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  1. talking about the cooldowns and stuff ontop of it. Casinos don't have cooldowns...
  2. So literally what GTA 5 has...
  3. Happy birthday @WALT

    1. WALT


      Thanks Millennium, means a lot

  4. Happy birthday @Mako

    Happy birthday you dent head @ooooooooo

  5. Happy birthday @Fraali. Have fun getting drunk u alcoholic.

  6. you could have just put in a general inquiry lmao
  7. o7 @Brolaf don't shit your pants! ❤️

  8. Its @Hurricane's fault. COMPLETELY USELESS ^_^

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    2. Millennium


      he is capping

    3. Hurricane


      When defending me and @Panda smile were supposed to roll down the hill to stop the push but sadly we did not go through the plan

    4. Panda smile

      Panda smile

      Dude we couldn’t execute the plan I got caught on a tree on the way down

  9. ESP: Enabled God mode: Enabled Ez dub
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