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  1. LukeTheCoop

  2. LukeTheCoop

    Tbh nothing too big, over 24".
  3. LukeTheCoop

    I am looking for a new monitor. I am leaning towards 144hz. Do you guys know and good 144hz monitors that are not above the $350 range? Thanks!
  4. LukeTheCoop

    My brain hurts.
  5. LukeTheCoop


  6. LukeTheCoop


    Good night!
  7. LukeTheCoop

    Wow, you are very talented. Good job!
  8. LukeTheCoop

    What Slumberjack said
  9. LukeTheCoop

    I like to do salvage runs. Make sure to keep moonshine you can get up to like 250k just from moonshine. So like 800k per run for me. It is a slow process so I usually watch a movie or something lol. Good luck at there!
  10. Why is my rank Begger all the sudden :hmm:

    1. Corps


      The content ranks were changed today. So you’re still the same rank just now known as a beggar ;)

    2. mon5t3r


      Hey im a hero!

  11. LukeTheCoop

    Something about that feels weird.
  12. LukeTheCoop

    3 is a good server to farm on. Some people do go on that server just to rob people though. So you want to still be careful. I do runs on server 3 a lot, sometimes on server 1. Matters if server 3 is open or not.
  13. LukeTheCoop

    Well, if you are confident enough then go right ahead!
  14. LukeTheCoop

    Remember you don’t need to take money out of the atm to buy things! A lot of people from asylum take money out of the atm to buy things and lose it. There are plenty of good money making methods. I recommend legal to start off then when you get a small group and some guns then do illega runs. Good luck!
  15. LukeTheCoop


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