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  1. Everyone started off not that good, even the best of the old players were learning the game and picking peaches at one point. What made things easier was having a group to do runs w, get in engagements w, and have people who can watch your back. Even if you want to be a lone wolf you have to join a group a players to learn the game first.
  2. old player base are the ones that have helped keep the server alive so i dont see how this makes sense? like for the longest time cartels were the biggest part of the server which meant more gangs, more federal events, more runs, ect. From what I have seen since I came back the "new player base" is so scared to do anything
  3. this has happened a few times actually, i don't know the specific reasons but it revives some cartel life most of the time
  4. this could've been a status update
  5. time and effort @Greenbum 😕

    1. Creepy


      Just follow my lead.

  6. does anyone know how to stop cod from just crashing mid game?

  7. @vedalkenn happy birthday, enjoy spring break

    1. billdroid


      Springggg breeeeaaaakkkk

  8. Hey, what're you doing with that picture of my cousin? 🙃

    1. Linka


      beating my dick


  9. can we get some cartel events poppin 

    1. SystemChips


      Make cartel tax %25 for just a week so we can catch some vibes

  10. thank you, im ready to win 12 mill with you guys
  11. because this stuff is mostly by players lol
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