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  1. Lime

    Selling stuff

    200k for Carrier Rig, can meet in Kav or Pyrgos
  2. On my Olympus 1 Year anniversary, the servers are being killed


    Nice 🙃


    ......On the cool tho, who's got some gifts for me 😛

  3. 200k for Tier 4 vest
  4. @Dr Bambino damn bruh, think you're cool or sumn

    HBD 🎉 Smoke some fat bowls today

    1. Dr Bambino

      Dr Bambino

      How'd you know what my plans were?! Lmao thanks man! Much love!

  5. <- Me for the rest of the week now -> I can't even comprehend that this is happening chief, you caught me fuckin lackin. Like wtf is this??? I should fire you for this My favorite, biggest fucking meme in the RnR is leaving now and all that's left is @SPBojo I can't put words together without dying, thnx @PJ. brb gonna go die rq o7
  6. If your really focused on your Corsair integration / brand loyalty, any of their wireless headphones will work. But if I were to recommend a specific pair, I would go with SteelSeries Artic 7 (since they're wireless) or if you're going high end, buy a pair of Sennheisers
  7. Alas, the great Slumber acted upon us with the revisions from the Light itself
  8. o7 @Cooper:P , we'll all miss you!


    I hope you kick a big ass rock 

    1. Cooper:P


      Haha love you lime

  9. Congrats @gibgab & @Overlord you absolute shitters : O 

    1. Overlord


      Love you too buddy

  10. Ill buy all 4 of your your Carrier Rigs (Tier 4) for 750k. Im in S2 Pyrgos
  11. Lime

    WTS BW& Tasers

    Ill take the Vest. I'm usually on S2.
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