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  1. Why is it text to speech and not you rapping it?
  2. When you realize God Emperor Trump is getting the Nobel Peace prize 4dchesss.JPG

  3. in·vin·ci·ble inˈvinsəb(ə)l/ adjective too powerful to be defeated or overcome. Your point is moot considering the way you get around RDM is by initiating, whereas there is no way to harm or effect people during training without getting a ban.
  4. Not sure how you compare having to initiate on someone vs initiation on someone and getting a ban
  5. Because I don't like people being invincible due to rules.
  6. How would you even know if they are training? If I were driving past neo and saw a few deputies, Corp and a senior my first thought wouldn't be that they're training.
  7. 13075BF6CF7336A376629E830E8F050AFB28B187SELLING REAL ESTATE

    1. Dealer


      Better sell that shit before Jesse is on your ass lmao

      Edited by Dealer
    2. ryan beck
  8. Well shit
  9. 14 days past april 1st

    1. Ignis


      April fools

  10. How you gonna tell me i gotta wait an hour timer to play fortnite

  11. High Roll Betting happening right now server 1 kavala

  12. Seller beware, this man is a scammer
  13. It was a 15% decrease on rebel purchases and a 15% increase to all sales.

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