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  1. My favorite body of water is a lake

  2. Slumber is bad at Valorant

    1. Joce


       I thought they re branded Valorant to  - CounterWatch : Weabo Offensive.

  3. That was a long run... wonder what happened to that basic we ran with
  4. How can I be like like you? Thank you! Thank you Mercury for giving me the opportunity to join R&R. You helped me reached positions I never thought I would reach in this community. Thanks to you I learned that enough motivation and resilience will help me achieve what I want to achieve , and that is something that will stick with me. Thank you all very much!! sorry I ran out of upvotes
  5. I ran out of up votes... Thank you very much
  6. Don't worry, I will try to stop after this ice cream... maybe one more, then I will stop.
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