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  1. I'm looking to buy tasers, preferably stings. Willing to pay above average.
  2. 700k How about 700k for the ADR Tazer and 250k for an MX?
  3. https://imgur.com/moI6G8K Can someone tell me what is off?
  4. Was messing around with the gang and this happened
  5. On my first day of EMT I made roughly over 1 million that was for around 5 hours. The second day made about 500k, since then never seen that much anymore. The server kind of died down, the first-day people were dying left and right, I was also one of the only two medics on so. It really depends on server pop and how many meds are online, also the rate of people are dying. If you are lucky you can make bank over a few days. Just put in the work and you will make money.
  6. 1.) They have to specify which man/which group 2.) You are allowed to take a risk if no immediate threat is present to revive someone
  7. I am thinking about Ivory. Why the Siberian fur is usually white and Ivory is a synonym for white. That is all I got, not a very creative person.
  8. How much do you want for the MK-1 Taser?
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