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  1. c9a7bd11ec5e882e1bcd016429be8b30.jpg


    @ Caden  Congrats on the promo too!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @ Slumberjack  #DrSquatch 🥳🎂 I hope you are able to celebrate your day in style

  3. Happy Birthday you shitter @ Clover 🥳 🎂 Whenever you get bored of golfing, the Hawk I stole from you is still waiting for you 

  4. Grats Cawk aka @ hawk sigbeqboibe sends his regards

    @ Noble  grats fam

    1. hawk


      No more reactions but thanks qt

  5. Happy birthday @ Cooper:P you gword

  6. Happy birthday @ Millennium REPPIN THE MF 954 



    Happy birthday @ Brolaf !

  7. Looking forward to workin with y'all on the Wiki @ notsodank  @ Mighty  @ Falco

    1. Falco


      Awhhh shit cant wait!

  8. yo this @ UwU Knoblax UwU guy stole my name

    1. Noble


      Yeah my bad man really wanted this name 💔

  9. HBD 🥳@ Grandma Gary  I would make fun of you but I prefer my IP not being leaked 

  10. My good friend Revenge, I have been fighting this fight for a long time. After lots of dollars, bullets, and supplies spent, I can tell you it will not be easy. But we BELIEVE in you!!
  11. Didn't know you as well as some other members of the community, but it was always a blast working and collaborating with you! Best of luck in the future yo 🙏 @ Noahhh!

    1. Noahhh!


      It was always a pleasure working with you. I could tell that you were a good team member from talking to you in TS - that's why I wanted you on the wiki team so bad.

  12. Problem #1: Spawning in Kav when you are effectively told NOT to spawn there Problem #2: Letting Silla see you while you're in the town you're not supposed to be in Problem #3: Almost every single "problem" you've described is a clear case of "wrong place-wrong time" and/or a lack of understanding of how the server works. You're not always gonna win every situation Problem #4: This server's been around for about 7 years going through an ever-changing dynamic of players and staff. What are considered "norms" in game are most likely not going to change, especially the things that aren't technically wrong. If you can't fancy the server or find any enjoyment in it, maybe taking some time to consider that it isn't meant for you or wasn't what you were expecting instead of blaming the players, staff or the server
  13. Happy bday shank bandit  @ thor


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