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  1. Panda :)

    Ayyy my neglecting duties buddy lmao I liked playing cop with you a lot bud sadly we both chose different paths in the community and did not get to play with you as much as I would have like. Much love for you have done for the server 07 juul fiend. <3
  2. Panda :)


  3. Happy birthday lads @buckie and @ikiled

    1. buckie


      thank you panda my real nigga

  4. when my own game is trolling me so I can't go to feds https://gyazo.com/382335aca4ba6067cb15055f3a84ceb8

    1. DeadPool


      Working as intended

  5. Panda :)

    Didn’t know only took 200 will try next fed ty
  6. Panda :)

    Not raised to 3 mil DECREASED from 6 mil to 750k cant really tell what you are talking about but I assume you mean land at feds? They can still land there perfectly fine. You telling me it should be allowed to taze and restrain a whole wave for 15 minutes you are cooked retard. I’m sure even the DB boys can agree that was fair for them to make it where you can’t taze and restrain cops at feds. next time you try to talk shit be educated on the topic and don’t talk about something that happened over 6 months ago. 1. We both know when a blackfish is in the air and switches on the boosters there is no catching it lmao its fair to say we can shoot them out but I would say sgt+ because with Corp guns you can shoot through but extremely inaccurate and does a very low amount of damage. 3. Yeah they are pretty aids to deal with can agree but if they run out on you after you giving them a command not to that is not valuing their life and you can report.
  7. Panda :)

    1. What counter do we have to the blackfish it’s still used today. next. 2. Elaborate? 3. Medics still used not a real counter and if I’m not mistaken @Mercury backed the update for medics not getting paid at feds. anymore because these are terrible?
  8. Panda :)

    I wouldn’t say we repeatedly nerf any strat we have let cigs have their fun with this one for far too long. Name strats that they are using we “repeatedly nerf.” Because I honestly can’t think of any off the top of my head. And for you said we shouldn’t let retards be cop then the apd would be slim because people like you wouldn’t be allowed to be a cop.
  9. Panda :)

    Yeah let’s keep the meta the same for years and once we make a slight change where you have to adapt let’s lose our mind shut your useless mouth you fucking brain dead retard. And about people complaining about how this will affect smaller gangs, how do you suggest we solve this problem? By pulling armor and coordinated pushes I am assuming, but then we would be back at square 1 because what if a senior did that to a small gang inb4 you say “well you can control how much armor you pull.” Well we can also control if we use this rule or not. All of you complain so much about a handbook update until it is actually tested.
  10. Panda :)

    one more @
  11. The lad ron is streaming 


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    2. Silton


      thats not ddos dumb ass.

    3. silver ♿

      silver ♿

      man FUCK


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  12. Panda :)

  13. Lmao never forget the lad @Kennford that was most aids shit ever though.

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