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  1. Da best chief in Bomos island history, Today speddless caught the infamous panty sniffer @Monks red handed and threw him off the great rocks of anabuebue. 

    1. Monks


      uhhhhhh wut? I haven't been to Bomos Island today

  2. Might be doing some events on Bomos this weekend. I also made a teamspeak channel for it on the Oly TS. pas is 1234

  3. Even after getting absolutely Milley wopped by a Mar-10 from like 600 meters while doing a bank like two days ago, even tho I was not even peeking my head. I understand the sAPD have worked for their rank and deserve to use the weapon. While it may be ridiculous at times getting head tapped from 500 meters away, you have to understand the Mar-10 isn't very effective in CQC. I'm not writing this to ride anyone cock, but I thought it was just common sense. Now an effective solution that can help everyone instead of limiting the weapon from sAPD is offering it to civilians through the warpoint shop.
  4. his feet smell STINKYYYYYY

    1. Venomm



  5. Mudiwa

    Selling rpg

    edited and fake
  6. No fans, YOU ARE HARAM
  7. we are recruiting for our GOD BLESSSED army, if u are over 8 years old and have at least one pair of flip flops. We will purchase you a rook to defend our GREAT ISLAND. Your salary will be 10 peaches daily and 3 bottles of wata
  8. OFFICIAL ROYAL DECREE: Anti is banned from my island @anti no TRANSFORMAS or BLACK MAGIC, Any direct descendants and her entire lineage are also banned.
  9. Longa live my Boutiful republiec brudaaa, MY BLOOD BRUDA CHIEF Headless (Abumeke) is da most honarary chief on da island, Senior Support team and Deputy chief @Venomm may god bless u bruddaaa.
  10. fuk uou. dont tak bout my cief of policeee like dat bich
  11. your uni fucking blows, have you even seen the wing money uniform? looks sick with a kit and isnt fucking eye cancer from the 1950s https://imgur.com/a/eUzvFfi
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