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  1. Bruh I own a private island u just mad, not only do I have a dope as forest that I do battle totaled in (videos comming soon gotta upload them) but it’s fucking hilarious flying kidnapped people up here lol. And the rp is good
  2. I now own a private island it is its own independent country, THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF UNTAGGED. i executed a medic because of a failed hostage situation
  3. Why u scam my boy popto bro he has like 100k

    1. ChicagoJack


      gave him a mill shutup

  4. Boutta pull the black card
  5. Stop exposing me like that
  6. I have 10 grand lying around from investing and saving and i can get another 7 from selling my whip, should i shoot a offer for this bitch?
  7. All I’m saying is after that I had a lot less lag tbh
  8. Mudiwa

    Fuck Ivy

    Imagine getting someone banned because they said mean things
  9. Mudiwa

    Fuck Ivy

    @ all the simps who downvoted. I am sorry you are not getting any action on valentines day bruh
  10. Mudiwa

    Fuck Ivy

    gang shit blood
  11. So no one uses our shed anymore and we want to sell it. Starting price is 30m, HMU If your interested or feel free to bid in the comments PIC: https://gyazo.com/3e905315829b072ec393e35468fa1c8a
  12. The current investment I kept was already payed back retard.
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