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  1. Yeah your bans been lifted, that shits hilarious. Another perm ban removal under the belt ^_^ also o7 you big gay
  2. You remember what happened last time you made a decision @Ryan?


    1. Ryan


      im sorry master

  3. https://www.wikihow.com/Memorise-Paragraphs
  4. Hmm silent aim, esp, map esp and vehicle ejecting. I'm thinking no ;D
  5. As the only one who lifts perms around here I can assure you that your ban will not be lifted so feel free to roast away ^_^
  6. 1714ae63c839d3be68f73c23bdbcae95.png

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Dante


      @MAV O sir I do

    3. rabeed


      20 minutes ago, Kyle Lake said:

      Don't you take money from dudes and make them cum? @rapidaax

      pedo hahahahah

    4. an overweight giant retard
  7. We could do a live feed of every detail of our staff duties while shitting rainbows and puppies and people would still complain. It's literally impossible to keep a community of primarily teens happy.
  8. Congrats @rapidaax Welcome to retirement.

    1. rapidaax


      hard AFK szn

  9. Bitch I am literally the only reason you can log in here.
  10. Lets use this thread to vent your frustrations with the staff member or members of your choice instead of loads of half assed #metoo status updates. DISCLAIMER: If you clap expect to get clapped back. No racism or real life/personal shit otherwise everythings fair game. You will not be punished in any way for sharing frustrations in this thread. Last time we did one of these it was pretty constructive till Poseidon spotted it and shut it down so lets see what you all got till Ryan spots it and clam slams it with his sandy vagina.
  11. Lets all take a moment to wish @123456789aWEFCj kvh a very happy birthday.

    You's a real one fam

  12. Mouth to ovaries you say. That is one talented tongue.
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