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  1. o7 @Kyle Lake, you were a real neighbor!

  2. Lime


    DaVinci Resolve is another choice if you don't like Adobe
  3. I haven't really had any crashing issues since week 1 release but the only thing I can think to help is to look at different crash fixes on forums and/or message IW (good luck tho )
  4. Painful Modern Warfare Vid

    It's hurts to see how accurate this video is 😪 Enjoy

  5. Here's my take on video games and similar entertainment: they have undoubtedly become a routine part of my life (as it does for many others), however I don't let them take control of the rest of my life. In terms of having other responsibilities, I always put them in front of anything gaming related. I got a job, college work and friends that need entertaining and I will more often than not put that in front of gaming. Juggling all of the activities isn't always necessarily easy (sometimes it's a downright pain in the ass) but I know that there's always a place and time for everything. It is a good thing that you took a nice break from it all to see more that life has to offer, but if you still feel the desire to play games after your break, go for it - just don't go overboard. Life's all about balance; search the threshold of life for that sweet spot and it'll be a breeze.
  6. I had an issue where my PC would no longer turn on spontaneously. Turns out my PSU fried itself randomly. If you changed your PSU and your GPU at the same time, chances are you have a faulty PSU like I did. Depending on who made you PSU, you should be able to RMA it or do a simple return (my RMA took like 3 weeks, so beware of that).
  7. Happy Birthday

    1. Lime


      Thnx man!

  8. Its Nasty Nineteen Szn 🥳🍾

  9. Look into Opera. Might suit you, might not. I like it personally.
  10. Chipotle all day for me boss
  11. The man, the myth, the legend....the voice of Olympus
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