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  1. Bruh what was wrong with that status update?

  2. Codeyetis its been a long time maneee



  3. Imagine @Conte actually being 37

    1. Skys


      i think you accidentally added the 3 when you typed 7

    2. TheoryB


      your skydiving and your chute doesn't deploy what do you do

  4. I usually agree with you, but honestly, what's the point of sAPD if they aren't "real" managers? (Actual question, not rhetorical lol) EDIT: To explain, I think that APD became what it was when I stopped playing because people started feeling that they had to make every decision objectively. If you can't handle making decisions well, then you shouldn't be sAPD. I think it's funny how nobody interpreted this as the ability to promote if you're unfit for a lower rank. If you think that the APD leadership doesn't deserve your trust in their decisions, then don't partake in their APD. EDIT2: I don't know much about the current sAPD, so who knows what it actually means. I'm clearly not in the majority here haha
  5. @Zahzi that gang wars top bar toast gives me a little bit of cancer after the first like 5 times I see it ;)

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    2. Zahzi


      Yeah me too but blame @Ryan

    3. codeYeTi


      @Grandma Gary I know you're old and senile and all, but the rest of us aren't used to having popups everywhere making our face look like your profile picture 😉

      @Zahzi it was mostly a joke lol, but it should probably not show up after the first time that you close it

    4. Zahzi


      Yeah, but this Ryan guy wanted it there lmao

  6. @Corporal Moob thanks for helping make Olympus what it is today. Happy birthday.

    People forget that without the old-school guys tolerating the game in the state it was in, we wouldn't have what we do now.

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    2. codeYeTi


      @Skys Eh, we'll see. I miss you guys lots. I needed some time after all that garbo, but we'll see. The game and server have potential still, despite the game being on the out in general

    3. Skys


      Miss playing with ya bud 😉

    4. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      There are no dev's now - only skin and map designers

  7. Some super-cheap b-die if anyone’s building.


    Probably not on the QVL most places like G.skill stuff but manually inputting timings should  do it

    1. Revise


      have 3200mhz of that same ram with a r5 3600 and it works fine

    2. Skys


      dad why are you so cute

    3. Skorch


      most ppl aren't going to majorly benefit from b-die

  8. Happy Birthday 🎂

  9. With all the bashing of the recent update going on, thought I'd go the other direction and say that the new rebel NPC naming + all looks pretty nice.

  10. Wow. Despite what I heard towards the end, I actually thought you had a great attitude, so I guess once again I'll leave you with the same advice. Do what keeps your interest, and stop the minute it stops being interesting, and you'll never hate what you do.

    GLHF @ikiled. TBH, wasn't expecting that one. Thanks for at least temporarily carrying the quite thankless torch.

  11. #BringYeTiBack @TheCmdrRex @Zahzi

    1. Strikke


      @codeYeTi Did you get Arma 3 multiplayer to fully work with the new Proton update? The review on version 4.11-5 says it works but when i tried it still crashes after 15min 😞

    2. monsterr
    3. Kedar
  12. Wow everything I’ve ever said about you was tight, wasn’t it?
  13. Certified video of TI playing.


    1. Haze


      We got a fan !!!

    2. proud
    3. Elements


      lol like those chubby cant move there body that fast

  14. Yea honestly we were do for someone to take a stand, but dear Oly community: witch hunting is bad.

    Maybe beneficial to me right now, but that shit is still bad

  15. Wow holy crap

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    2. Millennium


      13 minutes ago, Jimmy Jarvis said:

      bring back yeti

      dont think its worth it at this point. Staff is pretty fucking shit now

    3. Skys


      6 minutes ago, Millennium said:

      dont think its worth it at this point. Staff is pretty fucking shit now

      How dare you its always worth to bring yeti back he is our only hope for a dev with competence 

    4. Masoooooooooon

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