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  1. Prime

    There's my bb
  2. I would assume a lot of people are wondering why I did what I did and how long it took. Well its a good thing I made a video about it.

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    2. Evann


      just saying. this was funny asf and anyone that could do this, would. 

    3. Bloodmoon


      How long did it take to withdraw all the money lmao

    4. Prime


      @Bloodmoon About 45min.

  3. Prime

    11/10 thanks again bro that shit was awesome watching you do this while I was high as fuck
  4. Yo shout out to @Bear828 for the badass forum banner. Go hit this man up he's crazy good!

  5. Prime

    one day you were around and the next you were a full send career cop. I would only see you maybe once every 2 months then it escalated to every 4 months for about 2 minutes
  6. Prime

    @Corps and I had an interest in Arma 2 dayz. So we played it then once that died he started playing Arma 3. Then I got it like a year after him and once he gave me his old PC I started playing random servers and I wound up on Olympus. It took me a year and a half to get Corps to start playing on the server.
  7. 1 Year and 2 days ago I got Sr. R&R with a 1 month break. Shit time flies.

    1. Claysive


      Indeed it does. 

  8. Happy birthday Young Militia [YM]

  9. Prime

    Falsely banned btw
  10. When you have to remind yourself how to smoke meth 



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    2. Prime


      @Corps and I waited 7 years for this shit

    3. Corps



    4. Millennium


      13 minutes ago, gaz said:

      the most excited I have been



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