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  1. Anyone got any headphone recommendations?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Mighty


      I have those hyperX cloud wireless headphones and they are great


    3. TheoryB
    4. Monks


      Ah yes I love me some good podes

  2. Jeeze this shit is making the APD look more professional.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cooper:P


      They didn't engage they just straight combat restrained him...

    3. Strae



    4. ooooooooo


      Officer has been dealt with the appropriate action. Please be sure to leave any proof you have submitted up for at least 2 weeks in case we need it for further review. 

      Thank you for the report.

  3. HMU if anyone wants to play some Tarkov

    1. Shabiki v2

      Shabiki v2

      nobody wants to play with u

  4. EFT wiped in case anyone is interested.

    1. MAV


      yikerrs - any reason why they did that?

    2. snipeZ


      its normal lol. with every "big" update comes a wipe. happens around every 5 months give or take.

    3. MAV


      ah, ok.. so what your saying is, since i havent played in 2 years this doesnt effect me at all....

  5. snipeZ


    Figured u might need this.
  6. Imagine not choosing to defend Kav Castle.
  7. Bruh I keep getting ddos'd by some random fucker on For Honor. SMH

    1. Jerrod


      Let's 1v1 fh rn 

      Ubisoft name - Bongwater.exe


    2. Billeh


      Just uno reverse him

  8. The shiz i gotta face in Valorant. 😕


  9. Why Dislike a post without saying a word? What didnt you agree with? 

    1. snipeZ


      can you cucks quit posting on my profile. i disliked it cause it was retarded.

    2. FitterFlakes


      @snipeZthere is no reason to call him the C word, and don't use the R word either.

  10. I saw you left a downvote on my profile without giving any feedback. I'd encourage you to give this a read. Telling my to kill myself is against the rules, and it's not funny.


  11. Valorant anyone?

  12. Harvesting season has arrived.

  13. https://gyazo.com/c75e435cea4701bfb47cf1e8d077ef7d

    Lets see how much i can lose in the stock market. ^_^

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. snipeZ


      @Bloodmoon https://gyazo.com/24040b38230bb4037ec60b5a6fcd2c3f

      No shit it wont hit 200 in 2 weeks lmao, if it did i'd be more worried about barricading my house than my money.

      I except a drop tmr and plan on selling when the markets open.

      You do know how options work right Bloodmoon?

    3. Bloodmoon


      Dog, SPY is not gonna drop that hard

    4. snipeZ


      Dog, im not expecting it to drop to 200/215.

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