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  1. you just gotta be observant. There are a ton of retards that have licenses, so just pay attention to your surroundings and you should be OK. Also check your blind spots before switching lanes
  2. Happy birthday @ Grandma Gary  old cunt

  3. The rebel boat moves with the wind.
  4. How’s it hangin






    my nigga

    1. maxg


      yo guys he said 





      the nibba word

    2. Venomm


      @ maxg hehehheh nibba

  5. I miss the east side crip and Philip fortnite content
  6. o7 @ Noahhh! . I always enjoyed fucking around with you. whether it was ingame, in discord, ts, roundtables, whatever it was. I remember not knowing you except for being a leader of Noble and getting this message on the forums https://gyazo.com/ac335eb3679ccca1789862d67b7b71f4 I thought it was funny as shit that u were trying to mass recruit on the forums, then we ended up on civ council together, got better acquainted, both enjoyed pissing off Sr. APD on the roundtables and had fun since then. https://gyazo.com/ceb197ab148e33f5378a306d07b3133c #FUCKGOAT Then you went on to make your videos which I thought were quality entertainment, and also the creation of the wiki, you did a shit ton of work for the server. Flashbacks to when the beans got spilt of how you were removed to you and I. I think the removal really split you from the server, but you came back for a bit and you got IRL shit so I understand. Unfortunately didn't see you around as much as you used to recently which is sad, always had fun with you so don't be a stranger.
    1. Noahhh!


      Cya 'round shitty internet freak ily.

  7. A very big thing for newer players to the server is for them to make friends and try to join or create a gang. If you play solo you will unfortunately suffer the consequences usually. There are normally bigger gangs like Silla ( s | ). I know when I first joined the server I had my friend to play with right away and it was just us two playing almost everyday. Until we eventually joined a gang and learned how the server works a lot better. There is a key factor with people breaking rules against you. It is VERY important to be able to record and report them, admins and mods are not gonna be available to spectate everyone 24/7. There are currently 108 people on the server, there are roughly 20 administrative staff members it is quite literally impossible for us to be able to witness every rule break. Hence why we have the reporting system, you record a rule break, upload it to YouTube or something, then you submit it and we deem if it there is indeed a rule broken or not and the person who did so will be punished. You would honestly be surprised by how many staff members play, we just normally don't play under our actual names. There is a message staff button and if any of us are on we usually try and assist them as best we can, even if someone's truck is just stuck on a rock we will help them out. We always try to help out new players unfortunately we cannot help everyone. Silla is probably one of the biggest gangs on Olympus right now and I'm sure they break plenty of rules, however we can't ban them for it unless someone reports it or if we witness it first hand. Even if we do see it first hand we can't always ban for it, for example: If you were to get RDM'd by a Silla member, we wouldn't know if he texted or engaged you in an area where we weren't near. Hence the whole reasoning of submitting a player report. The police force is quite large, as seen from the CoC: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1X6UMq3Ofu8MHPLZl46L0kNSCRW8OFcUGhi4zuIt3qKc/edit#gid=1829147935 However, most of the people that play this server are either in school or have to work. So it is kind of random to how many cops are on at certain times, sometimes there will be 10+, other times there will be 2 or 0. It is completely out of the staff and Sr. APD's hands. We can't force people to play. Anyways, sorry to here about your experience, hope you come around again and give it another try. I highly recommend trying to find a gang or friend group to play with.
  8. All he did was just draw orange circles on his map. #FREELORAX

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