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  1. Happy birthday @drama.

  2. Zeuse


    o7 wee lad. Wish you luck with what's to come next, will miss you man.
  3. o7 @Zahzi & @Civak, shittest devs olympus ever had.

  4. Happy birthday @Greenbum.

  5. Never knew the guy but hope for the best for his family. RIP.
  6. o7 @thor you were the biggest piece of noob the SAPD has ever had, have a good one mate.

  7. Happy birthday @Kedar.  🦄🐧🥶👺👻

  8. Happy birthday @SecTranLive lad.  🐧

  9. Zeuse

    new hud

    Just because you don't like our opinions doesn't mean they're not feedback or helpful. Plenty of people have told you why it's bad, fix what people think are bad and who knows, maybe you'll make it somewhat nice to look at, currently it throws too much information at you, is too big, doesn't need the image of the server logo or image of the vehicle you're currently in. Sure you said it's not complete, but honestly the direction it looks like it's going in doesn't look like it's working.
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