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  1. Plague on top 😞

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MAV


      "Framed by Battle-eye" - funny thing is everyone that was 'framed' said they had cheats, just not arma cheats.. 

      Thats like the cops arresting a serial killer for a murder he didn't commit...whether or not your guilty of that one crime..broski, you still a serial killer........ you cheat in 1,2,3... other games obviously BE found something it didn't like.. all i see is a bunch of cheaters claiming BE 'randomly banned them'.. whether you cheated in Arma or not remains a mystery... but my thought is odds are if you cheated in the other mainstream games.. whats stopping you from cheating in arma?


    3. Drippp


      @MAVholy shit bro ever heard of a joke

    4. MAV


      @Drippp wasnt really @ you... more or less been hearing the excuse "i have hacks, but not for arma" all day and its kinda like... glad you got necked...

  2. Currently, the APD titan is explicitly excluded from any means. It is only allowed during federal events to counter the blackfish.
  3.  @Grandma Gary #FreeJerrod


  4. It amuses me that anyone thinks "live spectating" would accomplish anything.
  5. Honestly it's a fat -1 from me. If they don't plan on being staff for like 5 years like you what's the point to even hiring them in the first place? #OlympusLifers
  6. You mean maybe if he didn't quit the last time?
  7. @Ryan better get that checkbook ready. Might need to dip into that Minecraft money to afford me though.
  8. Arma 3 aquatic operations are my specialty, and I would be proud to be the patron of this.
  9. Change your signature, quitter.
  10. It's cause of betting and APD pulling too much armor
  11. @Kamikaze corrupt as fuck #3timer
  12. @ivy2 gonna share your big news with the forums?

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