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  1. @DeadPool yer a cuck

    1. DeadPool


      Your welcom,e

    2. Ryan


      y i k e s

    3. TheoryB


      double   y    i    k    e    s

  2. Yeah ok guys, its clearly the Scorpion Evo 3 A1 9mm
  3. Proof of equipment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVXWxCxvMwA&feature=youtu.be stock: 12x Po7's / 6x MX's / 1x CMR / 1x 4-five / 1x Spar-16 / 3 ARCO's (Black) / 15x Rangemaster suit's / 9x NVG's (Black) / 6x Police caps / 10x Tactical vest's (Police) / 2x military caps / 5x Pilot Coveralls (Csat) / 1x Full Ghillie [Jungle] (Csat) / 1x black bipod / 1x Mine detector / 1x beret / 1x Fatigues [Green hex] (Csat) / 1x Carrier Rig (Black) / 57x 6.5mm STANAG / 16x Stones / 2x Tear Gas/ 1x SGT beret. PM offers.
  4. It has been sold for 1.3 mil ~ This bidding has now been closed.
  5. Selling Dominick's Mk1 taser. Picture of us with Dominick: https://gyazo.com/5862a2f14cc000ac27c7048f4ac24b5a If u need further proof of the gun i can get it when i get on. PM me offers
  6. https://gyazo.com/24aa979bf0d7e4ed6ec5022b0c50f8c6
  7. Anyways since somone dragged my name into this topic i might as well give my 2 cents. Idk the entire situation but from what i heard these guys werent afk. They were activity playing cop and having fun together. No rules forcing apd to constantly be active with civs. Sum it up, their on cop having fun together i think if anything they should have gotten a warning and not received discipline.
  8. Leave me out of this you cock gobblers. Oh and btw i wasnt in a redzone. . .
  9. You've been playing in-game and never said hi? Been a long bloody time since I seen you mate, hope your back and plan on joining the APD again.

  10. Would love to become support team, however I would most likely tell someone to shove his gopro up his ass when he tells me cops have NLR. Think I'm just going to stay the guy derp's and Po's come to when they want to know the correct answer to rules. *cough* @H4WK *cough*
  11. Honestly still surprised you brought 3 blasting charges. Must have known you are weak against the stealthy APD ninja's
  12. I'll always remember when your said you wanted to smash my enaged sister. o7 mate

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