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  1. this kid actually got corporal damn congrats

  2. Feels bad when you can only afford your loadout, and an orca. 

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    2. Millennium


      thanks for not <3

    3. Rexo


      Should not have bet me :)

    4. MAV


      Welcome to no longer making money on APD!!!

  3. Millennium

    rnt u from cali lmao
  4. Millennium

    $10 says you have no time on Asylum
  5. Millennium

    I hate you please don't do this to me <3
  6. Millennium

    I have 1,760,802 and I will give u it all for the DMS Scope
  7. Millennium

    o7 Ignis, thanks for not banning @caleb xD that one night, even tho he RDM'd like 20 kids and only comped 1
  8. Millennium

    @Google out here down voting cuz I never connected to his CQC
  9. Mission LUKEFORSUP was a success

  10. Millennium

    I like dick
  11. Millennium

    you truly were the dad of Olympus
  12. Millennium

    Spelt my name wrong
  13. Millennium

    Lets see if the Venezuelan can make it to the meeting or not

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