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  1. @rabid we miss you. Please come back!

    @xDRO @Hylos

    1. rabid
    2. buckie


      We don’t miss you

  2. Happy REAL Thanksgiving!

    Looking at you, Canada.

    1. Marty


      How rude! Prepare for war.

  3. Idea to help @Support Team add all @Medic to support team

    1. Show previous comments  22 more
    2. Creepy


      This was obviously a joke. If you want to be support team feel free to apply!

    3. stlckman1


      Nope add back gambling and we will all apply.

    4. Bushz


      I know it was Creepy lmao 

  4. You've failed the internet today. Try again tomorrow!
  5. So.. how about that local sports game?

  6. Handbook updates aren't meant to be an argument thread. If you want to comment on these changes please make a new thread. This seems like a good place for it that's already going:
  7. What stocks are y'all trading? Be honest. Looking to expand the portfolio.

    1. Linka


      best way to learn the stock market?>?

    2. destruct


      S&P500 going looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonggggggg

    3. snipeZ


      fiverr and pton are my personal favorites.

    1. TM_


      Don't you mean how bad SAPD is? Staff just don't know how to do reports in order from oldest to most recent. 😄

    2. vedalkenn


      Someone didn't get corp

    3. TM_


      I'd have to be interviewed first haha

  8. Need beta testers for a LIGHTRP (think Hands up or die) FiveM server. For more details hit up me or @xDRO

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Creepy


      Hey Sr. APD Rossco, got permission from the big man himself. Please leave forum moderating to the professionals! *smile*

    3. vedalkenn


      ill check it out

    4. Mason Harrison

      Mason Harrison

      Did you just call ryan fat?

  9. Big +1 here. Leave me alone. Your friends were banned for scripting association. 3 days ago. I immediately replied to their ban appeals and told them that they would need to be patient while everything got sorted out and staff came to a consensus on what to do with them, and that I would let them know when we came to a decision. It's not my fault they chose to spam me instead.
  10. Creepy is my dad, confirmed by Drama Alert

  11. Serious question:
    What's a "rabid meal"?

    I'm a boomer and don't understand Arma slang

    1. Ben Shapiro

      Ben Shapiro

      It's the new McDonald's order, tell them obesityaction.org sent you!

    2. Millennium


      have you not seen the deleted status updates of @PHILIP FORTNITE or @east side crip?

      I recommend looking since u can see their deleted posts.

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