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  1. Zeuse

    Wish you all the best in the future Tb, and to you only, you can call me Scottish or Irish, whatever you like more.
  2. Zeuse

    Ye awrite wee man
  3. Zeuse

    Whilst you're here Mister Unjo, how to win easy bets like you? I'm a betting addict but always seem to lose.
  4. Zeuse

    Thank you Unjo from the UK. This information has proved useful.
  5. Zeuse

    How to actually use slings and tow hooks. I've used them probably like twice tbh, do they go on both vehicles? The vehicle being towed? The vehicle that's doing the towing? Genuinely no idea.
  6. Zeuse

    Tbh Squad vs Squad would be pretty cool if it was to work.
  7. Zeuse

    o7 Mister Peter, best wishes in everything there is to come for you in the future and same for your current situation.
  8. Zeuse

    Okay, but surely there must be other ways to fix civ other than nerf the APD any time civs have a problem?
  9. Zeuse

    It seems to be their only way.
  10. Zeuse

    Isn't your job as a civ council member to worry about civs, not the APD?
  11. Zeuse

    Don't think we would have enough numbers now, was looking good at the start but most people have changed their minds/said no to begin with. I'll try and qsk later and give you an answer either tonight or tomorrow.
  12. Zeuse

    Tea cakes ez Or Caramel Wafers
  13. Zeuse

  14. Zeuse

    ): wheesht wee man bifore a rammy ye
  15. Zeuse

    Mate, I'm Scottish, I have the spirit of the Celtic Warriors in me, fight me.

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