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  1. yo eggman can you read the private message i sent you earlier





  3. Dont do it to my mans @MarveL

  4. Grandma Gary

    For a long time, we've wanted to take Olympus past just an ‘Arma Community’ and turn it into a ‘Gaming Community’. Since @Ares took over as owner, we’ve made great strides in trying to obtain this goal and today we take a big step in the right direction. It gives me great pleasure to announce that we have been secretly developing a FiveM Roleplay server which is ready to enter the closed beta stage. The FiveM RP rules are still actively being worked out, and bugs are being patched/fixed on the fly, so there will be many changes during the betas to ensure the server is (you probably guessed it) fun, fair and balanced. There are many folks on the Olympus staff side that have poured their blood, sweat and tears into making this server work. A special thanks to @Blizzix @Phunky @Skordy for really dedicating all their time after work / school to build, develop and test the server to get it ready for the closed beta stage these last few weeks! There is definitely more to come on this topic, but Applications are NOW OPEN for the closed beta. All you need to go is go to the support tab, select new request, then (from the drop down) select “FiveM Beta Whitelist App”. In the dialog box, we will expect a narrative of why you want to join the FiveM Closed Beta. As a beta tester, we will expect you to report any bugs you find in the support section. This test is more for bug testing, if we find you are a constant offender of breaking the rules, we will remove your whitelist. (rules to come shortly) If you would like to be whitelisted for the Police or EMS, please note that in your application. (your whitelist will only be for the beta testing) Once again, we are all very excited for this launch (which we are hoping for early July) and we hope you all enjoy it as much as we will!
  5. Grandma Gary

    But we dont k ow who you are. ^_^ ;D /o/
  6. Grandma Gary

  7. Grandma Gary

  8. @Greggot Thank you for picking a profile song that is not utter ear cancer dogshite.


    1. Danger


      The songs not dog shit but the season was

    2. Fuzz^


      I want a profile song

    3. Danger


      Cough up the green $$$$

  9. @Proud Can you pass on my birthday wishes to superior twin Savage please.



    1. Proud



      ty tho <3

  10. Grandma Gary

    Vote for me or I leak @Peter Longs nudes like he leaked my IP. Also I can't vote or I'd give away the next Senior Admin ;D
  11. Grandma Gary

    wow so toxic. Clearly he is just @Plumber level special.
  12. Grandma Gary

    Olympus ain't no place for no MEXICANS
  13. Grandma Gary

  14. o7 @Ryan

    1. Ryan


      Can’t get rid of me that easy!

    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      I think I dropped a penny outside your house earlier.


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