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  1. Congrats @Mr GOAT and @ThatNerdyGuy.

    1. zoomzooooooom




      s-s-sooooo... a-about sergeant?

  2. Can you please check DMs?

  3. 👀

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    2. Dante


      ^almost anything he drops is a banger 

    3. Noahhh!
    4. Horizon


      it do be going hard tho 👀

  4. They have to ask for Dope for you to give it to them no? then why would a medic need to know unless someone ask for it the quite obviously they are on Dope this would be a waste of time to add. Cops need it to make sure that they are alive so they can carry out their duties.
  5. Hardest song is definitely bigger than life
  6. 07 and thanks for the shot in senior APD I know we may have had different opinions about certain things but imo you were the last chief to run sAPD at least half-way straight now it’s just a fuck fest and good job. Have fun doing what ever you are doing.
  7. Change back the ts icons NOW

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    2. Evannnnn


      @Strafe you talk alot of shit for an ex real member

    3. Strafe


      @Evannnnn Keyword there ex

    4. Evannnnn


      yeah like a month ago LOL

  8. My Playlist has like every genre of music in it some of its older rap and some of it's music I added while I was smoking crack and just haven't bothered to remove it go nuts.
  9. For anyone that plays tarkov check your messages in game battle state gave out 1 mil bc of server troubles.

    1. ChillX


      Thanks for the info cutie

    2. Horizon


      this free 1m feels gooddddd

  10. *Host gangwars* b9e330ecaab6686f18026c0b236ef9d3.png

    thanks guys this really makes me want to do more gangwars / cartel events!!!!!!!

    now I know why @Peter Long stopped .

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    2. Dante


      Honestly man as a staff member, you should always be using a VPN if you’re joining any other TeamSpeaks if you have the slightest suspicion. Unfortunately even if you cool with members of the community, that’s still a lot of power to give em. There was only a very small select few of TS I would join without mine. I wouldn’t even join @Ryan’s without one before he was staff. 

    3. Silton


      @Panda 45% isn't ddos retard even the shittest booters can send it

    4. Mr GOAT

      Mr GOAT

      Never said that but this thread is pretty funny

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