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  1. Outcast

    @Ignis 07 homie, make sure to send me daily snaps of your vehicle now since you left snap group!
  2. Outcast

    @Peter Long we may have not gotten along these last few months, but I can say that you definitely invested lots of time and work into this community which I know you care so much about and honestly never thought this would happen. I remember you always saying you would be the last one to leave Olympus. I respect you for choosing to leave rather than go inactive for a long time. Hope everything works out with your personal issues! 07
  3. Outcast

  4. Outcast

  5. Happy birthday @hawk

    1. hawk


      Thanks Outcast buy me some weed ;)

  6. Outcast

    That's probably the last .338 suppressor to ever be robbed of a cop.
  7. Outcast

  8. Gratz on Corp dude @Soulz

  9. Outcast

    Anyone even have one of these, I've never seen a senior use it.
  10. Happy bday man

  11. Happy Birthday BrothaCain :wub: 

  12. I think its time for you to go too. eta?

  13. Outcast

  14. Outcast

    07 dude, had a blast arguing with you all the time. Thanks for actually voicing your opinion in the APD. Enjoy retirement

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