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  1. image.png?ex=66a0c769&is=669f75e9&hm=582

    mine friend @ Zeuse

    1. ben-


      Cool photo man who took it they are a great photographer

    2. Lea
    3. Lucien


      Matching :3

  2. i do not see @ Noble trying to eat a biscuit
  3. Gary’s from the deep south, or he acts like it at least
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Clashingtin


      @ Xlax  im going to touch you

    3. Boovin


      yeah I got a job I’m not reading all that fuckin losers lmao 

    4. CaloomClark


      Gotta lay the bricks @ Boovin 💯💯💯💯

  4. @ Masonn  I am truly sorry for misbehaving. I understand that I made a promise to you, saying that I would behave, but I ruthlessly broke that promise in your face.

    I will never be nasty to you again and I think you are an amazing senior admin!

    [11:48]Masonn: better behave

  5. i'll allow it, you have 5mins to respond or i'll be over in 15 x
  6. Honestly, 16gb was more than enough for me to run the game really quite well. Put it on an SSD for a night and day performance boost. I also played stretched res which I believe helps fps, and made the game better IMO. I used to get 120-140 fps on a ryzen 5 5600x, rx570 and 16gb ram
  7. What pc have you got? And rust needs to be on an SSD/m.2 don’t even try playing on a HDD
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