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  1. Crying about cop stack for 1 fed when civs win majority of feds anyway, man you would've been eaten alive back in the day for posting this haha.
  2. You can't nerf plane runs when you can infinitely self sustain on warzone without ever leaving, all while being immune to cops.
  3. There is no solution with the current server management, you can't have a good server with people that seemingly don't care about it. I feel like you either ignored the first page of my recent posts or just don't understand what I've said, so I'll put it plainly for you here, stop catering to cartel players when they are the lowest playerbase outside of the conquests that happen 3 times a week, warzone was never meant to be some invincibility zone where you can self-sustain. Add stuff for the people that actually login everyday, not people that play asylum or eu servers during non-conquest hours. Also in some of those posts I didn't even talk about the server being dead lol.
  4. Show me a post where I insulted someone for playing on this dead server. Not sure what else you're getting at with me bashing the server, sure I do it publicly, and the majority of staff do it privately.
  5. Deadpool was definitely not worse, pretty sure you were never at any of the staff meetings when deadpool was around, and not many civ council meetings, Deadpool was definitely more competent, not to mention that maj picked suwoop for head literally as a joke. Also not mad at all that maj came to staff meetings, just find it hilarious that suwoop was so incompetent he needed maj to push his ideas for him.
  6. Still wildly misinformed and retarded I see, better get maj over here, he might be able to make your argument for you.
  7. Still mad about being the worst head civ council needing maj to come to staff meetings to push your ideas for you.
  8. It's definitely at its lowest point excluding wipe, can't even fill up 1 server and majority of the content made in the past year is geared toward cartel retards that are invincible on warzone and can self-sustain there, practically living on a cqc server.

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