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  1. Destruct

    @Decimus Jokes aside, this is personally what I usually do if I need to do a drug run:
  2. Congrats, still a GIANT BOT though

    1. Ryan


      Thanks my fellow bot brother

  3. Congrats dudeeeeeeee!

    1. Arigato


      thanks bby cakes :wub:

  4. They're not that good if EVERYONE gets them now
  5. Someone make an arma montage this good


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Deadpool


      What song is that

    3. Ryan


      Coming Soon™ 


































    4. Destruct


      34 minutes ago, DeadPooL said:

      What song is that

      Broken by Lund


  6. Destruct

    A cookie isn't a cake
  7. Destruct

    People with the top kills/round were more of people that played just 1 round and got a double or something, the bottom of the list is probably better at gauging consistency. Just from what I noticed while doing the stats.
  8. Destruct

    Works for me, currently have his stats page as my signature (gyazo: https://i.gyazo.com/1416743648427af010731df08ba1443a.png ) I'm currently using Firefox, and I right-clicked the link and clicked "Copy Link Location" and then followed the steps. It's possible, don't know.
  9. Destruct

    Take this link: https://olympus-entertainment.com/olympus-stats/red/76561197979854574.png 1) Click on your name on the top right of the forums so the dropdown menu shows up 2) Click "Account Settings" 3) Click "Signature" on the left side 4) Paste that whole link that I put above in the box where you write what you want as your signature. The link should pretty much instantly turn into a picture of your stats banner because it's a direct link to an image. It should also automatically update along with your stats. Also add anything else you might like into this signature box. 5) Click "Save" and you're done.
  10. Destruct

    o7 dude!
  11. Congratulations @hawk @zoomzooooooom @Edge!

    1. hawk


      Thanks best coord destruct :D  

    2. Destruct


      10 minutes ago, hawk said:

      Thanks best coord destruct :D  



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