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  1. If you want me to bring up your Civ Rep idea, I’ll trade if you send me a wargaming 20 dollar card. 

  2. @ScreaM finally. The browns are better than the Steelers. 

    @Airborne Congrats on FTO bud

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    2. communistjosh


      Jags best team in football dont fucking @ me

    3. ThatNerdyGuy


      @communistjosh Beats the Patriots, now they are world beaters.

    4. communistjosh


      @ThatNerdyGuy WTF did I just say? Jk 

  3. Come join! Haven't stream in a bit but come watch!


  4. ThatNerdyGuy

    Just drive.
  5. ThatNerdyGuy

    +1 His life is pretty much this picture.
  6. ThatNerdyGuy

  7. ThatNerdyGuy

  8. Good luck to everyone competing in Gang Wars!

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    2. Caleb Snackbar

      Caleb Snackbar

      Peter long will be streaming it on twitch 

    3. Orgondo


      2 minutes ago, Gf 1 v 24 said:

      Is there a way of watching?


    4. Gf 1 v 24

      Gf 1 v 24

      Alright sound, nice one lads.

  9. o7 @Decimus we’re still playing Rocket League

  10. ThatNerdyGuy

    At the end of the day, someone could still talk in TS or Discord.
  11. ThatNerdyGuy

    I'll pass
  12. ThatNerdyGuy

  13. Eminem's response to MGK https://audiomack.com/song/eminem/killshot

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    2. max^


      yeah @ThatNerdyGuy now can we spam the shit out MGK with ETAs ?

    3. MAV


      Em just spit fire, pissed it out, then lit it again... 

    4. QKSILVR73
  14. ThatNerdyGuy


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