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  1. Grandma Gary

    o7 Blojo. Probably the only Olympus Viking that didn't make me want to fist my eardrums. <3
  2. Grandma Gary

    Fake and gay. Is both inaccurate and one of the words is spelt wrong.
  3. Grandma Gary

    @Travis Me an Poseidon pranked him one time. I spawned in a strider and he thought it was a hacker and he permed me, I got Poseidon to lift the bans after Travis put them in and reconnected spawned a new strider and called him out multiple times. Legit didn't figure it out till we told him. Was a fun time for all involved i imagine ^_^
  4. To elaborate on our thought process further:


  5. Forums have been live for about an hour now and there has been no trace of drama.

    Olympus has changed ^_^

  6. Grandma Gary

    If that wasn't his noodle arm wtf did he send me?
  7. Grandma Gary

    As for Doxxing pretty sure everyone already knows you are pumping those noodle ass arms to help your Ford push game. =D
  8. Grandma Gary

    Unlocked post cause locking a post to get the final word is a beta move. [email protected]
  9. Happy birthday @Pinkstreak  Don't forget to turn your big pink -REDACTED- off when you're finished.  We wouldn't want a repeat of last year ^_^

    1. Pinkstreak


      This confusing me... but thank you!!

    2. Pinkstreak


      wait...what happened last year?? Sounds like an exciting time :P

    3. RDyer216


      Buzz Buzz :wub:

  10. Grandma Gary

    But who is back?!
  11. Ur name is lovley

  12. @Grandma Gary I <3 you :wub:

    Edited by indian
  13. o7 @Stuuurrt you's a real bitch <3

    1. D P

      D P

      I thought he died

    2. Hot Pocket

      Hot Pocket

      a real fag 


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