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  1. Happy birthday @Corps!!

  2. Everyone go and bet today for the boy Kenny Rogers!
    RIP 😭


  3. Happy birthday @Joce!

  4. Congrats on soup @Bunny!!!!!!

  5. Reminder!! Tonight at 7pm EST



    1. Claysive


      Is that when you’re coming out? 

    2. Richard


      Good luck with the aids

    3. Grego


      I'll be there 😉 

  6. Congrats @SecTranLive!!!! You're raising through the ranks faster than my IQ drops when playing Olympus.

    1. Richard


      You’re already going fully retard. How much more can it drop?

  7. MaKe A wIsH dEsIgNeR! o7 cutie!!!!
  8. Only simps for clovers mom. Also I don’t even think Richard knows what a simp is.
  9. Happy Birthday Princess!

  10. o7 young man! My sister has a boyfriend now, so you have some competition.
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