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  1. snipeZ

    o7 grandma, will never forget the time you tried to do a hostage situation at a jailbreak. (P.S. 2:06 was my favorite part)
  2. snipeZ

    To be happy.
  3. I heard we were doing throw backs so here's a time when jet ski's were born.


  4. soulZ>snipeZ

  5. snipeZ

    I'm thankful for my perm cor....nvm
  6. snipeZ


    Man I fucking loved fighting BW.
  7. snipeZ

    o7 mate, I accept your apology for that report. I mean it only caused me to be roasted anytime I was on for 2 years.
  8. @Hylos Its about time my fucking pocket PO turned into a right-hand man corporal. Good fucking job brother.

    1. Hylos


      Thanks bro I appreciate it!

  9. Me on Valentines day
  10. snipeZ

    And yes, I did cry when typing this.
  11. snipeZ

    Well friends and foes, its time. After 760 days of being an APD member I got punched with the finale demotion of my career. Some of you may be sad and the others bouncing in joy that this toxic piece of shit is gone. May sound cheesy but being apart of this community was a wonderful experience that I'm glad I was able to live through. I got demoted/suspended/removed all multiple times and always thought to myself that I would never go anywhere in this community. Went from saying I'd never get PO to never get Corp all the way to never getting SGT (lowkey never did want LT doe lmao). Incase yer curious what cucked me this time I ordered a wave to go to the fed because a deputy was being vdm'd and I considered it *neutralized* (spoil alert, the other SRapd thought otherwise). No disrespect to any seniors however I gave my argument and they gave theirs. I love every senior right now except @Sandman because fuck him. NOW TIME FOR THE CRINGY @'ING @Hylos I love you like a brother, we may roast eachother sometimes but I never thought I'd have a friend as kind and thoughtful as you. You made every day on cop a wonderful one with nothing but laughter. I wish nothing but luck on your way to corporal. @CorNfLower Im sorry for recent in events which caused our bond to stretch. I'm sorry for every insult I said. You were a good friend who always looked out for me even when I did'nt care what happened to me. Your a good person and I'm glad I can call you a friend. Well I hope we are still friends. @Grego I may roast you every time you join my channel and think of you as a complete troll. But I want you to know that your still my right-hand man and always will be. I'm glad you got corporal and hope you keep it for as long as possible (they need a reason to take it away so dont give em one ) @last My greatest competitor for the end game SGT tags. I'm sorry that I took them when you deserved them more. You most likely would have done a whole lot more than me and I may or may not have shed a tear when I saw you resign. I saw you lose hope in achieving sgt and it really did hurt me because I always did want you to get it with me. I thought of you as not only competition but a partner. @Hoonter I noticed our talk between each other has faded and because of my shit tier memory I cant say to much. However I want you to know that your a good person and that I always did like you. (no homo) @Edge good luck with SGT bud. Hope you manage to last longer than I did. (btw the number you gotta beat is 82 days) @Deadpool im only @'ing you to say fuck you. (he had no involvement with my demotion but I still dont like the guy, he may or may not have tried to rip my tags many, and maaaany of times) @hawk Your always a Cy6 member by blood you fuck. You may have changed and pretend you hated Cy6 but its in your blood you cuck. @Deputy Dog I feel nothing but shame for letting you down. You where the only one who helped me reach where I got and the only person who showed kindness. I'm sorry for letting you down. @housekitty I'm the better son. o7 Olympus. You most certainly where never kind to me but you were a community that I always did love. Guess I just got to start focusing more on my education and job. I hope that every deputy that I was a leader of becomes a great cop. Remember to stay toxic yet always keep it fun. People say Olympus is dying because they get bored. However I never got bored because I always got on to laugh and have the others around me laugh aswell. I may have did it through straight up screaming insults all the way to self roasting. Man I suck at this. What I'm trying to say is whenever you hop on cop for grinding your hours. Dont forget to have fun and laugh, even if it means bending a rule or two. (just claim its RP). Goodbye, I may or may not come back, but if I do and you see me. Expect to laugh.
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    2. codeYeTi


      2 hours ago, Jimmy Jarvis said:

      wow 2 clips of you shooting people out of prowlers and qilin's you're so good! it isn't the fact if they're op or not it's to change the meta of pushes 

      and runs... and everything. Some freshness never done hurt nobody ;) 

    3. Toasty



    4. communistjosh


      Most of us "mortals" arent as good as you @snipeZ


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