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  1. First off, calling him a fucking idiot was entirely unrelated to your supposed "scam". It was in response to his idiotic implication that having a tag in my name somehow made my lesser, which actually makes 0 sense. Second, I'm only going off of what you said yourself. Which is, quote, "i will no longer be taking money and all current investments will be kept as i need to pay back my employees who helped me acquire the funds" That statement is you saying that you are keeping some people's money to pay your "employees". That would be scamming the people whose investments you are keeping. I don't think I need any further proof..
  2. oh no that's so bad. that must be like, unprofessional or something fucking idiot lol
  3. you clearly stated above you're done with the investment "business" and that you're keeping some people's money to "pay" some other people. Also, I have 40 mil. I just use two accounts.
  4. No one would call you a scammer if you just paid back the money as you said you would??? lmao
  5. I don't have his perspective, and didn't have anything that was mine in the shed at the time, so I'll ask this just for clarity: Where were you in the shed? Did you have a vehicle outside the shed? Were you visible from the outside (say from a heli flying by, or a car driving nearby) IF the cop came to check our shed with no reason to be there, other than that the cop knew that was our shed, is that not Meta or something? If you were not hidden, and or had a vehicle outside or some way for a cop to suspect someone was in that building, than the cop had every reason to check it out. Otherwise, this would infact be absolute bullshit if the cop decided to just fly out there and check our shed simply because that cop is aware that shed is ours. If the cop flew or drove to the shed, got out of said vehicle and tried to go inside, checked windows etc. to see if you were there, than that is total BS. But if it was you leaving something to give a cop a reason to believe that you were there.. than it's your fault.
  6. Looks like I was right boys, this was simply to coup the chief! Also all his buddies
  7. so was APD update really just a coup????

    1. Millennium


      They were always able to coup

  8. Does this mean Sr. APD could collectively vote out a Chief? It doesn't say the Chief can make this decision.. but rather SAPD.. so every SAPD member would get a say I'm sure? lol
  9. We could use some extra Hosts. Gotta have money though because you win some and you lose some.
  10. I mean, only an idiot gambles indefinitely. I think you're way overthinking it lol Okay I see what you mean. When you win with a blackjack you get paid 1.5x the bet amount.
  11. Everything is explained in the discord "rules" channel. The house stands on 17, hits on 16. Also, we were using two decks, but session specific rules can be made if someone wants more cards. The table pays what you bet. Basically you bet, for example, $500k on your hand. If you lose that hand you owe the house that amount. If you win the house pays you that amount.
  12. All you boys and girls that like to bet your money away.. we've recently started a "casino" discord server for olympus money! Basically we play blackjack and other games to bet our olympus money away.

    If you want to join in at any time, comment here or PM me and I'll get you an invite to the discord server!

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