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  1. Dear Sir Monks

    I am truly sorry to tell you that you stink of rotten piss


    Lots of love



  2. This should be harrassment
  3. Monks


    Nice ez self promoting lmao
  4. I'm not trying to copy Viper with his Olympus montage (although i am a big fan of them) but i want to practice my editing with some of your guys clips bc im shid at the game and can't get my own. So if you guys want to send me some good clips of your fights on olympus (doesn't have to be on cap) i'll throw them together and make a lil montage and post it on the forums. Soooo send me some content!
  5. Gas Station desks no longer simulated/movable Excuse me but WHAT THE FUCK. Your telling me that i did a completely successful bank and got no money but THIS is more important? Smh #medicrights
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198363785655/
  7. Damn so its even more crazy now? Sry for the aged post im bored on a roadtrip so im just scrolling through the forums lol
  8. Why the fuck am i not suprised that your setup looks like that lmao @Grego
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