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  1. I thought the dancing was impossible to do in mulitplayer Also seems like dufflebags hitbox is very small
  2. you said this 2 times. Also why are there 2 different reds
  3. How do I go about changing my cop orca skins if I dont have the option (Police) since I aint a corporal. Guess I just cant pull my helis anymore.
  4. Congrats @eCAndrew longest PO TIG gone

  5. flashbacks of the @Jester perm that got lifted after 2 weeks right here lol


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Civak


      46 minutes ago, Millennium said:

      At least destruct told Jester what he was getting permed for

      Pretty sure Grego knows what he was banned for- it's in the ban message!

    3. Millennium


      1 minute ago, Civak said:

      Pretty sure Grego knows what he was banned for- it's in the ban message!

      I meant vocally

    4. Linka


      start a riot

  6. We are not racists thank you. Also big thanks to @Ryan for doing this
  7. Help! Im in restraints and my comms are taken

    1. Claysive


      "They took my comms and gps, but they forgot my cell phone" 

    2. m o n s t e r

      m o n s t e r

      go go google glasses

    3. Billeh


      They took my comms and gps, but didnt take my alt+tab!

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