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  1. Panda :)

    Bye father I will never forget you even though me and you stopped playing as much as we used to I still remember all the good times we had.
  2. Panda :)

    The max you can bet in games is 5 mil Game*
  3. Panda :)

  4. So @Mercury you said I could get a medic age exception when i got sergeant. https://gyazo.com/66f374228e6089385b9d5473e2ebf8e9

    1. Demon9845


      I mean, he did make sergeant @Mercury Make this mans medic.

    2. Tezlit


      Dang roasted @Mercury

      Edited by Tezlit
  5. wth i got hella clout from my 07

  6. Can we please add a option to force respawn when the medics are being retarded (all the time) so I don't have to wait.

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    2. Titimus


      It was 2, and we were headed to warzone which had quite a lot of calls, so I wanted another to help. We were grabbing the others along the way. Like I said, impatience killed you. I'm not farming up Kavala like most, there was other medics online capable of pulling out helicopters, but I went to the rural calls.

      It's the equivalent of me saying cops are absolute shit for not responding to my calls for help, or even acknowledging me. I'm sure you get that a lot, and don't deserve it. Don't make an assumption right away not knowing the full story.

    3. Unjo


      Scat reps have got something in the works :)

    4. Strikke


      7 hours ago, Titimus said:

      impatience killed you

      its not impatience if he bled out.........................

  7. Panda :)


    hi dad
  8. Panda :)

    I am laughing so hard lol. You cared enough to talk about my personal life HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yes I enjoy cop and yes I did put in 23 hours last week its flatters me you took the time to look that up, but that was my 2nd week back after being on a 1 month 2 week loa, and if you really want to get technical I have been a cop since 2017 and I just got corporal near the last part of 2018 and having only 500 almost 6 hours after being a cop for later this year will be 2 years is pretty good not going to @ anyone but but I know people that have double that in only half the time I have been a cop. I don't know how long this took to cook up but you have been downvoting me all-day I could go in on you but.... you aren't worth the energy my brain would use to think nor my fingers to type. And me not having the ability to have have a well reasoned multlayered and educated arguement I will have to disagree with you on. I brought up some valid points as did Krispy but at the end of the day we are arguing with something that can be compared to politics its doesn't matter what i say you won't change your opinion it doesn't matter what you say I won't change my opinion and thats a fact. I'd have to assume you are in your early to mid 20's and you are coming at a 15 year old's personal life shows how mature you are huh? gl you have made a mistake.
  9. Panda :)

    1. No that is terrible wtf you could wait for the plane to check it wait for him to leave and go back in and finish your run before he could check it again BROKEN. 2. Like I said before if you were to put too many limitations on cops on searching houses people would abuse it and cops would never be able to search houses it is supposed to be balanced not one sided. 3. No like no you can literally shoot down a plane with 1 7.62 bullet. 4. I really don't know what you mean by this but I think you mean add a timer when they can check redzones like that is one of the biggest waste of development time in the world jsut look at the time stamp or ask in group chat. 5. report it. lol. imo you have to have at least 300 hours on both factions to even understand balance between the 2.
  10. Panda :)

    Lmao I literally have been here saying that I don't know how to fix the "problem" because their isn't one how hard is it to not interact with your house with a illegal gun or bounty when you know your house gets camped.
  11. Panda :)

    Yes? that is why i am saying it shouldn't be easier to do it.
  12. Panda :)

    Trying to make a constructive arguement with most of you is like trying to take a bull in a china shop. It doesn’t work.
  13. Panda :)

    A report showing they didn’t interact with the house in the past 45 mins? and that is the least of my concerns or anyone’s for that matter because I don’t think a senior that probably took over a year to get their position would waste it on a house search and the even if they would the money would most definitely get ripped from their account.
  14. Panda :)

    So basically what you are getting at that you have to be in a active pursuit with the player and then see them interact there is no way that if you change it that I can think of where it would be balanced. All you have to do for not for it to get searched don’t interact with a illegal weapon shoot from or interacting with a bounty that warrants pc it’s real easy not to do that over 2k hours on civ never had a house searched. We people that are too lazy and wanted everything easier for them if you can come up with something that make it balanced for both come at me but don’t just complain that it needs to have more limitiations and more balance when you aren’t throwing any RATIONAL ideas. Yeah my grammar is aids auto correct
  15. Panda :)

    Well it’s pointless for the cops when you do it out of a house because they can’t catch you. Idk about other cops but I have got on cop and literally check all of the red ones 3 times over in a plane and not caught anyone.

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