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  1. Congrats on another role you can be inactive in @ Decimus

  2. If you post a clip of you turning ATOC off in your graphics settings and the bug persisting, I'll eat my hat (and my words).
  3. I probably shouldn't try to be productive here, but fuck it I'll chime in. There has been a well-known fix for this for a while (2+ months, and I found it within 5mins of googling when a gang member mentioned it), so I think punishing players knowingly abusing it is the right choice. That said, there's definitely some people who don't know that there's a fix available. To solve that, I think maybe a PSA on the forums would be worth it to notify people experiencing the issue what they should do to fix it, and that they will receive administrative punishment for not complying. Lastly, I agree with Bojo that regardless of the above, any action taken should be applied in a uniform manner, given all other variables (timing of report, ban history, etc.) being equal. I don't know when the report that @ SPBojo is talking about was submitted, so it may have been ages ago, when the issue was new, and it's not reasonable to expect people to have known the fix. I don't know if that's the case though; I just wanted to mention that it's a possibility. At the end of the day, in my opinion, a simple PSA either on the load screen or the forums could have prevented any ambiguity with regards to this. I still think that by this point, anyone running their game in the broken state should know better and be punished, but I think the transparency of just a PSA could have made it much clearer. tl;dr - I agree with the bans, but think they should be applied in a uniform manner. I also think that a PSA from staff about the issue could have helped to remove ambiguity and notify the uninformed about how to resolve the issue on their end. Side note - AMD... stop breaking your shader compiler in driver updates. kthxbai
  4. Shit. Engine update when I wanted to play. Thanks Bohemia.

    1. SPBojo


      go fix gangsheds, slave

    2. Noahhh!


      All my homies hate Bohemia.

    3. Mr Josh

      Mr Josh

      They are doing you a favor

  5. That was Watkins Glen haha. I put us in the wall in the S's at Road Atlanta after an LMP2 pushed us wide. (we were in GTLM there).
  6. I'm okay. P2 in 24hrs of Daytona, P8 in 24h of Nurbs. I just can't drive road atlanta for SHITE I know this isn't what you meant... but xD @ PUG
  7. lol I'm gonna yell "struggle" and see what they say
  8. You're civ council, well then help the man!
  9. I don't recall being anywhere near a zone, and I'm not healing right now either. Full Food+Water. Don't get me wrong I never liked that, but it does appear that there's at least *something* up with it.
  10. Bruhhhhhhh safari hat YASSS

  11. I literally had to pick through your post history to figure out who you were with the name change.

    Nice job through Eau Rouge in Q3 bub

    1. Mr Josh

      Mr Josh

      Fuck you, Lando Norris is the best driver on the grid you fucking chimpanzee 

    2. codeYeTi


      Put russell in the Bottmobile and we'll see who wins

    3. Mr Josh

      Mr Josh

      George Russell got to drive Lewis Hamilton’s car and still couldn’t finish top 5

  12. Yuh BattlEye is misspelled in the olympus+ Ad thing

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Peterr


      uh which one? can’t remember typing battleye 

    3. codeYeTi


      @ Peterr I clicked the "Olympus+" banner on mobile, and it took me to a full-page ad with pictures of some skins and descriptions (3 across), the middle one was a "BATTLEEYE" instead of "BATTLEYE" yellow ifrit pic.

      Honestly nobody gonna notice but I just saw it

      Here's the page because apparently I can't attach files on here anymore, but - https://olympus-entertainment.com/subscriptions/1/

    4. Peterr


      ah yes that’s made by theory another designer. 

  13. Seeing @ Sociopathic 's "last online" on my Steam friends list still makes me sad.

    @ Millennium ... apparently started from the banned now we're here?

    @ Mason Harrison Just quit this game already.

    @ Winters Always thought you'd be a decent chief.

    See you all again in a few years when check the site again xD

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    2. Millennium


      Wowoow i just leave the forums open on my computer. Doesn’t mean im actively looking at it or anything

    3. Mr Josh
    4. codeYeTi
  14. Bruh what was wrong with that status update?

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