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  1. destruct


    See ya mister pablo
  2. In the end, they need to go to an HQ anyway to send you to jail once they've processed you, if anything, sometimes it's also useful for civs that want to just get rid of charges in the middle of 'bumfuck nowhere' and pay their ticket without having to go to an HQ.
  3. Bye bye mans, see ya 'round still hopefully
  4. Disable betting in your options lol, and realize that in the end, you don't win.
  5. If ya'll were playing on a Minecraft server, do you prefer having factions w/o war (no claiming enemy's shit), factions w/ war and claiming other factions' shit, or having towny with forced PvP on the whole server?

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    2. destruct


      If I did factions I'd do it in a unique way, you wouldn't rely on default minecraft enchants, gapples, and stuff as much... It'll be a more RPG feel with classes & unique 'skills' like shooting fireballs, to rogues going invisible and backstabbing people, to idk more cool shit.

    3. Headless



    4. Strae
  6. I'm just gauging interest here, I feel like I might do it anyway though: Who would be interested in playing an RPG Minecraft server that had class trees with different skills, player-defined towns and was mainly based on raiding said towns (PvP), fighting mobs/bosses, building, etc.

  7. hey man can you hop on teamspeak ? 

  8. destruct

    db trash

    Aren't you the same kid that begged me to unban him because he was going on vacation during about all of december? Why shouldn't I ban your ass for lying like a sack of shit and trying to take advantage of people?
  9. Almost done with this little boyo, just waiting on an m.2 ssd to get delivered



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    2. NokiaStrong


      Destruct this won’t make you a better ghost hawk pilot

    3. destruct


      36 minutes ago, NokiaStrong said:


      Destruct this won’t make you a better ghost hawk pilot


      Those are fighting words

    4. Slumberjack


      @Millennium You're telling me you don't play over a table cloth?


  10. Ordering this little guy rn


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    2. Fuck Cops
    3. Fat Clemenza

      Fat Clemenza

      Hope you actually got the P400A over the P400. Have the P400A and the mesh front grille is waaayyy better than the closed off P400 front.

    4. Greenbum
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