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  1. 5ea6799fe794ba1e417c7de6220721ba.png


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    2. Boomer xD
    3. billdroid


      Db fed season when there were like 6-8 Db and 25 other random kids per fed

    4. Bloodmoon


      DB fed season when DB was leading every fed 

  2. Listen guys, we're all getting off topic, we all need to get back to getting ChrisGG removed

  3. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Remove ChrisGG

  4. inb4 only 1 person on the server has it. On a different topic tho, they need to stop giving out whitelists like candy, if you step down from a rank then you lose the rank.
  5. No, free me.

  6. remove chrisGG

  7. @Ryan When will civs be getting this?


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    2. Unjo
    3. JuanDeaged


      im tryin to joust someone with these

    4. JuanDeaged


      also this would be a good drain for the economy soooooo

  8. Here's how to fix the economy, halve the bank accounts of everyone with a cop whitelist.
  9. New rebel is good

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    2. Civak


      corn is illegal

    3. JuanDeaged


      I think the rebel is designed well it just has a bad location. It’s literally in a valley if ppl u r fighting get on the hill around u it’s game over. 

    4. Silton


      8 minutes ago, Bloodmoon said:

      As a person in a gang that is able to complete a fed, I believe it is good.

      You mean as somrone in a gang of Devs and designers and someone who's whole purpose in civ council is to spite tree for some bizarre reason like it cause tree doesn't. -10 respect

  10. selling mar10 sup 12m, also reduce the armed plane price back to 500k since it has a shit gun now

  11. shieeet i better have an npc named after me
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