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  1. wtb tasers pm me

  2. People that have used aimbot and esp on the server have been unbanned before, just wait 6 months to a year.
  3. Nope, we never stored gold in houses. Exploiting to store gear in houses goes way further back than 2019.
  4. Which gang has the most closet hackers?
  5. Bring back the apd vermin

    1. Doof


      Suppressed vermin > anything else

    2. Silton


      Only if they bring back 10k csats

  6. Something fun added for the apd? REEEE
  7. Using forum join dates to guess when someone started playing is the lowest iq thing you could do, you go off the stats page.
  8. It's a video game get over yourself. Whoever invited you back into the gang made a huge mistake, you were kicked for a very good reason, being retarded.
  9. You missed the part where they get slapped at bw's, new gen tree is cancer.
  10. News flash, the APD does not exist to ensure every person is having a fun time or to coddle players.

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