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  1. now that you're 17 do your prices go up ? @GummyCow

  2. Just buy it. It's a game man, just have fun. Most people don't go out of their way since it's a low chop anyways.
  3. i really love when its 80 degrees and the next day snowing :L

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    2. DeadPool1337


      Welcome to Florida 

    3. Linka


      Florida and snow do not go together 

    4. DeadPool1337
  4. there is more of a chance of joel hacking than phizx hacking in money.

  5. I disagree, anyone with common sense and tell who is who. tags should be able to be unique, not re used with each gang.
  6. didn't I tell you not to post a montage
  7. @RambleR how does that work if i havent posted on there in almost 3 months? ;=;