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  1.  Good to see differnt punishments for the same broken rule as long as long as they are liked or not. lmao

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    2. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      @Pledge is gay omega lOl

    3. Dank MeeMoo

      Dank MeeMoo

      48 minutes ago, Pledge said:

      Hey man! Next time you wanna take a shot at me for you making a fucked up call after a deputy got run over twice let me know with this cool handy @ symbol. Just saying theres a difference in treatment between a man who got his only disciplinary and was a chief for a month, held his current spot for 300 days and YOU who was a Sergeant for 90ish days and had two disciplinary actions in a single week for making bad calls. Don't call me out on the forums again or I swear to christ I will eviscerate you.

      God damn mans went sicko mode 

    4. Fake and Gay Grandma

      Fake and Gay Grandma

      @Pledge unfair tbh, coup planned. 

  2. snipeZ

    Quit acting like the R&R isn't the fucking billionaires of Olympus. They get discount vehicles that aren't allowed to be stolen, more fucking immunity than grandma gary in his bobcat, and earn fucking millions when all they have to do is be semi afk in kavala square being fed donations by rook bangers. Like for real shut the fuck up kid.
  3. snipeZ

  4. That's some weak ass shit @maxg

    This is how you PROPERLY DPI


  5. snipeZ

    https://gyazo.com/d0de511a30221b409e2d61c315f90aad Something here seems fishy.
  6. snipeZ

    @Bubbaloo Burrito
  7. Im pretty sure the IP rumors weren't the only reason people did'nt like you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGbQDPywJi4
  8. snipeZ

    @Corporal Moob
  9. snipeZ

    Mans may have been a little bit of a troll but he's still human. None of us know what he was dealing with in his personal life but if he made the decision to end his pain than we can do nothing more now than hope his pain is gone and that he's happy. No matter how scummy someone may be, no one deserves to hate their life to a point where suicide enters as a solution. May his soul rest in peace.
  10. @Hylos You'll always be my Pocket PO :wub:

  11. snipeZ

    @Grego @Mita APD > R&R
  12. Happy new year.

  13. snipeZ

    o7 grandma, will never forget the time you tried to do a hostage situation at a jailbreak. (P.S. 2:06 was my favorite part)

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