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  1. Difference is on anzus is that there are gangs that have good players, only gangs on oly that have good players exclusively sit inside warzone and never leave because they are self sufficient there. So then you have these groups that try and do 20+ man federal events and still lose, so then they think the apd is OP because they won't consolidate into 1 gang and kick the shitters.
  2. Haha imagine the freakout you and civ council would have if we tried doing something for PO+
  3. Couldn't imagine complaining about the apd and STILL winning. Back in the day you'd be laughed off the server, idk how gang life has gotten so bad.
  4. Hey, at least suwoop lowered the bar so much you can pretty much be afk and do better than him, also go make your own memes squidward soundin ass
  5. Literally the only time I have seen people not seize a weapon is if they agree to pay their ticket, which at that point you're just taking payment in exchange for them letting have an illegal item, basically corruption.
  6. 1st off 7 man fed they deserve to lose, but considering there's no lethals and there are deputies so they basically do nothing, then I would have me and one other senior come and tell the third to leave.
  7. Yea, lets just stack every fed so the civs never win. this is Just fake news, I have no problem with letting new players keep their weapons if they are interactive, not an asshole, and weren't doing a pharma, bank, etc.
  8. Better than 2 dead servers.
  9. Dev team does NOT abuse their power.

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