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  1. Gonna do tha stream stuff 


  2. Going uhh live again uhhhh come stop byyyyy 


  3. Replaced green hummingbird/m90 with red camo YOOOOO A GOOD HUMMINGBIRD SKIN NO WAY
  4. I cast sleepeth schedule fucketh 4d49a13529f339d4c3de4d59094aa212.png

  5. gOiNg lIvE AgAiN aGaIn


  6. Monks

    promet sg

    I was thinking like 1m?
  7. I meeeeaaan clearly this guy is new and already better than half the players that play olympus even tho he doesn't use combat stance. +1
  8. Monks

    promet sg

    wts promet sg low price pls offer
  9. Startin the stream back up come chillll


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Monks


      live again now lol

    3. Millennium
    4. m o n s t e r

      m o n s t e r

      i heard the n word being said many times, i disliked.

  10. Going live again for a while come stop by!


  11. Hbd @Dank MeeMoo dk where you been you inactive weirdo but have a one

  12.  Tune in to see a retarded 15 year old play arma. Hmu if anyone is playing oly and needs a player.

  13. Some dude just got shot because he was attempting to burn down the main courthouse of my state and now niggas upset. Smh

    1. Thomas


      social justice warrior toemas reporting for duty and reporting your racist comment 🙂

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