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  1. I've made a discord for the community to buy and sell items in one place. I do know the marketplace part of the forums exists but its dead unless your selling war points or a very wanted item. This discord is for everyone to sell anything. We dont allow the exchange of real world money in the discord to comply with Olympus's rules and anyone caught trying to do so will be banned from the discord and reported to staff. This post will probably get flamed on the basis that the marketplace part of the forums exists but if your interested in joining here the invite. https://discord.gg/MarCnYM
  2. Send a pic of location
  3. Strafe

    [WTB] Tazers

    10 mxs for 2.25m lmk
  4. Selling these s2 kav houses, both are fully upgraded. The houses themselves are touching and are in a courtyard. Taking offers for both or just one. Respond with offers. https://gyazo.com/d2101d6558c6a1ebe3922a3d98314659
  5. hollup @Panda :) s doing a cartel event? Hopefully this is better then the last GW.

  6. i was high sorry dog
  7. of course the song on mitas profile is russ

    1. Millennium


      Some of Ross' songs bang

  8. mxs dont go for 400-500k btw theyre 250k tops
  9. Strafe

    WTB Mxs

    title. not over 225k ea
  10. - Had 35 or more active members (3+ hours per week) of Noble for 8 weeks straight.- Banned or removed more than 30 people from our gang.- Seen more than 30 people leave.- Removed more than an additional 30 people for inactivity.- Seen about 10 people quit Arma.- Retired 29 people. 35+30+30+30+10+29 = 164. And if those numbers noah gave were rough estimates then we'll just say ~160 members. 160 members in less than a year isent mass recruiting? LOL okay.
  11. >2017 is that all you can do is mass recruit and look at post history from before you were apart of the server. I think you guys are running out of comebacks. Especially if you had to break out past posts for me and @SPBojo I swear noble is such a echo chamber your all brainlets who hype eachother up.
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