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  1. grats on corporal @Proud

    1. Fedot
    2. Proud


      I came into MC ts and first thing i hear is 10 people saying "Congrats on corporal"

  2. dms - 8 mil
  3. +1 good tage
  4. Now selling my anti-vigilante package. For a negotiable price I will sit at your gang shed and kill any vigilantes that show up.

    1. Vertigo


      you tried to vigi me bloodmoon im dissapointed in you >"(

  5. Love how right after you get restrained you prolly start quoting rules and saying he is lag switching or something.
  6. Here is a tip on how to get a second chance.
  7. @Prime rib
  8. 250k
  9. To become the best montagne main that has ever lived
  10. Damn, didn't know scorcher was in last months donation goal.
  11. Why don't you just go to his house and go on his computer to get the money back and get him banned for rdm or something.
  12. But did he land it on the beach and drive it all the way to square?

    1. Unjo



      That LOTR music at the end as well

    2. ChrisGG


      excellent journalism there

    3. Mustache_Schultz
  14. ill buy em both for 3 mil just pm me screenshots and time you're available.

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