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  1. We already figured it out. Has nobody told you?
  2. Not another one D= Is there anyone from that gang that doesn't diddle kids?
  3. @caleb xD wtf are you gonna do about it?


  4. You're like 16 wtf have you ever retired from other than yo mommas tit at age 9?
  5. I'll buy it for the last guys bid +$1
  6. o7 gamer. I dunno why everyone else hates you but you where always fun to harass
  7. @Headless AHAA you close the thread because you are so wrong 

    man you are something else

    type it here if i am wrong please i just want to know how i am wrong

  8. 2600:1800:8970:9a60:f40b:321e:dd4:af86 What do I win?
  9. I actually own one of these and they are super uncomfortable, would recommend Would recommend this one though
  10. I certainly had a quick stroke while reading it
  11. You mean the OG bunkbed bandits @Proud & @Savage? ;D Actual content of this pic aside is that fucking toilet mounted to the wall and not the floor?
  12. Could be worse, could be fake AND gay like you swetard ^_^
  13. Found your trigger word it seem you fucking slack jawed DEGENERATE
  14. Or if they're gonna drop them at least do it right and fucking yeet that shit into the grand canyon.
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