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  1. You've been playing in-game and never said hi? Been a long bloody time since I seen you mate, hope your back and plan on joining the APD again.

  2. Would love to become support team, however I would most likely tell someone to shove his gopro up his ass when he tells me cops have NLR. Think I'm just going to stay the guy derp's and Po's come to when they want to know the correct answer to rules. *cough* @H4WK *cough*
  3. Honestly still surprised you brought 3 blasting charges. Must have known you are weak against the stealthy APD ninja's
  4. I'll always remember when your said you wanted to smash my enaged sister. o7 mate
  5. hey

    if you go to the support tab and make a ban appeal request you'll find out what happened. I'm assuming you have a recent VAC on your account, and I believe those are automatic bans. believe its a safety thing, you can prob get it appealed if it is the VAC.
  6. 76561198071522783
  7. I always loved being a sniper in DayZ so I just made my name snipeZ. used it ever since.
  8. Pretty sure this is proof that medics get offended over the littlest of things.
  9. can we keep this about server 3 instead of trash talk
  10. +1 a third server would be amazing

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