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  1. Millennium

    o7 man, didn't talk to you very much but the times we did you were chill and fun to fuck around with.
  2. Millennium

    give back Noodles, and other $$
  3. Happy birthday @Kyle Lake I hope you enjoy watching your neighbor!

  4. Add the tractor or riot. Im about to drive up and down Kavala doing that shit

  5. Millennium

    Yeah I'm pretty sure he is talking about the long sleeve, dark green ones, used to be civs but now are SAPD uniforms
  6. Millennium

    too much of a pussy to say the actual word Don't hurt me
  7. Millennium

    great indian cock +1
  8. no point in updating it right now when they can focus on other things. As well as the fact that currently only PVP mode is out atm, and everything from 1.14.1 has no effect on combat except the crossbow which they would have to add to the loot table, etc.
  9. Unpopular opinion. @Pledge is doing daily handbook updates for the upvotes. :Kappa:

    1. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      It's not an unpopular opinion if it's right!

  10. Millennium

    you just funded a monkey money so he can blow up minecraft server. lmao
  11. Happy Birthday to the nicest person on olympus. @Jimmy Netz


  12. what version is it in. and if its beyond 1.8 please tell me you have it set to 1.8 combat

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