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  1. ngl at first I thought u meant u were selling to for 700 mill
  2. Coco is @CocoisDead Dr Pepper is @gibgab
  3. Next update: Gunhand billboard

    idaes: on kav square billbaord, or on hospital pointing to top of rocks

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Claysive


      +1 for billboard at hospital with gunhand pointing to rocks. make it a bible quote. 

      And Gunhand said unto thee: "7.62 Top of Rocks", and so it was! 

    3. Noodles:D
    4. sploding


      @Im shit send em my way too.

      Gunhand hatchback incoming

  4. Millennium


    Jeez the staff team taking a hit tonight o7 man
  5. o7 @SecTranLive I still remember you listening to my rant when I was in trouble on support the first day you got sr. (tbf it was bullshit). Anyways had a good time playing and talking with ya man.

  6. Millennium


    no balls. change your forums name rn
  7. o7 safety vest, you will be missed.

    1. SuWooP


      just know im coming for that gear set

    2. Billeh


      Dr D Crouch Grab GIF - DrD CrouchGrab GetSerious GIFsmillennium when he gets corp again

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