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  1. Congrats @Diamond_drop, time to get removed from sr civ council 😄





  2. WOOOOOOW I didn't even get an @ ;(. Nah peace bud, hopefully you'll be around to at least talk. Thanks for what you did for Olympus.
  3. Happy birthday retard @Regal

    1. Regal


      Thank you milly rock

  4. @Fusionz  happy birthday


  5. He doesn’t know how to do events lol.
  6. Honestly, I don’t give 2 shits who or what gang you are in. At the end of the day, if you broke a rule you broke a rule and I will take action on that. Obviously it varies depending on the severity, evidence provided, ban history, etc. So many people report someone and expect them to get banned for like 3 days meanwhile it may have been there first ban in months so then its only a 1 day. We follow a pattern on how many days we ban someone for. The least favorite gang of mine is probably Silla because they fuck with new players, but I let them off the hook all the time after talking to the
  7. thats actually crazy if you think that. We don’t care if your in a certain gang you still catching a ban. Sometimes if the staff member was on and was even somewhat a part of the situation they’ll let other staff members deal with it. Hacking is a lot more common now because the game is 8 years old. So many cheats have been developed, like fraali said we can’t catch 100% of them. Do we want to? Fuck yeah, none of us like cheaters. They ruin the game for everyone. I also have no clue what you mean by trainer hackers or whatever u mean by that. the server has always been toxic, ESPECIALLY
  8. @Strae


    1. Doc


      This is the biggest brain shit I've seen so far

  9. Roundtables are delayed due to having very few devs and tons of work for them to do. That's why you haven't seen any recent roundtable summary posts. It 100% has been brought up by a few staff members pretty sure. But there are higher priority things to deal with right now. This is such a miniscule thing that has existed in the server for the entirety of its cartel existence. There are ways to play around it, like grenades, using an SDAR, not fighting that cap, etc. Just play around how the freaks decide to fight that cap. And before you start and go blaming the devs, do
  10. Any recommendations on keyboards? My "apple juice on rocks" fucked up some of my keys and they don't want to work very well. Preferably a mechanical keyboard. I don't care for RGB so long as its reasonable price and good. It could be just 1 solid color or some shit idk.



    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Regal


      SteelSeries is nuts

    3. Millennium


      Yeah i git the k70 mk2

    4. Shadexz


      i have the k70 mk2 DONT GET THE WHITE ONE + the volume wheel at the top of the keyboard always breaks and if u play with it a bit to much it will fck up your volume and make it stay at 0 than u need to unplug the keyboard and plug it back in

  11. I got tipped a dollar today for remembering a guys name. That was pretty cool.
  12. 56fshz.jpg

    1. monsterr


      helicopters a bit small for hurricane

    2. buckie


      2 of those with 2 toe hooks per latch for that bastard 

    3. maxg



  13. Squad is fun, but you can't expand past milsiming in it.

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