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  1. Hello. I would like to offer anyone that wants one, a hug
  2. Y'all are roasting him but he's better than most people at MW soooo
  3. This is how @Peco Teco robbed me of 10 million dollars
  4. So, how'd everyone doo?
  5. The APD CPS division is now accepting applications; there are so many young naked 12 year olds who need our assistance. Whether it be a stolen hatchback (not a sport), or an abused Noble member, we should fight for the children of Altis by adding 5x reckless driving charges to all child abusers.
  6. I had a dream that I got Corp last night pls help
  7. I’d like to have the worst community reputation please
  8. I’d like to get the most downvotes on a post ever please
  9. Okay, think back to the last time you had a genuinely good roleplay interaction with a player. Now how often does that happen? Not very often would be my guess. How do we start roleplaying instead of merely following the rules? What does good roleplay look like? It's about time we set an expectation for ourselves and others. Leave Actual Ideas Below:
  10. @Boomer xD yeah I figured this out after some digging haha
  11. If I shoot someone who hasn't done anything wrong and I haven't engaged them at all what-so-ever is that considered fail rp? If I shoot a rabbit without engaging him is that fail rp?
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