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  1. So I need answers, why was noah removed from moderator.

    1. Monks
    2. chadd_


      heard him and mr boonie met up

  2. GIVE ME a price and ill let u know
  3. these picture were taken from server 1 cause i was too lazy to log on server 2 to take pictures
  4. Im selling my 2 server 2 house ones in athira next to clothing store and other in pygros next to the vehicle spawn. Make some legit offers and ill get back to you. Here's the athira house And Here's location of Pygros House
  5. so did u ddos ur school cause u were failing or what.
  6. fair enough but we are missing a Zahzi and Ryan one
  7. yea lets bring back mita & rexo or mita & hylos
  8. at least let me win something for once.
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