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  1. My status seems to always get locked. Probably becauseI call out issues that no one wants to deal with. 

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    2. Linka


      @John Wayne from the information I have gathered, it has seemed mr FitterFlakes has been absolutely corrupted by the community. He has learned to attack others with slurs, multiple cases of RDM, and a lot of support room banter. Now as for my sources, they wish to be kept unnamed. Will report more once I get the information!



      @Ryan please endorse this, @gaz is my partner and we will make the server juicy

    3. FitterFlakes


      the lord does not like when you lie about me

      never lied

      never slurred

      never had a good time in support room


    4. Linka


      I saw the evidence FitterFlakes

      you said you would destroy the sith, not become one of them!

  2. @SummeDummkopf what's up with all the RDM at Kavala? What's up with you shooting my car up every time I spawn it? Or tazing me for no reason and leaving me at 10 health every time you see me.


    You seem to think the rules only bend for you or something. You killed me like 5 times in kavala today

  3. Yet another night ruined on the server. Was trying to do something legal, making concrete. My friend and I were selling it and then go rolled up on by two guys in a car. They kept ramming my truck until they hit it and it exploded the tires, then they got out and killed us. Pretty normal shit on here.

    Then after that happened we spawned in Pyrgos and we got guns and was hanging around the gas station and a cop passes around us like 5 times. Then he looks up to see if we are wanted, then runs me over and gets out I get one shot off and then I am tazed and then my friend is. Kid just VDMed us to get us restrained. Bullshit, I went into teamspeak and talked with support for a while but it's just like it always is. You explain it to one member, then another support member joins and you have to explain it again. I probably explained it 6 different times and nothing was really done.


    I'm not even going to talk about the Sr. Civil Council dude calling me a retard in the support channel.


    It's just bullshit bro and ruins the server. Like I don't even wanna play after all that, what's the point? Might as well as just start breaking the rules like everyone else. What's the point anymore?


    I'm redownloading ArmA 2 

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    2. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      Fitter - as a senior member here I’d say to expect to deal with players break the rules. Once you have enough money, which is much easier to get now, you will care less about the few that break them.

      Right now there are a lot of covid players that don’t expect to stay here long and won’t care if they take a ban. The staff however will never, in my sad 6 years of being here, ever actively watch players in game to issue live bans. Nobody can expect that waste of time for staff. 

      Id say right now your more mad about losing the money and effort required to earn it than the player breaking the rule.

      with all the desync going on from Bohemia update and the greedy apd as usual I have no doubt in my mind about your story being true. 

    3. Creepy


      @FitterFlakes how am I supposed to "deal with misconduct" when you don't report it?

      Even if I was spectating and SAW someone clap you, how am I supposed to know you weren't text engaged, verbal engaged, etc?

      You're making little sense.

    4. Ryan


      26 minutes ago, FitterFlakes said:

      Yeah, @Creepy @Headless if I were to actually do that for every single player breaking the rules on the server - the first week I wouldn't even be able to play I'd be uploading youtube videos every two hours - just so @Ryan can get more revenue. I mean sure, I play for free but why should I pay @Ryan in mental work when he should have active admins on the server dealing with misconduct. In GMOD people get teleported to a situation room, why not ARMA? Heh

      Im sorry you had a bad experience, seriously am. However you did @ me so I can obviously see this, and instead of it being something productive, its something that is completely irrelevant to your argument, which makes me not want to help you at all. Although im pretty open about where the money on Olympus goes (devs, actual cash giveaways, external services to run Olympus, Olympus itself, the rare occasions @Zahzi needs me to buy some shit), I dont make as much money off Olympus as people make it out to be, nor is it any of your business. Now relating my "revenue" to a server that I own, in which I would think I have the full right to receive any revenue if theres even any to take, to you being lazy and not wanting to report your problems to the proper ticket system, is beyond stupid. I dont make money off you reporting people. If you got a report you can submit it where it should go, if not, then this forum post will take you nowhere. Gmod doesnt always have staff online, so the shit storm will always continue + arma aint gmod. If you want a gmod experience you can head on down there. Report system is in place for a reason, as its been proven to be much more efficient then the "Gmod" methods. Locking this thread now.

  4. they deleted my status update! 😞 THEY NEED TO GO TO CHURCH!


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    2. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      Yeah. To each their own. Spread that shit bruh! 

    3. ooooooooo
    4. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      Yup. Here. 

  5. if you're serious i'll send you 200k




    1. destruct


      Hello, I'd like you to give this a read:


      This status update is violating point number 2 of my bible,


      Develop a professional image

      Please make sure to rectify these issues.

    2. FitterFlakes


      I'll be 100% to take in all feedback! 

  7. I'd appreciate more feedback left on my page than the downvotes 😉

  8. I saw you left a downvote on my profile without giving any feedback. I'd encourage you to give this a read. It's very insightful, and I think being an Elite user you can gain alot from reading it. 


  9. I saw you left a downvote on my profile without giving any feedback. I'd encourage you to give this a read. Telling my to kill myself is against the rules, and it's not funny.


  10. You gave my post a downvote, but didn't provide any feedback. 




    I would just like to say Chapter 8: Rule 4 is a stupid rule.

    It's unrefined, and a very weak rule. I'm going to be banned because I took the clothes of a player and requested 50k from his gang. I didn't clasify as removing his clothes are robbing because I am not taking possession of his items. 

    It's not robbing if you don't take their items. I removed his clothes for humiliation. I didn't take anything from him, just removed his clothes. I then asked his gang to send me 50k or he wouldn't get released.


    I play on this server everyday and it's just a stupid rule that I am going to get banned for up to 3 days because of that sitation. That player is just mad that he got fucking ziptied. 



    Also, I put in a request for Support Team. I hope I get to join them, but I am not sure. I don't really think the staff like me that much, but I really like playing on the server </3. 





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    2. FitterFlakes




      That's an interesting GIF you've posted. I think it's unfair for you to make that assestment without thinking about how vague Chapter 8, Rule 4 is. It truly looks like it was typed out by a 12 year old. 


      A most discriptive, and a refreshed UI would be an easy, and GREAT thing to do for OE servers.

      Ryan just needs to pay me some money to fix this stuff. 

    3. John Echo

      John Echo

      After careful consideration of the rule. I now see the issue. I think the rule needs no attention and should stay exactly as it is. In the future I hope you will spend more time abiding by the rules we've been dealt versus challenging them when clearly they are absolutely and utterly perfect as they are. I may even print them out and keep them by my bedside at night and practice them over and over in my head as if they were my own personal bible.

    4. FitterFlakes


      Let's make personal bibles. ave-maria-oratory.thumb.jpg.7ca001f70b0504260abb760b8be067e2.jpg

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