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  1. Guys, olympus staff prostrat: Apparently do something bad and then get placed on restrictions and unbanned and then simply DONT PLAY, then request your restrictions removed after two months of them being applied. Surely they'll be removed EZ 

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    2. Strafe


      in all of my 6 perms ive never once gotten restricted

    3. Mike Lit's stupid ass face

      Mike Lit's stupid ass face

      Prostrat: tell destruct he’s a gay homo lord and he’ll unban you on the spot

    4. Mudiwa


      Prostrat: Be a fat fucking lard like destruct and sweat profusely while typing away on your $600 gamer chair

  2. to the moooooooooon

  3. Have one of you donated enough to make a TeamSpeak channel? Maybe I would suggest squashing the confusion of playing the numbers game (on the APD side) and just hop into a TeamSpeak gang channel when you're doing a federal event so that they can count how many people you have and keep stuff fair. You don't HAVE to do this of course, just an idea.
  5. Chapter 14: Blue Zones The Pharmaceutical Escort event, APD Escort event, and Art Gallery event Blue Zones allow civilians to kill cops on sight, no RP is required by civilians. Civilians cannot kill other civilians on sight within Blue Zones without any role-play. RDM rules for civilian on civilian engagements is still enforced in Blue Zones. For APD Blue Zone rules refer to the APD Handbook
  6. Alright, so, If you run someone over with a vehicle and spangle them, (in conquest or otherwise), it is against the rules for you or someone associated to you to kill them - you need to give them ample space and time in order for them to recover and have a fair fight. If they start shooting at you right away after being un-spangled, so be it, shoot back. Just don't be the first one to shoot. This GIF is an example of that rule being broken. WITH THAT BEING SAID, Staff uses common sense and rationalizes all reports based on evidence, someone's ban history, etc. If a situatio
  7. lmao get fucked, don't blame me - blame yourself.
  8. I don't even know who you are, see ya
  9. Happy new year from your friendly neighborhood inactive staff member

    1. Venomm


      hall monitor

  10. People be acting like they're going to titan your jet out of the air. They won't be able to chase you or anything, literally the only time they'd catch you would be during landings and take-offs, and during those it's not like you can just pit a jet, you get in front of a plane while it's moving with a vehicle (w/o going faster with the jet ofc), and it blows up, you're gonna have to find some comp money. Just make sure to look around before you spawn your jet in, and then scout the area in the jet before you land.

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