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  1. Happy birthday @Danger!!

  2. HBD @Ron

    TB to the good ol rodo rats of 2016


    1. Ron


      that was the most fun I have ever had on arma

    2. Mike Lit
  3. You can buy the 150rd drum mags from rebel outpost for 5 war points each. You can also use the 150rd mag in any variant or the spar 16.
  4. o7 Luke. I know you will do big things one day and make Elon proud.
  5. Can we get insurance back on the Blackfish (infantry) please?

    1. Unjo


      Nah, apparently they are used too much for federal evets

  6. Can we please get this skin for Champion dono tier https://gyazo.com/450e5b965d24aa7756deb7c79178b2d9 like it says is supposed to be? The one that is in game now is trash compared to this one.

    1. MAV


      It was supposed to be a rotating skin, but only rotated once like 6 months ago

    2. Mike Lit

      Mike Lit

      If they are not going to rotate it they need to put it as the one stated on the dono page.

  7. Happy birthday loser @KeithR

  8. You have to re-engage after they get revived!
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