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  1. For you, 12 units of time for the worker people to get on it
  2. Oops wrong button

  3. Rule Change: Chapter 8: Hostage / Player Robbing Poll: And for the Poll, as of 6/23/2019 we implemented the rule of no engagement regarding titans: I've included a poll in the post regarding the communities' opinion on the change, whether we should keep it, revert it, etc. I'm also going to leave the replies to this post open to discussion, if you vote "Other", please comment why or reference a post that shares your views.
  4. Servers unlocked. Thanks for your patience :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bloodmoon


      thank you for no rollback

    3. Mudiwa


      what a god

    4. Millennium


      I was kinda hoping for a rollback so I could get my 20 mil back from Josh

  5. Locking all the servers to clear some hacked cash. Thank you for your patience.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. p a t

      p a t

      eta on server unlocking?

    3. Unsettled Jew

      Unsettled Jew

      You should totally allow an unlocked window time so people can join

    4. obeymatt


      You can drop some in my bank I’ll need it for when you unban me ;)

  6. Panthers be lookin' goood

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Millennium
    3. sped


      no they're looking horrible never post again

    4. obeymatt


      You funny 

  7. destruct

    Also https://olympus-entertainment.com/topic/24774-evidence-guideline/
  8. If I put up a community ARK server, who would be down? Just gauging what's up

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    2. Borax


      @N7Zero yall thought i was crazy at arma wait untill borax on ark  better be pvp

    3. p a t

      p a t

      52 minutes ago, Borax said:

      yall thought i was crazy at arma

      I don't think anyone thought that tho :/

    4. Borax


      @p a t STOP TYPYING your whole ass dad beats you  

  9. destruct

  10. destruct

    You're a character.
  11. destruct

    I can offer you an illegitimate perm corporal whitelist for a lifetime supply of poutine sent to Florida
  12. destruct

    See you Fuzz. I'm sure we'll speak again, but you're one interesting, unique, fun dude.

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