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  1. Technically we didn't blow it up you simply sprang a leak. MOST UNFORTUNATE
  2. OS are offering the community as a whole the chance to help us clean up the undesirables and at the same time be rewarded for their efforts! If you know of someone who is ban evading, hacking/scripting or know of any nasty bugs/glitches and have evidence to back it up you could land yourself with in game monetary compensation for your troubles.
  3. Happy Birthday!

    1. Sociopathic


      Only 6 months late.


  4. Happy Birthday Poseidon getting near that drink age yo.  Gonna send your best m9 Colby round with a couple of non alcoholic beers.  Wouldn't want you getting too wild AMIRITE!?

  5. There is a huge difference between hacking and duping. The issue with "letting" people ban evade isn't that simple either. Our ban list is over 4k and this system doesn't include bans from before June 2016. When it comes to ban evading in Arma the sad reality is it is so easy to do we cant really be expected to look into every new account that joins the server. 3 Rip and Symfuhny where banned under a different administration and you didn't question the iron fist then. Savage I have no idea I neither banned nor unbanned him and I have no idea who yaw yaw yaw is. This thread though is dedicated to the VAC/Steam ban system which is only triggered if you have shown that you are willing and able to use hacks/cheats in other online games. Given the recent influx of hackers and the fact that this system only targets CHEATERS the upside vastly outweighs the downside.
  6. Both your accounts were banned long before this was implemented so it never even got a chance to affect you I'm not sure what you are arguing for.
  7. This is what we are doing. Name a single hacker/scripter that plays everyday.
  8. You hack in damn near every game you play then you go on to say you've used pulldowns in Arma and exploited on Olympus. If anyone deserves to get smashed its you.
  9. VAC bans are damn near perfect. The mistakes VAC makes are extremely few and far between.
  10. Cheating on another game is not "making a mistake". You make a conscious choice and put time and effort into cheating in other games.
  11. Your speed test is pretty impressive.
  12. You can submit your application for the News Team here: https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/
  13. Thats next level.
  14. OP has been updated with relevant information.
  15. Did he accept at least?