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  1. Holy shit @ZeRo about fucking time 

    1. ZeRo


      Thank you!!

  2. didnt really know you but you hate @Venomm as much as i do so o7 soldier
  3. Congrats 2 timer @Mason Harrison @Venomm and sr medic @notsodank

    o7 @Brolaf I know you be a great solder when you get drafted ❤️f21d9c32-f777-4724-b8ce-5330686bb0c0.jpe

  4. nah im gonna tell him to turn around and never look back
  5. Monks


    No sir just saying you are an innocent man
  6. Monks

    It was fun

    Bruv real talk stop posting
  7. kk bye weirdo also get your entire gang off the forums lol
  8. lol i havent seen my dad in 7 yrs and my mom is single with 2 kids, i literally have a job and saved up all my own money for everything i have, its not my fault your angry because you got a virtual game ban and want to complain about it like a faggot now go cry to your gang members before you get upset over your arma 3 server forums ban
  9. Tbh usually montages with rap songs dont sit very well with arma 3, 90% of montages here use a style of music called "electric." But in order to help you not search for a decent song I'll give you 2 of the ones I planned on using
  10. Wait 90% of ix was cheating? Who could've known!!

    1. Monks


      @chadd_ Don't worry bud, we all knew you were innocent

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