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  1. ThatNerdyGuy

    That don't look bad. The old Corvettes looked like if you bought one you were compensating for a small dick.
  2. ThatNerdyGuy

    You're welcome, hope you stay permed.
  3. Don't always agree with you but I know you'll be doing the right thing. @Ryan

    1. sploding


      Does having an American owner mean my dream of bitchin seasonal cop skins may happen?

  4. ThatNerdyGuy

    Do you have any proof or are you just back to bash APD?
  5. ThatNerdyGuy

    Not staff but medics would neglect their medic duties to sit in Kavala.
  6. ThatNerdyGuy

    Hmm I could see the cops that go there just go past him
  7. Congrats to two guys that understand this is a video game. @Headless @jeron_52

    1. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      Are you disrespecting the Altis government?

  8. ThatNerdyGuy

    Well, cops aren't required to respond to dispatches. The only way would be if you physically saw them or like other said, plant a bomb at the jail.
  9. ThatNerdyGuy

    Great work to everyone involved!
  10. @Kamikaze happy birthday, 2 more years until the fun starts!

  11. ThatNerdyGuy

    Not staff but as far as I'm aware. Engagement lasts for 1.5 km or so. With that being said. Engaging someone across the map and then killing you would be rdm.

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