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  1. OutCast

  2. Chapter X - Checkpoints & Patrol Guidelines Traffic Stops 1. Officers may conduct a traffic stop on vehicles when the driver or passenger is on the wanted list or is seen breaking traffic laws. 2. Officers may check players for licenses only if the driver of a vehicle or the passengers are wanted/have committed a crime in front of the officer. 3. Vehicles which fail to stop within a reasonable time may be cited for evading arrest. 4. Speed Limits are as follows: 1. Inside City limits - 75 Km/h 2. Outside city limits / back roads - 100 Km/h 3. Outside City limits / Highway - 125 Km/h APD Checkpoints 1. APD Checkpoints may only be conducted at stationary checkpoints on the map. 2. A Patrol Officer or higher must be present. 3. At least 3 APD members must be present to run a checkpoint. 4. Police vehicles must be parked at each checkpoint entrance with their lights on to notify the public that the checkpoint is active. 5. No person or vehicle can be searched without authorization from the owner of the vehicle. (Unless the officer has probable cause) 6. If they decline the search they must go out the way they came in. 7. If a civilian goes around the checkpoint it is considered checkpoint evasion and they can be pulled over and processed from that point 8. APD "Mobile" checkpoints may not be setup within 1km of a Red zone. Chapter XIII - APD Equipment & Ground Vehicles APD Tools 1. Weapons are to be carried in low-ready position when not engaged in a situation that warrants the use of the weapons. 2. Tear gas, smoke grenades and flashbangs are to be used in tactical situations only 3. Spike strips may be deployed on suspects utilizing ground vehicles who are attempting to evade the APD. Spike strips may be used in any situation provided they disable only suspects that the APD is actively engaged with. 4. GPS Trackers may be used anytime, anywhere, for anything. 5. Bolt Cutters are ONLY to be used by Patrol Officers or higher when the owner of a house is NOT online. 6. The SDAR can be used by POs+ without approval of a Sergeant as long as the suspect is in the water or there is no other way of dealing with him (I.E. Suspect is on an unreachable roof). In other words, use it as a last resort. 1. In all other cases, a Sergeant or higher will need to approve the use of an SDAR. 1. SDARs may only be authorized at the Federal Reserve and Blackwater with less than 5 minutes left on the bomb timer and a text must be sent to the gang/group participating in the event that SDARs are being authorized. 2. This does not mean you will be able to store an SDAR in your backpack. After you have used the SDAR, seize it. 1. Exception: Exception: You may have an SDAR in your backpack during Boat Patrols and must be seized after the patrol is over. 7. APD Officers are only authorized to use equipment available to them at their rank in the APD Shop. 8. Bait Appliances may only be used on bait cars not intended for unmarked patrol. (No civilian or standard police vehicles) 9. Road Kits may be used by Patrol Officers or higher to invigorate roleplay as long as they are used in a non-excessive or non-abusive manner. Note: After discussion at the staff meeting, we have decided to remove Road Kits from the server. With this we decided to go ahead and remove the use of "mobile" checkpoints as well. Since checkpoints can now only be conducted at the defined checkpoint markers on the map, we will be reworking and possibly moving some of the current checkpoint locations.
  3. OutCast

    Discord is terrible.
  4. Chapter XI - Illegal Areas 9. For federal event robberies/jailbreaks:  1. No RP is required to engage rebels that are participating in a federal event. All APD are free to fire on rebels in these circumstances. If you see a rebel (Clearly participating in a federal event) you can shoot them. 2. If in the instance there are multiple federal events going on at one time, the order of priority to respond is the Blackwater first, Federal Reserve second, and Jail last. 3. APD are not to enter the Blackwater dome and Federal Reserve dome prior to an active robbery unless someone is trapped inside. 4. If 5 or less APD members are online during a jail break then APD are NOT required to follow Wave Rule. 5. APD officers are not to open the locked Federal Reserve door during an active robbery. Note : Officers are not supposed to be able to open the opposite locked door at the Fed dome during an active robbery. A script was supposed to prevent cops from doing this and the door is supposed to open automatically after bomb blows. Once the bomb blows it is fine for cops to open the door that was not opened by civs.
  5. OutCast

    Next time they will just be smarter about not getting caught.
  6. OutCast

    This is proof.
  7. 082a58bf8efc40f2fde44baaddb3c6e5.jpg




    All from a 3 Hour cop session. 

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    2. indian


      I’m aware that they wanted to fight cops because there is no one else to fight. You have to realize that if there were other people pushing or actively fighting plague, they would have most definitely been pissed by the 10s of cop hatch’s heading their way from behind them that were called in by roaches. Also with the amount of lag that would be  present on cap after cop hatch’s are littered with lights or/and sirens, OG would almost be unplayable.

      And while some of these things I mention don’t necessarily happen too often, it’s good to set in guidelines and rules that prevent these insanely frustrating events from ever occurring.

      Edited by indian
    3. tacosmell


      If cops start coming and it’s a problem. Leave cap. I can promise if a senior raids and dies, he’ll come back. If he raids and cap is vacant, he won’t come back. 

      I mean there is plenty of places you can go for a short amount of time just to avoid cops. Warzone is massive and they are not going to look around forever. 

    4. sped


      Damn this was like a week ago or something, I remember sending you that text fearing for my life, it was serious we needed you

  8. Congrats on fto @Hylos

    1. Hylos


      thanks appreciate it!

  9. Congrats @Ryan

    1. Ryan


      Thx it was a lot of hard work and training, but I finally achieved the goal!

    2. tacosmell
  10. Congrats @Xeltini well deserved.

    1. Ignis


      When you just copy and paste someone else's update.


    2. Xeltini


      Thank you Mr Deputy Chief of Police sir. I can now officially leave kavala. You should try it someday.

  11. Can you please look at my ban appeal, it was a false ban and I have been waiting 20 hours.

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    2. Fusah


      @OutCast smh.. still false banning people

    3. Drama


      you were probably afk, it was deserved

    4. Gf.


      if anything doing this will probably delay your appeal, f.


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