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  1. ADDED S2 SOFIA 4C https://gyazo.com/d56dc2cff8332c923f0c6a95884b357c
  2. Who the fuck even followed this rule anyways lol
  3. I get a message on discord while sitting seeing what mk18 recoil was like as i hadn't used it in ages. "Hey nice recoil"
  4. Ahhahahahhahahhagag. You're a legend. Lol fat freak is also a rat
  5. Ye bro u suck u just gotta get better If you cant tank at least 19 .338 headshots you're internet is too good i guess. EU on top
  6. Fuck do you get up to in your spare time??
  7. Why give it when they get 166??????????? Really dont understand that at all- when looking for corp sAPD already look at the people eligible idk why you'd basically put eligible corporals into a different rank tbh. Idk tho could b good
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