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  1. Give s2 the s3 treatment and close it during nonpeak hours.

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    2. Strafe


      pog is the arma life pop dying i havent been on the fourm in a month

    3. Silton


      5 minutes ago, Bloodmoon said:

      s3 never has been a temp server until recently. 

      It's been on and off for years whereas the other servers have been on permanently for a long time

    4. Seth M.

      Seth M.

      2 hours ago, Bloodmoon said:

      s3 never has been a temp server until recently. 

      Just let the cesspool die Moonblood, it's over brother.

  2. Damn, the fabled 100% 


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    2. Mr GOAT

      Mr GOAT

      hard to pursue when we are endlessly paying for loadouts

      ^ will be addressing that issue, so we can pursue the vehicle per your request

    3. Monks


      Maybe have some kind of tracking system on the bw vehicle for cops similar to the pharm zones until the vehicle is claimed at a chop shop? Kinda dogshit idea but we need something

    4. Silton


      @Mr GOAT wow paying for loadouts join the club. The only time I see pursuing a vehicle as difficult is when it's an air vehicle.

  3. Bloodmoon


    All gangs that would never dare to pull up to a fed.
  4. Cops must follow conquest rules (ie can only enter to follow somebody in 1st wave, must be lethals, cannot engage with other civilians) zzzz Auto-run now allows you to auto-swim if in the water huh? This is so easily abused, literally gonna be chasing a kid that is autoswimming away and he is gonna go for a ride to mcdonalds. No BW fixes No 50cal armed plane No APD titan Skins that only staff members with staff points will use
  5. fe10e712b0374f12384ce45c7a0f313f.png

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    2. Silton


      They really do be mad that they didn't get tier 3. You just want noahhh so you can push him around. Or me?? 

    3. swervy


      fr why give a 14 year old it like the kid hasn't learned long division yet

    4. billdroid


      Truuuuu swervy for head civ council. Zahzi’s dog has to go!!

  6. How you gonna kneepad SUWOOP??
  7. Can't fix bank if @Ryan won't even let civ council change it.
  8. Because they need a way to have an invincible AT for some reason.
  9. How have you guys not gotten runs buffed yet?
  10. c8f423e2660c8774b8250ce93396d7c8.gif

    40 armed planes 

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    2. ChicagoJack


      Just waiting on the .50 cal update for them and my garage will be looking similar..

    3. ChillX


      thats literally flexing 40mill lmao

    4. Ryan


      10 hours ago, ooooooooo said:



  11. t4 on bw vehicles needs to be removed ASAP

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    2. SuWooP


      12 minutes ago, rabid said:

      yo what's up guys Suwoop here on my android late to the staff meeting, fuck no blackwater buffs time to leave 

      Yo whats up guys my names rabid and i got the biggest ego on the server because I'm a sergeant even thought i got nothing going for me and everyone is inferior to me. I take claim for things that didn't happen so people think im cool.

    3. rabid


      @SuWooP you mad little man, wake up you are head civilian council on arma 3 roleplay milsim 😂

    4. SuWooP


      9 hours ago, rabid said:

      @SuWooP you mad little man, wake up you are head civilian council on arma 3 roleplay milsim 😂

      You realize you put in twice my hours to get sergeant and i dont let it get to me im still level headed with everyone and dont sit in an interrogation room for 40 hours a week playing by myself.

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