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  1. I don't know if you completely understood what I said, so let me make it more clear. When the APD do training, they usually go into the dome at Pyrgos HQ. It would make sense that the people administering the training as well as the deputies in training do not engage in the situation at the HQ until the training is over. Just don't shoot at the people inside the big white dome in the Pyrgos HQ. I didn't say at all that the APD should take somebody in APD custody to another HQ if there was a training taking place.
  2. For the sake of fairness, I would hope that it would be common sense that people administering training in the Pyrgos HQ don't interfere with the situation until the training is over.
  3. Congratulations @Scribble on the very much deserved coordinator!

  4. @Destruct for taxi rep

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      Now that's a position that you would be great at

  5. RIP
  6. Congratulations on getting Supervisor!

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      Thanks my guy Now we get to roll around in our Ghawks

  7. Congratulations @Mita on the supervisor role!

  8. When you pull a new vehicle it randomly generates a license plate! yasss  @Airborne @Hurricane

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      Please tell me you aren't trolling.....



  9. APD Coin Flips or Riot

  10. I don't want your tainted money
  11. Selling 4 crater pretty close to Frog Pro - you can also have the unprocessed frogs inside if you bring a truck at the time of the transaction.
  12. Happy Birthday big dude

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      Thanks my guy now I can legally play drunk medic 

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      LOL YES

  13. Happy Birthday!


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