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  1. Jesus christ i cant get this windows 10 ISO downloaded from media creation tool made by fucking microsoft. I want to die anyone have a W10 or W7 ISO they can throw my way?

    1. buckie


      throw away ur PC no one wants to hear from you again

  2. woo yay... mk1s will cost as much as mk18s woo yay...

  3. 2.8 km away from processor not great but ive made some bank off it. Looking for any SERIOUS offers.
    1. JBruesch


      XD Imma get a bird now, and train him to sing this if there is ever an intruder to scare the fuck outta him

  4. More shitposting

    Im on a kick of birds

    1. JBruesch


      someone is a cruel bastard for training a bird to smack its fucking head into the ground XD

    2. Strafe


      I know i felt bad then started laughing my ass off

  5. @Grandma GaryWould looking through the top floors of buildings and the walls of buildings be a exploit / bannable offense?

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    2. Strafe
    3. Brennan


      Lacroix I think he is talking about when the first/third person camera clips through the walls or floor allowing you to see through.

    4. Lacroix


      I was being cynical. What he is talking about is exploiting and yes you can get banned for it if there is evidence of you blatantly doing it.

  6. -1 to +1
  7. Sick right now so heres the only shitpost

    Ive never seen something like this lol.

    1. Strafe


      "only" what a meme 


  8. So alot of shitter medics got banned i have a question for the staff. How was the exploit done im genuinely curious.

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    2. Strafe


      Thanks man

    3. deadmansreturn


      medics used to be able to impound their own vehicles, and vehicles of other medics

    4. Mini


      Someone didn't change the impound values on the vehicles and they were abused for money

  9. So ive posted 3 status updates today. But honestly just got rdmed 3 times 1 by a somewhat know player and a cop took me in while breaking 2 rules. Obviously these new systems arent working and the filtering for cops isent great (Cop was PO)

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    2. Matt Black

      Matt Black

      Record and Report

    3. Strafe


      Yes indeed i was i was getting shit from black market got my heli and fucked around in my heli by hovering over square. Someone shoots at me i land on office building get rdmed respawn go back cus fuck nlr i got rdmed get in my heli to take off since cops tazed the rdmer i go up get in heli turn my rotor on then i get rdmed from hostpital rocks medics on the building for some reason so i request get revd and the cop tazes me in 2 1/5 secs (Counted) and arrests me saying i pulled my gun even though it happens every time you get revd...

    4. brodyunderwood1


      maybe you shouldn't pull your gun just because it's what everyone else is doing :KappaHD:

  10. >People who put tags in their fourm names.

  11. Happy berfday poseidon