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  1. @Zahzi @Ryan ive had 2 full runs completely wiped today because my cars keep despawning on respawn even when im right next to them and they have y inv in them. smh 1.5m down the drain

    1. Zahzi


      Submit a bug report with video + time and we can look into it.

    2. Strafe


      sorry i dont record myself doing runs because i assume the devs competent enough to make sure cars with 1m+ worth of drugs and a player next to it wont despawn but i guess not. Ill keep that in mind tho.

    3. Horizon


      @Trimorphious bro i thought u were competent enough 😠👊

  2. i mean i dont see why not.
  3. Im able to host a giveaway for a house right? It says "Player sanctioned giveaway prizes pools.  While Olympus has been granted Bohemia's approval for monetization this does not appear to extend to regular players." on the olympus policy page but i assume that means real money or items not virtual.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Strafe


      @Ryan could you or someone host a giveaway for a house i dont want then?

    3. Strafe


      i guess not @Ryan

    4. Mr GOAT

      Mr GOAT

      Might have an update to this rule soon, stay tuned

  4. Happy birthday @i chop hatchbacks

    Still proud that im among the biggest pricks of the server

  5. I give this kid 1 location of a good 2 crater and he goes around asking for 7m. i have one closer for 3.5m lol https://imgur.com/a/8iAsKoV
  6. someone buy my houses

  7. For locations and prices - https://imgur.com/a/8iAsKoV Reply here with offers.
  8. @Frank Jones add me on discord Strafe#8103
  9. I have a 45 and a full cop outfit whats your offer?
  10. DP 22 Moonshine House. 3m Minimum. 2 Crater Pyrgos Drug Dealer House. 2.5m Minimum. 2 Crater 2x Kavala Houses. 4 Crater & 2 Crater. 4m minimum for 4 Crater 2.5m minimum for 2 Crater Cant upload any more images so the last ones on imgur https://imgur.com/a/TgGVuTn If your interested in buying respond to this post with what house youd want and your offer and ill get back to you.
  11. 2m and a dry handy @Mane is that a yes?
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