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  1. Old fart @RogueMK

    1. RogueMK


      Fuck you, but dumb gay



      Buy thanks lol

  2. Happy birthday gayboy @Hurricane

  3. @gomby ayyyyyyyyyyyyyye da boy gombelson, my favorite sgt now

    1. gomby


      hek ye

  4. Arigato

    o7 man, one of the best and most genuine people on the server
  5. Welcome to the team @codeyeti excited to see what you bring to the table!

  6. **Friendly Banter @MrBoonie

    1. MrBoonie


      mediocre at best but +1 for your valiant efforts

  7. Arigato

  8. About time my son @Hurricane

    1. Hurricane


      Thank You daddy :wub:

  9. Arigato

  10. Arigato

    Welcome to Olypus!
  11. Arigato

    o7 dangusmeme, you will be missed
  12. happy birthday old man @Gafski

    1. Gafski


      You lucky youre a mod or id RDM your ass :P x <3

  13. The grind paid off, congrats @L3SL13 you’ve come a long way!

  14. Ayyye congrats @Prime !!!

    1. Prime


      KP raising up 

  15. Arigato

    Talked to @ScreaM and he's doing good, he's thankful from the bottom of his heart for every single one of you, your good thoughts have really helped him and he immensely appreciates you all

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