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  1. Does the hacker have a small dick? Is that why they “hack”? 

  2. Poop. That is all. 

  3. May or May not want to start something... what did @ChicagoJack do? Lol :) 

    1. Zakaloko


      Try hard was trying to store his AT off-road Chicago jack was in the group shot try hard in the back when claimed the AT 

    2. silver


      that's what happens when you trust a coon

    3. Bubbaloo Burrito
  4. Yeah man. I love it. I’m an idiot and have never been able to post a picture here. Using gyazo would work? Oh yeahhhhhh
  5. Well. Back when I was your age I used to rock a 2006 a Toyota Corolla XRS 6 speed manual. Now I drive a 2018 370Z.
  6. What ever happened to Five M? 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Ryan


      52 minutes ago, N7Zero said:


      Are you trying to throw hands buddy 

    3. N7Zero


      32 minutes ago, Ryan said:

      Are you trying to throw hands buddy 

      u prob throw punches like this man 


    4. Elements


      server is gonna be cancer until it is more than olympus players

  7. Congrats on mod @Danger ma' man!

  8. so cute snowflake. Also, read my tags
  9. Yes. Let’s run Olympus just like the retard in office is running the USA. We will definitely get very far.
  10. Sad times brother. I do get it. Wish you the best.
  11. Nope. He’s a piece of shit. He should kindly fuck off.
  12. I understand but you can’t “comp” yourself out of your mistakes. It is always at staff’s discretion. Comp Does not guarantee an unban since you still broke the rule.
  13. So come on man, RP for you is only valid when cops don’t try to catch you? I get what your complain is but remember this is a light RP server. In my opinion cops RP as much as possible on this server. You should go to a hardcore RP server if you want “serious RP” and those servers have been going downhill for a while for that same reason. On a sarcastic note, you don’t have a 280K by “roleplaying”, I’m sure it’s all “Hands up or die”... so ask yourself...what kind of role player am I?
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