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  1. destruct

    Damn dude, was always nice talking to you. Sad to see you go, o7
  2. destruct


    Hadi always producing the quality content
  3. I will be on medic or have someone on medic drop multiple dope crates in key locations in Kavala, on top of hospital, hospital rocks, office buildings, etc.
  4. @Strikke Happy Birthday dude!

    1. Strikke


      euwwww another medic

  5. @jimjim1415 Always love RPing with you bud, you never fail to deliver. You'll be a great corporal, congratulations.

    1. Jimmy Netz

      Jimmy Netz

      Same to you always a blast and thanks again destruct!

  6. o7 señor @Fushigi always a great time talking to you mate! Hope to catch you on civ!

  7. Congratulations @Doc on Senior Admin!

  8. Congratulations @Kyle Lake and @Jamie!

    1. Kyle Lake

      Kyle Lake

      Thank you, You are now slightly less bad!

    2. Jamie


      thank you!

  9. destruct

    What GF said
  10. destruct

    o7, always chill when I talked to you although seldomly, wish you luck

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