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  1. @Dante you & kavala better be ready for the hunter demo derby :Kappa:

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    2. Kyle Lake

      Kyle Lake

      Look I enforce things all the timeee <_<

    3. draMa


      Kyle can I wear thermal nvgs on medic

    4. Kyle Lake

      Kyle Lake

      Too soon :(

  2. Prime

    You want a nerf? How about banning the saying "APD WINS AGAIN!".
  3. Happy birthday @Peter Long wow you're so old 

  4. @Millennium love the profile picture 11/10

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    2. nikoteen


      who is that

    3. Millennium


      Me Myself and I, also known as Kylie Lake

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    4. nikoteen
    1. Millennium


      thank god that "thing" left

  5. I have had a lot of conflicting opinions about this situation for the past day or so but I have settled on if I was my choice I wouldn't of Blacklisted him.
  6. In my opinion no it wasn't but it's mercury's call. It was late and I could understand where he was coming from
  7. That's why I posted my idea so in the future we could avoid something like this. Wether or not my idea gets approved or if Mav gets unblacklisted is not my concern. I want to avoid people getting blacklisted for something what was quite impressive. If my idea pass or tweaked that would be cool if it gets ignored then oh well nothing changes. I was only using mav as an example
  8. If Mav didn't say what he said he wouldn't of been blacklisted
  9. Just for the rules sake. With situations such as this I believe there should be an exception. Theres a fine difference from needlessly damaging our equipment in attempts to have fun such as I did once versus damaging equipment in attempts to saving someones life. Like if a medic is willingly risking a 130k helicopter just for a 17.5k payout but the satisfaction of getting a difficult revive is admirable and should not be disciplined for such a selfless act. Of course these actions should only be preformed without putting others in danger and is the last option they have before denying them. I am more than certain most of our seniors would agree we me on this. It just goes to show how dedicated people are when they are willing to put their own money on the line. If such a thing is implemented in the future there's a chance we will be seeing more extravagant and daring things from our medics.
  10. @Arigato the memories 


    1. Arigato


      As old school as you can get

  11. If you have seen the videos then why don't you send it to any Supervisors, Coordinators or Mercury? We are not exempt from the rules and we can be subjected to write ups. @MAV it is unfortunate that you were blacklisted. I personally thought it was impressive that you managed to get him on what i'm assuming was your first try but this was entirely on how you handled it when we talked to you. I feel like if we would of talked to you for a bit longer this entire situation could of been avoided so im going to take the L on this. @draMa said it best,
  12. @Millennium happy birthday how many helicopters are you gonna crash today?

    1. Millennium


      Depends on if im getting high or drunk XD, thank you tho!

  13. Prime

    Can confirm I was one of them He has been saying he can do like 50 push ups but the tweaker wont give us one fucking push up. I'm just waiting for one guy to donate like $100 but with a super shitty message

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