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  1. Drink only 5beers in the UK and you’re the designated driver
  2. Gl irl i love you, you’re such an amazing guy
  3. To my dearest friend we shall meet in heaven one day goodbye 

  4. The internet is a place where cowards live - Caloomclark

    1. smodamemory


      If you ever see this guy in real life ... RUN

  5. This kid sits on forums all day an in discord all day an has been permed 6 months ur life is a lie (he’s ban evading again prolly)

    1. Cooper:P


      I could be wrong but didn’t u o7??

    2. Lil Savage

      Lil Savage

      Didn't you o7 or did you just want attention?

    3. maxg


      you care too much about a video game server, touch some grass freak

  6. keep this retard permed plz

  7. boys real cool wit u when u in they voice chat lol i would fucking throw u off a cliff mate

    1. Greenbum


      edgy arma 3 drama!

  8. We don’t really get along much, But this response is one of the best i’ve seen in my whole time on Olympus. You kids are freaks calm the absolute fuck down it’s a video game. Kids put in hundreds of hours on something they find enjoyment over only for you sort of freaks to witch hunt them down, and get scummy little clips of the person “using a spike strip wrong” or “not reading his total bounty perfectly” etc. etc. To try and get them demoted you petty little fucks. Now that i’m no longer attached to Olympus as much, i actually see the extent of how sad this shit is. People putting real life time into the game, hundreds of hours of real time, only for a person over the internet to be so goddamn sad that they clip what someone is doing in a video game, purely to get that person removed or demoted from a position they enjoy and deserve being in. This whole post has actually pissed me off lol. Fuck you
  9. U drove right into the road without looking in the last clip you spacker
  10. Mate the chinese in dungannon slaps Or tbf the chippy in armagh is fuckin lethal too like Totally forgot acc from reading above, the subway in armagh after a rugby match on saturday fuckin bangs too
  11.  07 fr i guess lol

    1. eknjack


      get fucked

    2. CHEESE1


      i love you little brother with even crooked teeth

  12. Shut yer pie ya cheeky basterd
  13. Eh to an extent, when he was acting all big and doxxing people then kind of, but there’s a limit lol. When there’s literally people nearly in their 30’s not grown up enough to look over a bit if shit talk from a 14yr old then it’s just on the adult tbh
  14. You are one ugly cunt lad And don’t post pictures of yourself then try get people banned for it you little ratty cringy fuck. Spreading irl pictures in a game is wrong, i get that, but don’t be a fucking bender and try frame someone for you being a cringy 13yr old

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