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  1. destruct

    Well, hope you hop on and at least play from time to time. See ya mate
  2. People be grinding titles mah dude
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12-4ltiEBEoRg-2CBe5EbNR5M1a18P5bQPHs2Z-ZuIcU/edit?usp=sharing Enjoy
  4. 4e1b18320303c1abbc3a54643b8e40c4.png


    1. RDyer216


      So you’re saying there’s a chance for tractors on Olympus!?

  5. @Dr Bambino Congrats dude, you seem like a chill guy.

    1. Dr Bambino

      Dr Bambino

      Thanks man! I thought you were cool until I clicked on this post and SHIT myself when your profile song started

  6. destruct

    double confirmation
  7. destruct

    Why don't we try feds like this - if it's too OP we revert it and if it's alright we can keep it. This isn't set in stone boys and girls.
  8. destruct

    Why? A senior developer with database access needs to go in the database and edit your values to reflect all of the individual charges, they have enough shit to do, ain't nobody got time for that.
  9. destruct

    How about we make a ban appeal
  10. destruct

    I don't know you too well, due to not really having any interactions with you, but, in this post you're making yourself look like a grade-A fuck. If this is how you behaved with staff and other community members, glad to see you go.
  11. destruct

    Can you be my pocket admin friend
  12. destruct

    That doesn’t exist.

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