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  1. We get posts like yours every week lmao, no one is salty
  2. we literally are the only biggest relevant gang on Olympus atm, we are the worst and the best gang around "
  3. hahhahah domestic terrorist group.... i like it. watch ur back medics
  4. You make 130-200k actually and you better be good at landing because if you crash or get robbed, time gone and money gone . I used to believe plane runs were fast money but really it’s not after everyone decided to camp them lol. Runs are already being buff so there is no need for a nerf, everyone is broke as it is after the casino decides to eat billons.
  5. when will we talk about something else other than silla
  6. I have a 3 -crater up the road from Kavala gun store. It is near Kavala hospital. @HuSkYPlaYZz https://gyazo.com/729d1ffe4eb78ac854a53c607b60a94c https://gyazo.com/7a889e67a5e3d4cc0146d43f1af3fad7 https://gyazo.com/06d85af95bad34992ba2d0ad66160895
  7. CAR 95 for killing cops MK200 for feds/bw MK1 for cartel fighting
  8. Selling AT Jeep for 3.8m - comment or pm me if you are interested
  9. lvy


    lol you play for 35mins and get a perm, bruh #FREEPOPTO
  10. lvy


    Ill buy MX taser and 2 type tasers for $ 1,250,000 ? also what are your prices per war point?
  11. lvy


    360k for both?

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