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  1. OutCast

  2. ARMA is the problem here. The only way to fix it is to remove tables OR just don't run into tables.
  3. OutCast

    07 trapgod
  4. OutCast

    07 nibba. Was fun being apart of Senior Apd with you. Hopefully I will still see you around.
  5. Congrats to @Sho & @Luke Duke on Cpl.

  6. Anyone with [OS] tags are KOS for this month. Just a reminder.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Dante


      If they share tags then yes

    3. Ryan


      2 hours ago, Dante said:

      If they share tags then yes

      So basically what I’m reading is... there will be a shit show in kavala :) 

    4. Dante


      Already was on earlier it was fun af

  7. Happy Birthday @Fusah

  8. OutCast

    Free the man.
  9. Happy birthday @falcon

    1. falcon


      thank you qt ;) :wub:

  10. What rule did i break btw? 

    1. Jesse
    2. Condog


      @Jesse i did one of them he just said "i broke a rule" 

  11. What did I wake up to?


    1. SPBojo


      Only bad news today. Snipez got SGT, Strugglebus left....:FeelsBad:

      + rex is still chief :Kappa:

    2. thor


      the killing on the apd

    3. max^


      fushigi is still a LT 


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