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  1. Creepy

    Get rid of vigi.
  2. Creepy

    Have you ever talked to him on teamspeak? I believe.
  3. Creepy

    I'm pretty sure that like 10% of support team is old enough to drink. Smells like encouraging minors to underage drink, via the Internet. Real classy Dash. Not weird at all.
  4. Creepy

    Dro hand painted that whole mystery ifrit.. I don't know how much more complex it's supposed to get. The only thing that was "texture copy and paste" were the logos that he placed over the hand done parts.
  5. Creepy

    Sorry boys, no Mystery Machine ifrit is happening. You'll have to find something else to drop on kids in. @Mako doesn't like @xDRO's work.
  6. Fuck you @Hats

    1. Hats


      Love you TO. :wub: btw i miss you

    2. Dante


      @Creepy he reported you for this post. ;)

    3. Creepy


      ROFL I don't doubt it. Soft as fuck!

  7. un-happy birthday you piece of shit.
    @Fat Clemenza

  8. Creepy

    Server 3 is closed from 2AM to 2PM (I think) during the "offseason" If you tend to play at night, I'd recommend Server 1 or 2
  9. What a riveting donation goal!
  10. Creepy

    Peter Long is officially illuminati. He took his stream donation money, which came from Olympus players to buy Olympus and now those same players will need to donate to his stream and to Olympus to keep Olympus going which was where they found his stream for the first donation that let him buy Olympus from the player that was on Olympus that bought Olympus from the owner of Olympus when he was a player on Olympus. Olympus.
  11. Creepy

    Does this mean that @xDRO has a chance at APD now?
  12. Creepy


    I'll burn your stupid local French library down. You won't even be able to read books.
  13. Creepy

    I can smell the shit winds changing.. Rex about to get usurped.

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