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  1. He's throwin shade @Ryan



    1. Gravity


      yo that crackhead still streams hahahaha

  2. Panda :)

    07 homie
  3. For anyone that read the status update earlier I would like to apologize I was out of line and I realize that. meme me all you want but on that note I still stand by my opinion and a lot of other seniors believe that the quality in corporals has dropped so for any Corporal that wants to advance in the APD or just wants feedback on how you can improve feel free to PM me and I will confer with fellow seniors and get back to you.

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    2. Dante


      1 hour ago, McDili said:

      I can’t imagine a chief promoting their friends over people grinding for it inspires anybody to be good corporals lol

      I havent sat in a meeting since I left, so I dont know the process anymore, but if at all the process isnt going through all eligible and going down the line about each and making an educated decision and back to being about the 'boys' or.. yeah. Then, its just scuffed and all corps and below should just start sucking dick extra and not worry about being good at all tbh.:shrug:

    3. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      Dante Mega Gay

    4. McDili


      @Dante Well I guess it’s not for me to go into detail about. It doesn’t affect me and I’m just stirring the pot. But you’re right, if you’re a corporal literally do not waste your time grinding. Just make friends with people who can bring you up, it’s a way better plan. 

  4. Fwd me the titty pics fam

  5. If anyone knows why my docs is doing this while i am trying to do homework please tell me it would be greatly appreciated https://gyazo.com/656c71908c2b61837a3caec963d757d3

    and if you can't tell what it is doing I am typing a line and it takes like 10 seconds for the words to pop up.

  6. Can we close s3 plox

    1. Claysive


      Would suck for the people that already own shit over there, but would be good for the pop on the other two. 

  7. Panda :)

    Damn bro I feel like the last kid to get picked for PE except I didn’t get picked last I didn’t get picked at all. Lmao 07 dog sorry this happened gl with the appeals.

  9. Panda :)

    07 @DeadPool regardless of how much shit I talked back and forth with you no one can deny how much you did for the server.

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