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  1. As stated you don't need video for reasonable comp, if it is something that is big like valuable gear, a big run, etc. you will need video. However if whatever you are using to record your game only allows you to record the game I recommend using desktop capture instead so that even if your game crashes you can still record it. Idk what program you use to record, but for shadowplay (Nvidia Instant replay) you can do so by this: Alt+Z > Disable Instant replay > Settings (gear button) > Privacy control > enable desktop capture > Turn Instant replay back on So now whenever you alt f10, it will record your desktop screen entirely (anytime you tab out or anything on the screen will be visible in the video). So be careful with whatever you may have on your background if your planning to record it.
  2. @ SPBojo why you using ESP man. Kinda fucked up. Also pretty sure a map designer has to fix it with their magical building coding clicking of buttons.
  3. I hope you don’t mean the one up by meth. That shit would get searched by cops in less than 30 seconds after meth git searched.
  4. if (player getVariable ["bigCock",false]) then {"bigCock"} else {"smallCock"};

    Developer Millennium incoming!

    1. Venomm


      sir stop leaking the mission file please

    2. Millennium


      @ Fraali  look how much e-rep I’m getting from your stolen code. EZ, now since i know how to steal code may i be a dev? Grar 2.0?

  5. I think you are seeing things....
  6. no, just no. Our developers are getting freakier and freakier, first Zahzi now you with the white theme. As for your actual issue of no staff member getting to you like everyone said above, its volunteer we have jobs, school, families, etc. We can't dedicate and will not dedicate 100% of our lives to Arma. That being said we still try and be as active as possible, I know I will try and let people know on my ban appeals what times I will be available, however that isn't a requirement and not everyone does it. Also not every staff member can touch your ban. For example: I ban you, other admins cannot override me because we are of equal rank. It is my ban so they no touch. As well as mods, moderators cannot touch admin+ bans, and this goes for every rank above you in staff (sr admin, head, Owner, etc.) So you have to specifically wait for the person who banned you usually. The time in which you submit a ban appeal is also a big thing. If you put in a ban appeal in the morning and I have work in the morning I wake up and go to work. I don't look at my appeals first. Or if you do it in the middle of the night when we are already off our computers, etc.
  7. who the fuck is this @ Doc  guy?




    happy birthday bud

  8. #freethetitties

  9. Have fun retard @ Diamond_drop

    1. fyshie_


      can you verbally degrade me too? discord fyshie#9824

  10. the 45 second timer needed to happen. It was broken that as soon as it dropped u could immediately grab stuff out of it. It announces when cops are seizing it, it takes 2 minutes for them to seize the airdrop. So you have 2 whole minutes to kill a guy that is 5 feet from the airdrop. If you can't do that you are dumb. Who cares if its lowered to corporal+, that means more aidrops happening. (its lowered so that corporals can call in airdrops instead of just sgts+) No code 3 requirements, aids having lights and sirens constantly going in fights like these. COrporal access to lethals so that everyone participating can have lethals and people don't get tased at the aidrop. You are complaining about like 1 buff towards the apd for the aidrop, which is after 2 minutes they can seize it. Everything else is simple fixes that should have been a thing already and the corporal access allows for more people to call in airdrops, if they spend $15 a month to use a airdop on cop that is up to them. @ DeadPool u saw what else they wanted. That got denied because it was a civ event and will always be a civ event.
  11. Please unban me i just wanna play arma 


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    2. fyshie_


      fuck you idiot millennium is doing god's work

    3. smodamemory


      Fuck u then i was giving u appriciation u listen to shit music

    4. smodamemory


      Oh shit i just reaslised i said worst admin it was suppose to say dog shit sorry milenium 

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