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  1. Pretty sure this is proof that medics get offended over the littlest of things.
  2. can we keep this about server 3 instead of trash talk
  3. +1 a third server would be amazing
  4. I remember when I was a deputy and you and me had to 2v13 Tree, *including the 3 medics helping em* those were the cancerous days that I loved
  5. @Goodman
  6. Most certainly one of my more finest catches.
  7. stop this meme.
  8. Now the true question is. Why did u have a lockpick/frog in your Y inventory?
  9. Lethal force is authorized only when non-lethal force has failed or is inadequate to resolve the situation. ~handbook if a cop tazes a pilot in a orca do u think he will put on a jetpack and fly up to restrain you? Only solution to take you down is lethal force.
  10. Sure you still don't got no salt from that L you took at mushroom pro?