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  1. this is an underrated reply, im sorry @rabid but it deserves the up vote
  2. made it 3 days, my boy comes over and i hit a vape again :(. It was only once and I got the buzz, but I am so disappointed in my self.

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    2. ScreaM


      you got this linka dont give up  🥰

    3. 21Cabbage


      middle school is hard man i get it but just take it one day at a time you'll get over the addiction

    4. Linka


      @21Cabbage ive already graduated high school 🙂 

  3. i wanna get back into league someone teach me

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    2. Creepy


      He's taught me that it's not the wins that matter, but the style in which you win

    3. Noble


      after 6 seasons, 550k mastery points on swain i can confirm dont touch the game with a 10f oot poll 

    4. Skys


      @Noble you are a fucking nerd 😄

  4. guys of Olympus who have quit nicotine, any tips would be awesome. I want to take my life back.

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    2. i chop hatchbacks

      i chop hatchbacks

      stop buying puff bars then hit your friends for a lil bit and then just stop

    3. Coochie Man

      Coochie Man

      one day the lychee ice puff bar stopped being fye

    4. i chop hatchbacks

      i chop hatchbacks

      @Coochie Man i remember when i got the shit for 5 months but it started smelling like ass and tasting like booty

  5. hey, fuck the astros

    1. ooooooooo


      All my homies hate Carlos Correa

  6. happy birthday old man @Peter Long

  7. I give the sAPD a lot of shit, but at the end of the day they really do try their best. I've never seen someone tell me I couldn't let a man keep their weapon.
  8. on some real shit, why cant I just live in warzone? like seriously. stupid fuckin apd. you guys get everything removed from warzone, now i have to go sell OUTSIDE. OF. WARZONE. wtffff

  9. who plays genshin impact 

  10. happy birthday:) @Millennium @Brolaf

    1. Millennium


      Ty linkadaddy


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    2. GoonThe13Yearold


      yeah thats my ip you're gone kid

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Are you trying to get people to ddos Amazon? =D

    4. vedalkenn


      you hit me with the clown emoji cause you know im right

  12. yo my battle.net keeps scanning modern warefare's game files on a loop since 1pm. what the fuck do i do

  13. @Grandma Gary ur so old LOL

    1. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      As soon as I find my dentures I will prepare a scathing retort.

    2. Linka


      did you find them? @Grandma Gary

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