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  1. Congrats @ ThatNerdyGuy on your consumption of food in front of a female.

  2. Hi @ Noble

    At this time we have had to decline you application for the position of moderator.  It was brought to @ Ryan  attention that you are uncircumcised and something about that doesn't sit right with him.  He has however told me to offer you the name and number of his Rabbi if you are willing to have the procedure performed.  Between you and me I would not suggest it since all indications point to said Rabbi having never sharpened his dentures since he botched Ryans.

    Best of luck in your future endeavours

    Olympus Staff

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Ryan


      I open the forums once a week and I see this shit. Back to my cave I go 😞 

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      My bad folks, I thought this was a PM.  All these internets look alike.

    4. Monks


      ahhhhh old man needs some diapers

  3. Gaze upon the perfect female form.


  4. I'm sure the 6 people that legitimately own Apex would appreciate that ;D Baby steps
  5. @ proud Regardless of using the bug or not it should be worth it to make this man eat a hat.
  6. That's not Randy, it's CokeYeti you silly goose. Also @ proud You weren't banned because of the bug existing, you where banned because you abused the shit out of it knowing full well it can be fixed by a simple change of graphic settings ;D Shouldn't have been a perm though. ^_^
  7. This queueing simulator is pretty good. Would queue again 10/10
  8. wow @ UwU Knoblax UwU you are so KAWAII!

    1. Noble


      ... No words this means war



    2. notsodank


      Finally showing your true colors? @ UwU Knoblax UwU

      First osu, now this?

    3. Rafa


      Seen the man playing osu on discord this seems like it’s just the natural progression 

  9. The only acceptable way to drink milk.
  10. You could have milk with comes in a master race carton which you can reseal and use at your leisure or you can have milk which comes in a fucking bag which you cut open like a Neanderthal and literally need some 3rd party hardware to store. Canadians are on that fucking momo juice

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