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  1. Hello Grandma Gary. @Ryan doesn't seem to be a good therapist, and since I also fucked his sister, I think he won't give me therapy anymore. May you take over as my therapist? I can pay $140 a session, 1 session a week.

    (P.S. If you have a sister thats 17+, hide her from me.)

    - Proud's Team of Ripped Condoms

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    2. Proud
    3. Mason Harrison
    4. nomadox


      Didn’t ur girlfriend just fuck another dude 

  2. bad idea @ing all the time sorry

    1. Elements


      @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ pls unban me

  3. Looking at the top 10 rich list and who do I see but CHRISTOPHER FUCKING WALKEN!

    Who happens to be a bitch so if everyone could blow his shit up and get him outta spot 10 that'd be great.

    1. Millennium


      he doesn't spend his money

    2. Ryan Beck

      Ryan Beck

      o7 my boi decla

  4. I am sory for being annoying but check support tickets please don't deny my ban appeal because im being annoying ❤️ @Grandma Gary

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    2. Jerrod



    3. Horizon


      hahaha get fucked stupid stinky faggot

    4. Unjo


      Whilst we are being retarded give me corporal @ChrisGG

  5. Yeah your bans been lifted, that shits hilarious. Another perm ban removal under the belt ^_^ also o7 you big gay
  6. You remember what happened last time you made a decision @Ryan?


    1. Ryan


      im sorry master

  7. de5fdf7e2716076202abe3eeeafce9f0.png

    1. Ryan


      god damn it @KGB JOSH

    2. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      Just be glad you were warned :)

  8. https://www.wikihow.com/Memorise-Paragraphs
  9. Hmm silent aim, esp, map esp and vehicle ejecting. I'm thinking no ;D
  10. As the only one who lifts perms around here I can assure you that your ban will not be lifted so feel free to roast away ^_^
  11. 1714ae63c839d3be68f73c23bdbcae95.png

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    2. Dante


      @MAV O sir I do

    3. rabid


      20 minutes ago, Kyle Lake said:

      Don't you take money from dudes and make them cum? @rapidaax

      pedo hahahahah

    4. an overweight giant retard
  12. We could do a live feed of every detail of our staff duties while shitting rainbows and puppies and people would still complain. It's literally impossible to keep a community of primarily teens happy.
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