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  1. Congrats @Sandman

    We now have a Roleplayer Chief

  2. nah bc clearly they earned it if u guys gave them corporal. Shouldn't be demoted unless they genuinely do something against the server rules/handbook. Some people get burned out after a while and make their minimums or just play when they want. It happened to me. shit got boring quick. Probably gonna demote @decla cuz he is an idiot and disliked by seniors. also kinda concerning when everyone that has replied thinks it is retarded.
  3. Easiest way to find your friend in the HQ

    1. zoomzooooooom


      gonna have to use this one soon


    2. Millennium


      @zoomzooooooom once you get in the corner you stay there just floating until u start twisting around. and you also go thru the wall sometimes if you lie down.

    3. JuanDeaged


      At any point if the Senior APD feel you are unfit for your position, your rank can be adjusted accordingly.

      honestly just give him chief



  4. bruh just get to 1 billion. Just do like 100 or 200 mill bets. Be the first person to hit a billion

    1. Strae


      stealing my memes

    2. Montez


      oh hey its the guy who's tutorial i watched on bhopping when i was like 2

  6. Im mad. I heard a bunch of notifications but was doing something. Then I come back and its gone.

    Atleast whoever deleted it realized how retarded it was tho.

    1. Vcx


      Sad because the admin that starts drama probably will never end it so it definitely was someone more grown up to realize this is a video game 

  7. @Strae T-Swift & Hot nigga take 2? @Greenbum @Noodles:D @sped @KGB JOSH @everyone else @‘ing is too hard
  8. I'll trade you an armed huron for an armed huron
  9. Im suprised no one has linked the bob ross stream in the streamer area. that shit used to always be up there

    1. Ryan


      You mean bob ross? Its in there he just isnt live 😛 

    2. Millennium


      @Ryan yeah im just retarded. first bob that came to my head.

  10. April fools part 2?

  11. Happy birthday to the person i used to barely understand @Zeuse

    1. Zeuse


      Thank you. 😄❤️

  12. can you be banned for racism with sky writing?
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