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  1. So here's the issue with your entire arguement, @thomaslorddd ran into the path of the Ifrit. Please see my aforementioned analogy about crosswalks and J walking. As for consistency, that's something that's being worked on. But the length of bans varies based off of how many times you've been banned in a time period. But I can tell you that this was not VDM. The player doesn't need to let you up when you were the fault of him hitting you.
  2. I would've denied it too, y'all cartel fighters are becoming more petty everyday. At what point are we going to get to where we've got #Free posts because you guys report each other all the time? Then you'll have the audacity to complain that no one fights. Either you guys play by the rules that you've had adjusted for conquests, or this will be a continuing issue. The ball is in your court. You ran out into the way of the vehicle and got hit. That's not the drivers fault. That would be like J walking and getting hit by a car, then complaining that you were in a crosswalk when you weren't.
  3. How about those Steelers?!?!


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. WALT


      End of the road for Big Ben ;(

    3. ThatNerdyGuy


      Pretty much, costs soooooo much to have him on the roster next season. That and his age, the championship window is closed, unless they trade for someone like Deshaun Watson.

    4. Praetorian


      somebody find my take from the beginning of the season when i said the steelers were fake and that the afc went through buffalo and kc

  4. Staff points are staff points, if you ban them and they appeal you double dip.
  5. If you can swing it, get the 5600x. Sits around $300 and routinely goes in stock. Gets you the newest architecture from AMD and it knocks the socks off of Intel. Otherwise, get the 3700x to get the extra 2 cores and 4 threads.
  6. Demotion request was submitted.
  7. Yeah, get it right @Millennium
  8. If you vote for me you're on the perm PO list.
  9. o7 @Hylos sucks to see you go. You and I rose through the APD ranks and the staff ranks together and had loads of fun. Don’t be a stranger.

  10. Congrats

    @Jig on Sergeant

    @1thedoc on LT

    @Mike Lit on Staff Sergeant


    1. Jig



  11. a0ab25aea5395c8709678090d00edbf9.png

    :pogchamp: @rabid congrats

    1. Greenarrow


      better gear to rob while he screams

    2. monsterr


      Only difference between LT and Sergeant gear wise is a strider if im not mistaken @Greenarrow

    3. Venomm


      19 minutes ago, monsterr said:

      Only difference between LT and Sergeant gear wise is a strider if im not mistaken @Greenarrow

      LMG Variants of weapons I.E. MXSW, LIM, Regular AK-12
      as well as Armed Hurons, Hurons, and Striders

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