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  1. Protip: You may combat seize a vehicle when any means despite it being a server rule. 

  2. >2019

    >Thinking this is RVD 🤡


  3. @Rossco This is how you allow your support team members to conduct themselves?
  4. >tfw no greentext on Olympus forums
  5. And plenty more that run around with vibranium armor on a chief whitelist.
  6. -25% send to jail money 150k lethal cap Make illegal items search for what they're currently worth when searched.
  7. Man, not like I'm watching a video with you and another medic breaking rules, just quit again already.
  8. I see a senior medic and you evading arrest and getting piped by a hawk because you didn't follow their instructions. Sounds like enough for me.
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