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  1. APD Coin Flips or Riot

  2. I feel like this is a joke.
  3. Its not gonna stay invisible if you got it from a cop.
  4. I will look into adding some things around the new frog pro.
  5. First time ever being banned, dude gives me 3 days lol NO WARNING AT ALL

    Great way to treat new players, this guy is a douche. 

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Homicide


      Okay buddy your an idiot first 3 days for rdm is the lowest can get and next u dont need prior warning follow rules and u wont get banned now for calling him a douche ur an idiot just puts u in ppls shit list ib this community our mods and admins do a great job and they do t even get paid they are volunteers so in the words of my friend @Panera Go love yourself trick

    3. xDRO


      17 hours ago, Savage said:

      We continuously tell you to READ THE RULES and when u decide not to, you get punished for it

      How you gonna defend the rules here?? but then cry about them when someone gets permd?

    4. Savage


      @xDRO clause these perms r stupid and shouldn't be a ban at all. Also u be crying about #Free Queach or some shit forgot which 1 got banned

  6. The old frog factory location was right beside the air terminal and within like 400 - 500 meters of a very popular police HQ. I think it will help a little with the amount of times it is checked by the APD.
  7. In the latest update we changed around some of the Illegal zone locations. We are looking for some feedback to see if the community likes the changes that were made. Below are the changes that were made to the map. • Frog Factory was moved to the old Moonshine distributor • Moonshine distributor was moved to the old Cow Manure field • Cow Manure field was moved closer to Sofia • Coke Field was moved a little more south on the map • Ephedra Field was moved to old Coke Field • Turtle Poaching near Pyrgos was moved closer to Pyrgos • Neo Drug dealer was moved more north of Neo • Black Market Heroin was moved back to DP19 Leave your comments and concerns below. If you don't like the changes explain why.
  8. All of the Illegal runs take the same time to process. The only 2 that are shorter is meth and moonshine because you have 3 different ingredients for it rather than just the 1.
  9. Congrats on mod dude @Stuuurrt

  10. Grats on Admin dude.

    1. Strikke


      Celebratory joint?


      oh wait nvm 


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