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  1. i like this change, can i get corp back?
  2. I’ve thought long and hard about this topic because I’ve dealt with mental issues in the past and am still currently dealing with them. It’s very true toxicity culture on the internet is only getting worse, and it’s because day by day the internet has grown. Like @N7Zero said, there are people that have almost zero moral compass. There’s nothing we can say that can change how these people act. that being said just because there are those who don’t have a moral compass, doesn’t justify treating others poorly. it’s very easy to say some awful things to someone and then say it’s just a joke. but there is almost zero way of knowing what’s going on in real life. mass bullying isn’t cool, it isn’t funny, it’s fucked up and if you think otherwise you are a fucked up person and should look for help. what happened to reckful is awful. for people who say it’s not, he was someone who put twitch on the map. the internet was his job, and for someone with depression the smallest slices hurt, yet he stayed strong. when your entire community is shitting on you and quite literally to tell you to go kill yourself, it’s gonna hit hard. especially with manic depression where at points in your life you have no control over your action. olympus is a toxic community. that’ll never change, but it’s mostly all jokes. take @buckie for example, he will be the first to go at someone’s neck, but he’s one of the most down to earth people on the server and the first to offer an ear when you need it. toxic jokes, shit talk, ect is funny to the right group of people. Let’s stop normalizing telling random kids to kill themselves and if you want to joke with your friends, all power to you. I will forever always do it with mine, and if you guys have jokes, again, go crazy. but most of us here have brains, and at the end of the day we come here for a community. TL;DR: stop justifying telling someone to off themselves as a joke or saying others say worse. keep the jokes to people you’re friends with.
  3. so I’m getting a tattoo soon is there anyone who can help draw up a design for me? 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Linka


      @Drippp that’s the plan, but I want to be able to find an idea of what I want before I commit 

    3. Linka


      @Greenbum that’s the plan 

    4. ooooooooo
  4. ngl, i did not like you at all when i first met you but you ended up being one of the boys. o7 man, don't be a stranger
  5. @nomadox can u send me discord again good sir

    1. nomadox
    2. Linka


      just add me and invite me so i dont let it expire again @nomadox Linka#7732

  6. happy birthday linka @Lorax

    1. Lorax


      Ty lorax

  7. any spring breaker gets access to SFA, approved by @nomadox

    1. vedalkenn


      well it seems we've got the seal of approval @Strae @Greenbum

    2. Greenbum



  8. dont worry man, if you're my son youll grow into it
  9. this is extremely out of character of my normal meme-y posts. but if you think you could have depression, anxiety, ADHD, or any other mental issue. I really recommend getting help. I know it's WAY easier said than done, but since I was diagnosed with depression and was put on medicine, I'm much closer with my family and friends, and I even saved my relationship. I'm still going through testing to be prescribed medicine for ADHD, and I am working every day to get better mentally. Mental health is as important as physical health, and if anyone ever needs to someone to talk to privately I can always hop into TS. 🙂

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    2. BillyBobJoe


      im i the only one with A.D.D that's struggling with life? 


    3. vedalkenn


      springbreaker linka is the kindest springbreaker

    4. Linka


      @decla Appreciate ya man !!

      @BillyBobJoe not at all man

  10. Does anyone agree with the abolishing police movement? If so, why? From what I’ve read instead of law enforcement it’s “if someone kills someone, let’s go over why they did it and help them :)” type of thing, which there isn’t ALWAYS a reason people do the things they do. It just sounds like the purge waiting to happen. 

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    2. Lucien


      Economy is gonna be unbalanced without the APD

    3. Panda :)

      Panda :)

      It’s all fun and games until there’s a mass shooting and no police.

    4. MAV


      @Bloodmoon isn't the issue right now with police that they don't have enough training?? Reducing budget means you reduce the bar for who can become a cop... police is more of a deterrence then anything (as shown from the riots) If mass hysteria broke out (aka riots) police can do fuck all even with the current funding to stop it. (without going all china/russia on their asses) Would be a terrible idea.

      Police are needed in masses to uphold structure and order, the issue now is not that cops are racist. Its that no one respects the police. (just like Olympus 😉 ) Cops are always outnumbered, but the fear of consequences has kept the mob at bay, take away that fear (most effective deterrent) and you get whats been happening now.

  11. @Sho-Time now we have more time to hang out 

  12. @Regal when were u gonna tell me u got promoted !!

    1. Regal


      I will tmrw don't worry

  13. @Kamikaze congrats man


    @Hylos i dont get how someone to bully me and get promoted!!! congrats 🙂 


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