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  1. Bomos ESP/God mode: Active I will doggy on u
  2. @Dr Pepper just because one black guy said no to your ugly ass means we are all like that @SPBojo Go eat at fucking penguinys buffet and choke on an eggroll you fat bald bitch
  3. @Dr Pepper @SPBojo You are both a bunch of cock suckers and I hope you fall down a flight of stairs I will always be there for Bomos brother
  4. I lost 100m because I am leaving. No I just have IRl stuff to tend to and Arma is getting boring
  5. You still are and always will be a hommie.
  6. Ill be on the island every know and then brudda i shall let you know
  7. This is me when your mother got lowered into her grave o7 ballsack
  8. Catch me in kavala with the gang brudda.
  9. The APD wont have a primary suspect after every shooting
  10. I used you for your juicy ass
  11. It's been real, ladies and gentlemen, but Arma is getting boring to me. I have played Olympus for over three years and have many laughs and mouse's thrown across my room, but I have always had fun through it all. The official Olympus black man Isn't quitting entirely ill be on to put in my hours for cop and medic, and fool around on civ with the gang, but I guess you could say this is my o7 post. I just wanted to make this post to shoutout the hommies I made along the way, and of course, I need to start with @Cadenn You are my oldest friend on this server and the real pimp; I can still remember us with like 100 hours on the game trying to fucking shoot kids 1.5km away from oil pro when we joined Big Bois Club. Especially you rooking 7 cops. @Tyredian The good ole days when evict was around can never top all the stupid shit I do now. Even though I have a gang of the most sincere hommies right now, nothing can ever beat training kids 20 hours into the game on how to fight cartels. @Venomm you and @poptoare the OG Bomos terrorists, and I can never forget us kidnapping Kav skats and making them rook fight to the death. I remember the moment the fucking idea to buy Bomos island popped in my head and the fun we had right after we bought it. Shoutout to the OG fucking rook champion -S- Daniel. @Headless I have no idea why you decided to hang out with me and the retard bunch I have, but man, I'm happy that you chose to join Bomos as you are the best chief of police the island has ever seen. We for sure need to play some more Fallout 76 with @Rossco or some raft soon. @XnavrasX Playing medic with you through the night is still some of the funniest fucking moments I had, and the sheer disrespect we would hand out to people for priceless reactions has for sure given me another 20 years of life. @Penguiny You are the servers best RDMer, and I will always hop on with you to get into some trouble. May you always have Allah on your side when you spill the blood of players who just joined Olympus. @Lime and @Mike Lit you are the best Bomos R&R has to offer, and I love you boys so much. If you think I'm not going to rob gas stations on medic anymore, you are entirely incorrect. @ThatNerdyGuy Thank you for being a good hommie and i will still always hit you up so we can talk about stonks. I will always hop on if I see you guys on medic or civ or anything just to start some shit. If I didn't mention you in this post, I am sorry, but if you have ever shared a laugh with me, you are a good hommie in my book. Also some real ones @MattRadd @Karma @Fraali @rafaaa @ZeRo @Millennium and so many more. I love you all, and I will hop on now and then; maybe in the future, I will return permanently, but for now, I have other things to focus on. Inshallah my bruddas and Long Live BOMOS!
  12. Mudiwa


    if only the bomos caliphate got away with everything. Unfortunately the report rate is about 3% for @Penguiny the RDM God and 10% for @Papi302 the office building shoota
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