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  1. Blue

    Good shit brother. Well fuckin deserved.

    1. Prime


      thanks man much appreciated 

  2. Dude has been on Olympus since the beginning, do you not ever get burned out?
  3. o7 see you in a week @snipeZ
  4. @Grandma Gary you are a fucking savage.
  5. I loved Malden I wish people would have gave it a chance. I will never forget you sniping that kid with your zubr.
  6. Blue

    Happy birthday!

    1. drama


      Thanks blue! :wub:

  7. you were hard on me and i'm glad, I learned a lot from you bro. o7
  8. understandable, but still.
  9. The old ranking system had Ranks that were not really ranks, but services like Medvac. The way it is set up now makes more sense.
  10. Blue

    Happy Birthday Ninja!

    1. Prime


      Thanks my Ninja :bender-dance:

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