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  1. We didn't always get along ? but sad to see you leave o7 lad
  2. Log onto the TS and join the room titled R&R disciplinary room where a Sr Medic will pull you and talk to you. The room is right above where you waited for your test. Chances are you were not blacklisted if you haven't been talked to you someway or another, you may have been removed due to not putting in times or something along that matter.
  3. If anyone wants to watch the video he gave in his msg to Danger
  4. I never refresh the deed and i think it had like 3 days left lmao. Will those timers stop?
  5. no im also almost positive this or something similar has been talked about before
  6. As my once superior i give you this o7
  7. If you want one the donation to get a profile song is a minimum of 500$
  8. Sounds a little like sports betting to me so sorry to most of the Olympus community 18 and older to participate
  9. The Baltimore Ravens, Just because half of their team is in jail/prison for "assault" does not mean we cant have a good season!
  10. Can't say Arma helps me drive personally if anything it makes me worse when I see someone walking down the street I always think what gang is he in and start yelling at my passengers to get the engagement message ready anyways I don't drive for uber anymore, but good luck!
  11. I just sold my 899 Panigale getting a jeep pretty soon
  12. You can apply for Olympus Staff (OS) via the forums. Once you are on the Olympus forums please sign in. After signing in you will see the top bar it will be labeled as so | Fourms | Donations | Support | Olympus Stats | Staff | Blogs | More | You want to left click on the section that says "Support" Once clicking on the support tab on the right side of your screen you will see a "New Request" box you want to click on that using the drop down arrow under "Department" You want to choose "Staff Application". You will then fill in the Information required. After you finnish filling in all the boxes you will click "save" on the bottom left of the Application. Once you have done all of this you have successfully applied for Olympus Staff! can I use this as a ticket ? @Jester
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