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  1. Congratulations @hawk and @gomby on Sergeant!

  2. @ChrisGG Congratulations on Lieutenant!

  3. Destruct

    Fair enough. Makes sense, thanks.
  4. Destruct

    For clarifications sake - does this mean that Patrol Officers can issue pardon tickets at their own discretion even if there is a corporal+ on the server?
  5. Destruct

    tfw this was always the case
  6. Destruct

  7. Destruct

    Selling armed qilin, offer.
  8. @Fushigi Congratulations on Moderator!

  9. @SPBojo Hey congratulations on the stuff mans

    1. SPBojo


      Thanks babe! <3

  10. @Benjamin Remer Dude, always fun to play with you. Well Deserved. Congratulations on Corporal bud.

    1. Benjamin Remer

      Benjamin Remer

      Much appreciated :)

  11. Grr been having internet problems the past four days that makes me unable to play Arma feelsbadman

    1. draMa


      Time to go outside :Kappa:

    2. Destruct


      Is that a new server?

  12. Destruct

    Some of your questions might be answered here:
  13. Congratulations @Deputy Dog as well as @Sandman!

  14. Destruct

    Bye dude, had some fun times. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.
  15. Congratulations to @thor. and @Hurricane on Senior Support Team! Well deserved!


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