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  1. Bloodmoon

    It's dumb
  2. Bloodmoon

    tfw CPL+ can't bait lethals with silent orca drop anymore
  3. Bloodmoon

    Fuck off retarded sperg
  4. Bloodmoon

    I, however, will sell to pigs. 3m for a dms and 17m for a 338 sup.
  5. selling 7.62 sup, 338 sup, 2 dms, 2 mar10's, 2k warpoints

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    2. Unjo


      20 minutes ago, Bloodmoon said:


      total is 5m, proceed to olympus teamspeak for checkout.

      Unrecognised item in bagging area

    3. Bloodmoon


      mar10 + 7 mags sold

      remaining items: 7.62 sup - 5m / 338 sup - 17m / 2 dms - 3m each / mar10 - 2m

    4. Bloodmoon


      Both mar10's sold

      remaining items: 7.62 sup - 5m / 338 sup - 17m / 2 dms - 3m each 

  6. Close server 3 permanently, give everyone an opportunity to move gear to different servers and comp for houses/sheds.

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    2. Metal


      I hate you, but +1

    3. Hadi Mokdad
    4. TheCmdrRex


      I’ve been looking at it for a while know and brought it up to Ryan the other day. Probably gonna happen if it doesn’t change within the next few weeks.

  7. @MAV Comp doesn't matter anymore? Got it.

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    2. Headless


      Gentlemen, Obviously this is going nowhere both of you have a different option. Can we agree that we all feel just as much passionate about the server, rules, and procedures as you both have displayed here?

      At the end of the day, a mistake is a mistake. and should be forgiven. If the person is genuinely sorry and comps the player.

      Doing something with purpose/lying/malicious intent is something the staff takes seriously.

      Let's stop before things get out of hand?

      We can play uno scribble io or do an event if an admin isn't too busy today would be a lot of fun on the weekend.

    3. MAV


      Nah I'm cool, on vacation actually, just wanted to clear the air before people actually thought you can't comp on simple accidental rule breaking is all.. don't really mind being @'d, come with the job ..

    4. N7Zero


      ya'll a bunch of hoes, free my boy or im shutting down ur power grids. ON GUARD

  8. 2 Slots on runs for civ council 


    1. Millennium


      might need to edit the bottom part

  9. Bloodmoon

    so we back in the mine
  10. Bloodmoon

    3-1 rules are still the same.
  11. Bloodmoon

    Because when a cop is outnumbered and engaged they should put their hands up in order to value their life, no matter the intent.
  12. Staff leaking sapd information
  13. Bloodmoon


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