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  1. Oh I know, I'm just trying to stir the pot. The forums have been lacking lately. Mainly because he was making fun of Greta Thunberg. A 16 year old girl with asperger's that won the Time Magazine person of the year for 2019 after her speech on climate change.
  2. So it seems the President of the US thinks climate change isn't a real thing. Hopefully the members of Olympus are smarter than him and know it's real. So let's discuss some shit and get mad at each other for our political opinions.
  3. I may be wrong then, I remember being told that there was an issue with the tier 2 vest at the time due to a Arma update.
  4. Tier 3 should be for staff Sergeant imo. They don't need tier 4. Civ council and some of staff think this will help the server. I'm all for trying it, we can always go back. Sergeants have t4 and Lt+ have tier 5. There's also 30+ corporals playing far more hours than Senior APD. The issue is that civ council and others feel the corporal rank is a little op. The vest should've been changed back a year ago. The nerf for the money was my idea after speaking with civ council, then speaking Senior APD we sought to hit those with the least risk of loss the most. Corporal and higher have a higher chance of loss, so that's why you were hit the lightest. I can't remember the last time I made money on cop as a Senior. If I do by the end of the week I'm back to where I was. Corporals make more than half the money that all Deputies and PO's make, pretty crazy tbh. 15% and a vest isn't going to be killer. Seniors are seldom the cause of nerfs, now it's happened. Think about camping houses, warzone raids etc. We think about how Junior APD will be affected. And honestly, having 10 cops on with a 50 pop server isn't good for anyone. Cops ride around and do nothing and civs log off because they can't do anything. In the end this is a attempt to increase the amount of people playing civ and reduce the amount of people only playing cop to get money. If you're a career cop you'll be fine, but if you plan on always playing cop to get money for civ, you're going to have a bad time. I don't really agree with that. Yes, you are restricted in making money. However, when you do you can make a bunch on cop.
  5. The rational given was that making the change could vary different situations. Cosmetically we can always get new uniforms made. Another reasoning is that there are plenty of more active corporals than ages ago. Downvote all you want @Rossco you're the one not making @buckie support team. That's your loss.
  6. FYI for all of those complaining about the vest change for corporals. Tier 3 vests were only added to corps because of a bug with Arma 3 and the police vest(tier 2). They were supposed to be switched back to tier 2 over a year ago, but that didn't happen. @Rossco @JuanDeaged @Zeuse
  7. A stream you know you want to watch.


  8. That's not an editing program
  9. Congrats @SystemChips

    1. SystemChips


      Thank you very much brother its been a grind

  10. Andy Dalton is a God.

  11. The NFL is hard to watch with the referees, now even college football is unwatchable.

    1. billdroid


      Oklahoma vs Oklahoma state rivalry games are always amazing games. Looking forward to that

  12. So people really do mean it when you get banned that you'll go on a vacation.
  13. Of all communities to share someone you love streaming and this is the one you pick. Not the greatest idea.
  14. If you don't say yes you are wrong.
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