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  1. I am back you monkey just havent been on
  2. Inb4 you have the one idiot that joins, and buckie has enough of his bullshit lmao.
  3. Have you heard of status updates
  4. I can just feel your enthusiasm with the exclamation marks also is the betting tracked from here and forwards, or does it take all previous ones before this update too
  5. Happy birthday @Childish ill send you some beans for the party

  6. I like how you put permanently in quotations, cuz they never are permanent
  7. I want to enter but idk if i can play this week cuz my hard drives fucked
  8. If only 3rd place last time got 15 mil
  9. Most of them are designers who are not the best at the game but just try to have fun with it. That is why they aint that good, also some of them are probably stoned
  10. Happy birthday @Strikke u idiot

  11. o7 it was usually entertaining when u were around. I hope people dont actually think support gets them a rank lol
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