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  1. So you're the better GOAT right?
  2. Also depends on the ban, if it's a permanent ban, they have an awfully long time to look at the ban appeal. If it's just a 3-day ban, then the staff member should look at the ban appeal before the 3 days are up of course, preferably ASAP.
  3. Read again, won't have more channels than there are currently. Will fix As for those requesting Channel Admin make a support ticket or contact me in TeamSpeak. Also:
  4. It's one of the perks that come with donating $50 for V.I.P., you don't have to have the channel, just another option.
  5. Hello Olympus boys and girls, Two things for you today, let's start with the first being the VIP channel purge. VIP Channel Purge: I'll be conducting my annual VIP channel purge. This is to cut down on the amount of channels in TeamSpeak, so hopefully there's less clutter in the TeamSpeak channels. In order for your channel NOT to get deleted, please add exactly this at the top of your description: "pleasedontdelete2020" and your (the channel owner)'s forum name. If you choose to add something else other than that or don't add that to your channel description, then your channel will get deleted on 4/8/2020. This is because people currently have a variation of "don't delete" from the last purge. If your channel gets deleted, don't fret, you can always re-claim the channel by creating a "Donation Support" ticket. It is your prerogative by donating the proper amount to have a VIP TeamSpeak channel, but if you don't use it please don't claim the channel - again, to reduce clutter and the amount of channels in the TeamSpeak. If you can't edit the channel description because you're not the Channel Admin to your channel, please create a "Donation Support" ticket so we can rectify that. Next, the private gang channels. Private Gang Channels: Today we'll be introducing something new to the TeamSpeak: Private Gang Channels. If your gang doesn't want to use discord and you want a TeamSpeak base without purchasing your own TeamSpeak server and already have some people that are already V.I.P. donors+, look no further. The private gang channels are going to be an option in lieu to the V.I.P. TeamSpeak channel. By donating $50+ and receiving the V.I.P. rank you'll be able to choose between either having a V.I.P. channel or having a private gang channel. How it works is this: If a V.I.P. in your gang chooses to redeem the private gang channel, then you'll receive the base gang channel. Then, if you want, more V.I.P.'s can join in and also add their channel redemption to your gang, increasing the amount of channels your gang has access to. For example, a gang that has 4 V.I.P.'s redeem channels towards the gang can get something that looks like this for their gang: The private gang channels are housed in a separate place right above the current V.I.P. channels and can be a cool option in lieu to choosing the good ol' private channel. If you already have a private channel to yourself and you'd rather redeem a private gang channel, all you have to do is either create a 'Donation Support' ticket through our support system, or contacting me (destruct) in TeamSpeak by going to the 'Olympus Staff Directory' at the top of TeamSpeak, right-clicking my name in the description and shooting me a message in TeamSpeak. Make sure to specify which private channel was yours so that we can either move it to the private gang channels or delete it and create a new channel for you. Thanks for readin', if you have any questions, post them below.
  6. Rabid and Destruct or receive 500 downvotes on your account.
  7. bye bye see ya but truth is: YOU'LL BE BACK stay happy and healthy
  8. Chapter 5: Aviation Warning shots may be given to air units (including the R&R) if you do not wish for them to land near your location (3 single rounds shot not directly at the air unit). If a person does not fly away after given warning shots, you may then open fire on them. If in a helicopter, you may send a text to another vehicle to engage RP. Against R&R, warning shots are only acceptable in redzones on air and ground units. Chapter 13: Red / Illegal Zone / Rebel Outposts 5. Medics may only be killed inside an illegal zone if the following criteria is met, a Medic must be warned to leave the area through either an EMS text, Direct Chat, or Warning Shots before a Medic is killed. (Firing warning shots at a Medic may only be done inside illegal zones) 5 seconds must be given to give the Medic enough time to leave the area. If the Medic abides by the warning and tries to leave the area then you cannot continue shooting at the Medic.
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