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  1. fair enough but we are missing a Zahzi and Ryan one
  2. yea lets bring back mita & rexo or mita & hylos
  3. at least let me win something for once.
  4. thats not true because whenever they fuck up on an update or fuck up a script and we use it abuse it people get banned like when we could save loadouts for free and people used it and got banned.
  5. yea no more of the 20 false live bans kami has given.
  6. all i know is and it wont just be me but there are many many ways to get around that meta rule.
  7. @Fuck Cops hop off he didnt @anyone cause then it would be harrassment
  8. Who knew some of these "higher ups" were snowflakes.

  9. Poor grego can only react on the forums @Grego
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