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  1. Congrats @IM LAGGING on Corporal, well deserved!

    Big proud of you my guy. c: :)

  2. Zeuse

    Hey qt, sorry but that was me
  3. Anyone interested in having a game of Golf it! with @decla and I? ((((((:

  4. Zeuse

  5. Zeuse

    Hello roleplayer
  6. Zeuse

    How do you even get 300 spike strips tbh
  7. Everyone remember to stay hydrated.  :lol:

  8. Zeuse

    Bur Lincoln, I love you, don't leave us.
  9. Zeuse

  10. Zeuse

  11. Zeuse

    No u
  12. Imagine still going on about this. Lets all be friends now?
  13. Zeuse

    fix it
  14. Imagine waking up and being like, "im gonna make scripts to use on olymous today!!" and gaining literally nothing lmao.  Like what's the point?

    1. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      If only I could understand :FeelsBad:

    2. Skys


      everyday i wake up and think to make new scripts

    3. Vac.


      To make people mad 


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