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  1. Heat! With Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and all the other shitters. Love it.
  2. @Grandma Gary never got me my goddamn BURRITO forum tag. They are liars and I hate them. Dat clik beit thou, hau bau da'....
  3. How's the performance increase with the latest update? Is it finally running at 64bit? Any texture bugs yet? 

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    2. McDili


      @RambleR I got Snare's mom's back.

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Enjoy your VACation from the forums Mcdildo.


    4. Snare


      Oh my abuse!!!!!! :lol:

      Thanks for the help @Grandma Gary @RambleR

      What a bully @McDili

  4. Congrats on Sgt!! ;) 

    1. Pledge


      Thank you sir!

  5. Remove NLR? King of the hill Wut? Why bother playing Altis life wut? Wut wut?
  6. 45 days.
  7. I like to see the ass on my character.
  8. Anybody here has a Nintendo Virtual Boy and got their display fixed? 

  9. I thought it was kind of funny. Surely if you would have talked about telling someone to kill themselves or about racist shit you would have gotten some followers. Ah... the aids this days.
  10. One of my favorite things from back when I was staff.
  11. Let's just get rid of cops all together. Now there are complaints about having "too much cops" on the server at any given time. Fuck me. This is Altis life. A cops and robbers simulator pretty much. I really don't get people sometimes.
  12. @Pledge you are going to get a "smart" remark along the lines of "GET guud breh".
  13. Oh wait no... actually everyone plays cop. Every single civ out there has cop gear so yeah... it's all good and dandy.
  14. (Stupid voice) Just juice betel tactiks breh. Don't rush breh. It became unbalanced to shit. People who don't play cop won't understand.
  15. There is really no 3 to 1 anymore. Now it's just like "Hands up or be tazed" by the civilians. The roles have switched. What the hell is the point of the faction being whitelisted anymore if the civilians will always have the advantage. They should get to hand out tickets now and send us to jail. I mean damn, might as well. They can take you hostage for 15 minutes. Now they camp HQ's just waiting to rob APD members. The APD should now start camping rebels so WE CAN LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD. Kiddie rant out.