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  1. Posted I was bringing it in your post.
  2. From experiance setting up these events is absolutely aids. Teleporting everyone, giving everyone money, spawning vehicles , deleting vehicles, making sure everyone is following the rules of the event. And then you always have that one kid that will sui vest the entire event at rebel while people are trying to get gear. And the worst part about events is one by one adding everyone that says add in chat. People spam it, people die then need to be re added, people get bugged so they need to soft log to even be added. I brought up to the devs a system that will automatically add players to events and all you have to do is press a button to accept to join. Similar to accepting a war request from other gangs. Was approved months ago so still waiting on that to be added which will make doing events alot easier. Also asked for a button to give players loadouts so you dont have the aids of passing out money for all the people that need gear to participate. That was also supposed to happen at the same time. So I guess stay tuned for that stuff to be added which will actually make doing those type of events less aids.
  3. I would buy a custom g horn if that was added.
  4. Outcast

    s1 wz Garage

    Therisa is getting spawn point with vendors soon. Not worth a ton now.
  5. o7 man. Was looking forward to those 90 applications. Take it easy.
  6. Doing events on server 1 now.

  7. Purge event on s2 now.

    1. Soulz


      Can cops come?

    2. Outcast



    3. Noodles:D


      Can black people come? Oh wait it's a shitty city their everywhere...

  8. Happy Birthday @Zahzi

    1. Mustache



    2. Mustache


      It said 69 ok not my fault you dumb fucks fucked it up

  9. Doing some events on server 1 right now.

  10.  @Outcast Happy Birthday Bro 

  11. Happy Birthday!

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