pretty fucking sure I was in Training during that, and damn near cried laughing.

    3. Strikke


      It was not Monday for you when you posted this, im triggered. :DansGame:

    4. mon5t3r


      4 hours ago, Strikke said:

      It was not Monday for you when you posted this, im triggered. :DansGame:

      its 8:35 AM now, Posted 9 hours ago :hmm:

      jk <3 :Kappa:

      Edited by mon5t3r
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    2. Millennium


      @hawk cuz im inactive ;) and havent seen u on


    3. hawk


      @Millennium I will make sure to seize every single titan you own.

    4. Millennium
  11. Grandma Gary

    I fixed it for OP who looks like has since broken it. @Ignis is our web dev so I'll leave you in his capable hands ^_^
  12. Grandma Gary

    Welcome to @Kyle Lakes shitlist fam ^_^

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