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  1. Looking for a 4th for a LASO run on Halo reach with @DeadPool @Peter Long and my self

  2. Prime

    o7 My Guys

    Look you can see VX in their natural habitat
  3. Prime

    o7 My Guys

    Honestly I never imagined how many people I'd meet in this community but I'm glad I was apart of it
  4. Prime

    o7 My Guys

    Nah fam you're safe this time ?
  5. o7 It was real Well I guess I'll start out by saying fuck y'all. If I didn't @ you well shit my B. @Asylum player: You're my boy and the first person I met in this shit hole but you made the experience one I always talk about. 10/10 best Gang Leader and Shitter #KP RATS @Trenton The God: Drama I know you already know this but keep being the realist out there. You help me become staff and Sr. R&R and that shit I wont forget. You we're a boy from the first day I met you and I enjoyed every damn second we played. @Childish , @Claysive, @Kyle Lake & @Coffee: Y'all made being a Sr. fun and definitely had a blast playing medic. Make sure to keep the Sr. drives going and make the best out of the R&R. I know what I did was 1000% worthy of a Perm BL but I want y'all to know I never had as much fun on medic than that night (killing people). @Rossco: You're just a try hard Fuck you @Grego & @Millennium: You two are the biggest retards I have ever met well besides @LukeTheCoop. Like holy shit y'all are mongs but that's why I love y'all. Keep on being you. @Mr Majestic & @Zahzi: Fucking hate your gang, but I have never had so much fucking fun as when I was in DB. From the outside perspective y'all are fucking rats but when I got to know you guys, y'all made being in DB worth it. @King: Comic sans for the fucking boi himself. Love you dude good luck being a Cop IRL. @Peter Long: Best Owner/Chief/Sr. Admin/Retard hands fuckin down. @Fusah: Still pissed you got Sr. before me @GluxDesigns & @Shades: Yo just saying this but you guys are hands down the best designers I have ever met. Y'all are always chill and down for whatever dumbass Idea we had in Sr. R&R. Y'all made all my Ideas into reality and made the R&R look fuckin DOPE! I wish y'all the absolute best in y'alls future like for real. @Secret Agent: A real one for sure! Had a fuckin blast playing with you my guy and you can bet your ass Ill be around to talk to you. @Ravin :): Dude I can't even begin to start with you. YOU'RE THE LEGEND AMUNST BOIS! Fuckin love you dude @Egnazio: Best Sr. APD member. Scuffing my test like a real boi. Also love them X-Rated Rats @DeadPool: You might be the most shitted on person in this community besides Ares but you are fun to be around. Love you boo boo @Tyrone & @Dolphy: Don't like y'all but I gotta respect the KP Rats @Lex yo : Still a boi don't care what you think about me Some quick "Fuck You's" to the people who I dislike the most first person Ill start with is @Mita: You were absolutely the most USELESS, DOG SHIT Sr. in the R&R. Wet cardboard for days. Fuck you. @Mako: Hmm interesting. Hmm unfortunate. Fuck you @Airborne: Fuck you @Hoonter: Fuck you @destruct: Fuck you & your high horse @ChrisGG: Fuck you @Scribble: Fuck you @Pledge: Fuck you @Richard: lol mad boi fuck you @zoomzooooooom [~] trash fuck you. @anyone else that I forgot to mention Fuck you.
  6. e80c3571316f29e1d53a1032bf556967.png

    The foreshadowing is real. It was Olympus' literal Last Week

  7. @Ryan to the Community


  8. @Chevy hbd you old bitch :wub:

  9. yeah boi shout out to @Peter Long for them legacy perks
  10. @Trenton The God Hbd to the realist dude out there. You're getting old my guy

    1. drama


      Thanks bro :wub: I know I gotta quit video games soon smh

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