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  1. OutCast

    LMAO! Is some sAPD member telling you to pay for the hawk when you asked "Can we patrol in a Ghost Hawk?" Hawk insurance is like 380k if I remember correctly.
  2. OutCast

    Post them in this topic, please.
  3. OutCast

    @TheCmdrRex We got Sgt. the same day. Been working with you in the senior apd for a long time. Learned alot working with you and had fun. Even though we had some times where we didn't agree on something or see the same vision, you were a great chief. Thanks for saving my LT. rank and also giving me Lt. back when I left. Appreciate the trust in being your Dep Chief. Hope to play with you still 07. Good luck in College and life.

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    2. Bloodmoon


      Why'd you leak a video of a sr apd meeting?

    3. Jester


      What did i just watch

    4. communistjosh


      Alright so, @Jamie is the skinny one, Dili is the guy with the american flag shirt, and we all know which one is @Peter Long

  5. OutCast

    o7 big gay. Thanks for all the work you put in this community.
  6. OutCast

    o7 dude. You put a lot of work into Olympus and it would not be the same without you. Thanks for all the work and fun.
  7. OutCast

  8. ARMA is the problem here. The only way to fix it is to remove tables OR just don't run into tables.
  9. OutCast

    07 trapgod
  10. OutCast

    07 nibba. Was fun being apart of Senior Apd with you. Hopefully I will still see you around.
  11. Congrats to @Sho & @Luke Duke on Cpl.


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