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  1. Can someone help me find my bullet? Cause i have no idea where it fucking went. https://gyazo.com/52f246db400dfa4cfc7dd59acb84ebc4

    Scope was zeroed at default 50.

    1. YaBoiNate


      Nikita took it

    2. buckie


      It fell asleep in mid air

  2. https://www.twitch.tv/kotton/clip/CleverCalmCrocodileDancingBanana

    I knew someone would guess wrong when they named the dude angel. Lol

    1. ooooooooo


      There is literally a picture of him

  3. Just wanted to test some editing features so i made this for fun. Hope yall like it.

  4. Can anybody help me select a monitor. I'm currently looking at This one. Anybody got any other recommendations? Looking for 27in, 2k, 144hz min.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Grandma Gary
    3. snipeZ


      Chose the VG27BQ that you linked. Thanks Grandma for showing me those renewed ones. I never bought renewed so hopefully nothing is wrong with it.

      Thanks again guys. 😃

    4. Monks
  5. Got immortal in val. Celebration montage soon™, so stay tuned 😜

    1. ooooooooo


      I did the rare two game rank up from D2 to D3

  6. Just got a shit ton of Steam points.

    1. ooooooooo


      Just got my IP

    2. monsterr


      man has $1.1k worth of steam points...

  7. World at war easily had the best campaign/zombies. Best multiplayer is mw2 doe.
  8. Halloween because every year i would get to watch "Scary Godmother". I also just consider it a more wholesome experience.
  9. Anyone planning on getting one of the new 3000's graphics cards coming out?

    1. YaBoiNate


      yeah my dad and I are gonna cop Ti's when they come out

    2. Monks


      mayb. gotta get em quick before the price shoots up though

    3. Claysive


      Plan to? Yes. Will I be able to actually get one? With my luck, prob not. They are gonna sell out quick I assume  


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