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  1. nun just something for if something was to happen
  2. ya know i get that but look at it from the person who earns everyone's trust and then fucks the whole gang when u have no clue, and how would it cause lag it would work the same as gang funds logs? even if it did have lag to it in my time coding and stuff you could make it so that it wouldn't lag, lag has everything to do with coding and space i 110% feel if it was coded right that it would work fine. how? im not online 24/7 sitting at my shed seeing and checking whats being takin out???
  3. right! would help gangs be able to track down whos stealing shit so they can be kicked!
  4. i think we should add gang shed logs for gangs so leaders can see what is taken out of there shed by who, whould help alot in gangs being able to keep track of there stuff let me know what yall think
  5. so i can get the full comp for my house since i paid in to it?
  6. Why dont we add a stock market idk have it work based on the amount of things sold each day to infalt and defalt the market and you could add some other facts as well but idk just an idea would be sick to see! Lem know what you think
  7. is this even still up i cant find it
  8. Selling ghost hawk 25 mill tier 4 and tracked security
  9. when can we expect vigis to be removed
  10. where u go?


    1. HuntK_


      what is there to do on this dead 20 pop server?

    2. FBI Agent Phil

      FBI Agent Phil

      Lol pop has been high

    3. HuntK_


      yeah on the weekends thats it its fucking 20 pop all week lol I dont have money may need to go to Rapid for that but idk 

  11. i had one and have used it no way to insure tho so dont wanna throw 30 mill down the drain
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