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  1. Bloodmoon

    Christmas deal of 15 mil, cheapest you will find on Olympus.
  2. Bloodmoon

  3. Bloodmoon

    3D printing
  4. Bloodmoon

    Thermal ENVG's 15 mil
  5. Bloodmoon


    -25 fps isn't possible.
  6. @draMa The lobbying efforts paid off :4head:

    1. draMa


      I appreciate all the efforts from Bloodmoon Lobbying LLC. #pockettreeadmin

  7. Bloodmoon

    cpl+ is inclusive to cpl's, the hunter issue could be fixed by limiting sAPD to only being allowed to pull 1 sAPD vehicle of the ground/air category at a time, for example 3 sgt's would be allowed to pull 3 hunters and hawks at a time.
  8. Bloodmoon

    Just was trying to show how the problem lies with cpl+ stacks and how PO and deps stacking is a nonissue at feds.
  9. Bloodmoon

    10 People for a fed is pretty small depending on the time you do it at, assuming you did a fed at peak time with ideal numbers which would be like 13 you would have a much easier time defending a stack of PO's/deputies rather than a mixed stack/lethal stack. PO's/deputies would only be able to push through gates and you can just have people rotate.
  10. Bloodmoon

    In regards to federal events the cop stack itself is not the problem, it is the amount of lethals that will sometimes stack it and on top of how gamechanging vans are at feds only propagate that issue. Personally for feds I think the cop limit could remain untouched and would see more balance come from removing APD cargo vans, but keeping the transport as you can't see through the cargo van, and either removing the up gradable security on vans or allow civs to blow them up.
  11. Bloodmoon

    By buying a titan you are investing money into the fact that cops won't be able to fly near you assuming you are engaged, just stick to warzone with your big brain.
  12. Bloodmoon

    That wouldn't be wasting money, that would be investing money. Not my fault you don't have the time to do runs, or the bank account to get money.
  13. Bloodmoon

    RPG's, SLAM mines, satchels.
  14. Bloodmoon

    Not hard to deal with 20 cops just buy titans

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