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  1. snipeZ

    The LIM, low recoil and it sounds like a fucking beast.
  2. -1 Only because of @Genghis Khan
  3. snipeZ

    Not my fault people at the terminal fly straight to warzone when I chase.
  4. snipeZ

    https://gyazo.com/da83e0b142e4c52e4a6ae7dc50f566f9 accidentally deleted some icons one day and to lazy to put em back.
  5. snipeZ

    ~If cops cared and valued their lives they could have easily taken out @LiL BiLL(The only one with the taser) Cops need to push a fortified position. We cant simply camouflage prone there. Its hard for me to value my life when I need to push a deerstand while being shot from multiple people. ~I was talking about the dome strat where cops could have easily waited for us to leave or hold angles to get us. nope retards pushed in the open So your saying we should give you the free 20mins of hiding in the dome then hope we can be able to get a lucky tase while u push out? ~Get better or leave kav How would u suppose to do a mass cqc training for cops? ~its really not that hard are you on fucking crack? most deputy's don't even know where the vault dome for the fed is. how is anyone suppose to have them defeat a crap ton of rebels with the best gear in the game.
  6. snipeZ

    Gotcha fam. I'll remember this when I need to lead my derputy army against 10 rebels in LT gear with the whole goal of ROBBING COPS.
  7. snipeZ

    ~Jesse Allows civs to tase and restrain cops. We do so at bw. When that was introduced it allowed civilians to only need to defeat a single APD wave. Why the literal fuck should civilians be able to win a FEDERAL EVENT with only defeating a one or two waves of cops? ~GOAT causes jesse to not allow cops to enter illegal vehicles. Civilians literally put an ifirit on the cop spawn preventing them from pulling cars. How the fuck do you think its fair making the cops RUN to the federal event because a hummingbird is preventing them from seizing it or else they would get removed from cop for combat siezeing. ~Memeshack and DB constantly take cop gear in kav. When masses of cops quit fucking playing cop because their CONSTANTLY being robbed you need to make a goddamn change. It should also be noted that none of your examples were a civilian strat change. It was a change made by jesse meaning the apd should also have a change that allows them to handle these new retarded meta's.
  8. Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys. Today was my final day in highschool. Leaving Florida to go to collage in NY. Cant wait until this new chapter in my life. :lol:

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    2. lou25000


      i live in NY welcome to the suck fucker

    3. Airborne
    4. Savage


      Where in NY 

  9. snipeZ

    Just some history knowledge. When WAR's were introduced to the server, people would WAR each other and group for lets say a BW. They would then kill each other in restraints because at the time you were allowed to kill enemy WAR members in restraints. The civilians abused this by WARing friends just incase they lost a fight against the cops.
  10. Take a small visit to civ life for a day and shiz like this happens to me xD


  11. When you titan a plane on cop but your recording was broken at the time  :FeelsBad:

  12. snipeZ

  13. snipeZ

    Didn't play with you that much but when i did you were really chill. I'm sad to see your going through this. I hope for the best for you man, take it easy. o7 comrade.
  14. Incase anyone was interested i recently found out that Sociopathic has passed away. He was drinking one night and took his own life. May that killer medic rest in piece. You were a good one. :(

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    2. Bahamut


      the 19th date goes with his profile, cuts off on the 18th

    3. snipeZ


      @Matt The Savage i provided the link to the staff, if they wish to provide it on forums or in PM's they can, however at the moment I'm not linking it for the privacy of his family.

    4. TheCmdrRex


      44 minutes ago, Matt The Savage said:

      @snipeZ Link it or it didn't happen 

      It's real. The obituary completely connects with everything.


  15. If i attend on cop, may i go "rogue" and target used to be comrades @TheCmdrRex?

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