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  1. I like how you were shit talking in group chat. lol
  2. Always had fun talking to ya
  3. @Strae @Kedar told me he will be your personal door opener in game if he can get that corp spot

    (he has plenty of experience)

    1. Kedar


      stop trolling

    2. Jester


      Or maybe he will push the buttons for your elevator

      he has plenty of experience in that too @Kedar

  4. Always had fun with ya man, hope you enjoy the military.
  5. oh no, I care that u have 20 mil stored. Im just trying to sell the thing and 2 mil aint even close to the actual price of it
  6. Well when u have 700k in your bank account you become desperate
  7. PM or Comment below https://gyazo.com/ae85b9a653d8b0c45d720d49a35dbff5
  8. o7 chewy

    you were fluffy

  9. have u heard him drunk telling stories? other than that, yeah ur probably right
  10. 70 years < Countries and people older than 70 years. 70 years is pretty fucking short
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