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  1. yea no more of the 20 false live bans kami has given.
  2. all i know is and it wont just be me but there are many many ways to get around that meta rule.
  3. @Fuck Cops hop off he didnt @anyone cause then it would be harrassment
  4. Who knew some of these "higher ups" were snowflakes.

  5. Poor grego can only react on the forums @Grego
  6. So who spelled this wrong? @Zahzi
  7. F U L T


    @Noahhh! go to 1:35
  8. ew i fucking hate never summers way to fucking expensive for a board. yea dont fall.
  9. oh i fucking love it. I've based the last 3 years of my life to snowboarding and even attended a snowboarding camp called high cascade this past summer at mount hood oregon. It was $3k to go there for the week but worth it in the end cause i got a coach and everything. I go maybe 20+ times a month Im assuming closest mountain to u would be Lake Tahoe
  10. so what ur saying is i can disregard rossco input earlier and give my opinion within reason and a disclaimer that what i say doesnt mean what will happen can happen.
  11. I used to work at my mountain i was a snowboard instructor for 2 years.
  12. I'm starting my random questions up again and I'm curious to what the community does in their free time. So the question today is does anyone Ski or Snowboard? I've been snowboarding for 12 years and I'm 18. I ride on a 2018 GNU HYAK with a pair of 2020 Bent Metal Logics. I snowboard in New Jersey at a mountain called Mountain Creek. My Board setup brand new is roughly $600-$700.
  13. Very true but people come to support looking for answers and our opinions and when we tell them that we can't they say to us then whats the point of having your role and that we server no purpose then.
  14. Should us support team members be able to give opinions on situations within reason and we give a disclaimer before hand that what we say does not entitle what will happen with the situation.
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