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Retired Coordinator
Olympus Plus
  • Birthday 02/01/2001

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  1. Congrats @Millennium@Winters , and @Doc  !!!!!!

  2. @Mike Lit's stupid ass facedid you change your birthday? I swear it was last month.

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    2. Noodles welfare check

      Noodles welfare check

      I wouldn’t do such a thing

      never accuse me of such again thank you

    3. maxg


      are you assuming his fucking birthday admin mike lit??!?!?!??!

    4. Noodles welfare check

      Noodles welfare check

      Max you can’t say curse words. Lindsey fucking said so

  3. Happy birthday @Regal

    1. Regal


      Thank you Mr. Literature 

  4. Happy birthday @Venomm

  5. Happy birthday ol son @Fusionz

  6. When making a comp request please follow the compensation guideline.

    Some things you should always include

    - Ticket number(if based on a report).

    - Evidence(timestamps if possible).

    - Date and time(as close as possible).

    - Which server is happened on.

    - A list of what you lost/want comp for.

    - How you want the comp sent to you(money or items comped into a house).

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    2. Claysive


      @Bubbaloo Burrito no, it’s a bunch of people. They submit a video and nothing else. No explanation, expecting us to be mind readers and know exactly what they are wanting comp for. 

    3. Mike Lit

      Mike Lit

      @Bubbaloo Burrito I’m not referring to anyone specifically. 90% of comp requests are just videos with no explanation or anything else.

    4. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      Oh okay. Cool. I get that. 😉 thanks. 

  7. Yo congrats @maxg

    1. maxg


      Ty Michael ❤️ 

  8. Some of these options have me dying.
  9. came to your profile to check custom song and was not disappointed. not my cup of tea but i liked it 


    1. Mike Lit

      Mike Lit

      Thanks man! Zach Bryan is great IMO.

    2. Seth M.

      Seth M.

      @Mike LitListen to Tyler Childers & Colter Wall if you haven't.

    3. Mike Lit

      Mike Lit

      @Seth M.they are great as well. I have a playlist with all 3. I love their style of music. Modern “country” music sucks. 

  10. There’s a hellcat that has mini guns on the side, but they don’t work. Only difference between the one with mini guns and the regular one is that the armed looking one has open doors that passengers can shoot out of. hopefully this helped.
  11. Congrats to the boy @David Miller

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