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  1. the gang blitz lost really got to him i guess
  2. - Selling Items for Cheap: 1 Zafir, 2 AT, 2 Type Tasers - PM if you want to put an offer or reply below
  3. Its great we got some more active staff memebrs; congrats on Mod @Noahhh!, @Hurricane, @Strae, @David Miller@Regal. Congrats @Claysive and @Mike Lit

    wheres my mod tho 🙄

  4. MERRYYYYYYY CHRISTMAS 🎅 I hope santa vists you tonight hahah

  5. it doesnt matter how much money you win at the casino, if you dont stop in time ...then it was all for nothing because you WILL loose it all. Spend it or Share it. 

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    2. Lucky luciano

      Lucky luciano

      i think ur just a freak 


    3. Headless


      @Lucky luciano Where have you been man come ts we can do events or something.

    4. Gaetano
  6. one time doing a BW and i see 74 hunters comin right at me at south tower LMAO it was rabid
  7. lvy

    buying bw gear

    I have a MAR10 lethal
  8. I’ll pay 900k for 3
  9. @Hurricane I will buy the Type Taser and MX Taser for 850k
  10. Casino - " If you see me in the casino, just kill me" " Go red, no way its black again" " I should have just stopped when I could" or "Stop while you can, trust me" "One more time won't hurt" "It was the beginning of the end" Black Market - *dies* " Yo, I wasn't even in the red zone" " Nice Black Market loadout!" " Nothing kills like a CAR-95" anyways, what happen to my bank quote months ago @Noahhh! lolol
  11. roll back yayyy, thank you staff

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    2. lvy


      @monsterr I am sorry for your loss, sir. 

    3. Monks


      #UndoRoilback #Freemonsterr

    4. Skys


      got me my 24mil back #Blessed #Jesus

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