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  1. profile song goes hard, good choice smurfboy

  2. anyone tryna buy a 3c on s1, full maxed out virtual upgrade and 400m from weed pro. 3.5m

  3. be real, no seniors checked for this.
  4. olympus forums is now high school drama
  5. @Falco Thanks to your donation, we have been able to fund our ever stronger military. 


    1. Falco


      Always here to help a broke bitch in need 😉 Gotta feed the starving children

    2. Mudiwa


      @Falco Because of your courageous donation, you have funded Brother Timothy Sawyer and Brother Kyle Earkman's rook collection. They have bought 80 rooks with multiple magazines to terrorize the streets of Kavala in the name of Bomos. You will be awarded the title, Honorary. Donator of the Bomos rook foundation.

  6. o7 @raykazi sorry for ruining your morning of drugs to delete this kids scuffed mar-10


  7. Wait were all talking about Jay getting sr dev, but @Slumberjack happy birthday Dr. Squatch!

  8. Congrats @Fraali Bagged Milk motherfucker 😉

    fr tho congrats man, you put in more work than a lot of people around here.

  9. take a break, your past couple forum posts have just sounded like you get milly wopped at BWs and feds and you cant fight a 10 round boomstick with a fire rate slower than Hellen Keller. Sergeants and all other sAPD have made the effort to get where they are today, they have earned the privilage to use the mar-10. The same goes for hunters, ghosthawks, undercovers, ect. If you really struggle fighting a mar-10, just dont peek.
  10. Venomm

    WTS S2

    prices for mxm/cmr/ADR?
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