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  1. You permed me and made me make a whole new god damn forum account after I linked arma cheats on the forums
  2. So since I've been doing firearm Instructing fulltime now along with working in as a pharmacy tech, I don't have time to play oly anymore and honestly arma in general last its charm to me. I figured I would make a o7 post for the few guys I've had really good times with over the years I've been playing @buckie Porb my favorite guy on here just because you say shit how it is. You're also the funniest nigga on here and personally my nigga @Horizon You were kinda a reason I got my foot in the door for when I was civ council and became known on oly and you're fun as fuck to play with, We had some great ass times in DB and 88 @Zahzi Unironically one of the most exciting people to play with just because hearing you go 0-100 screeching like a fucking Ape getting ass fucked by a Horse always made me cry laughing @Noahhh! You're pretty much just like buckie just slightly less racist Funny as fuck to play with @Mako Really made cop fun to play and was always a blast to lethal retard in a ghwak while you fucking screech @rabid Honestly if you stopped having a superiority complex no one would fuck with you as much as they do. But you were chill af when we used to run labs on tarkov @Cooper:P Had tons of fun playing medic with you before I got bored with it, Funny as fuck @destruct Takes everything way to seriously and needs to remove the stick from his ass, Hall moniter headass @Ryan Jew @Strae Pretty fun convos, good dude @GoonThe13Yearold retard @ThatNerdyGuy Cuck and also spastic soyboy @Monks Had fun when real was a thing before I stole their gang funds and killed the gang lol @Mita Had some pretty fun time on oly and good convos @Panda smile A real one @Kamikaze tons of fun playing with you and anyone I missed, Dont take it personal. I've done close to 75 covid tests in the past two days and my brain is shot from doing nonstop paperwork and giving them Have a great 2021 everyone, Hopefully During civil war part 2 yall dont get dropped by a nigga with a highpoint
  3. https://www.surefire.com/products/suppressors-division/suppressors/socom556-rc2-suppressor/ Now we wait for the gay ass atf to approve my tax stamp, ima post daily updates on my mental state as I wait the 6-12 months for my can because fuck the atf

  4. My view on the Biden win as someone who works with firearms for a living is that MY VOTE was not counted! My votes come in 66gr green tips and I wanted to personally give my vote to Biden 😕.  Sic Semper Tyrannis.

  5. Basically, say you kill a guy with a nice load out and don’t wanna body camp him to make him lose it, you walk to the body and windows key him and use the kit to force him to respawn, It’s my idea that got accepted like 5-6 months ago
  6. im on if your down to sell rn
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    2. rabid


      25 usd for eod on Airborne's site

    3. rabid


      only a monkey will pay $120

    4. Raquese


      @rabid never heard of this before wtf 

  7. https://gyazo.com/4b2f1bfa33d8b3ea89607c1e6ffd2db8 https://gyazo.com/84253c679f03176a9353bac0ed10678d drop offers
  8. aren't you still permed?
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