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  1. Happy birthday Luke!

  2. That was a long run... wonder what happened to that basic we ran with
  3. How can I be like like you? Thank you! Thank you Mercury for giving me the opportunity to join R&R. You helped me reached positions I never thought I would reach in this community. Thanks to you I learned that enough motivation and resilience will help me achieve what I want to achieve , and that is something that will stick with me. Thank you all very much!! sorry I ran out of upvotes
  4. I ran out of up votes... Thank you very much
  5. Don't worry, I will try to stop after this ice cream... maybe one more, then I will stop.
  6. November 15th I joined the R&R as a age exemption. I went on to joining support team, apd, and senior R&R. But sadly I do not find joy in playing Arma anymore. It's been hard even getting in teamspeak. Olympus will always have a place in my heart. Yeah, this server has had its ups and lows. But in the end, this is the server I always hopped when I came home from school. The forums where I had a habit of opening every time I opened google. I have met to many people to @. But thank you @Slumberjack for being a great person to be around (next director, change my mind). And thank you Olympus for, as I said in my first ever post "Making my life 10x better".
  7. it was great playing with you. See you around.
  8. I'm 13 and was able to get into R&R. Age exemptions are taken seriously and they look through everything from ban history to times. What you have to do is get your name known. Get your name known for being good to the community. Put in a lot of time (I mean a lot). Become active not only in game but on the forums. Be honest and never lie. Keep trying to reach the goal of a faction. Take it slow. Good luck
  9. o7 Prime ? It was great playing medic with you. You were the one person who didn't really care about my age (kinda). And you helped me get to where I am today. Ur still bad though
  10. How small does a GIF need to be to become your profile picture? 

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