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  1. So. Are the “kids” calling other kids “kids” older than them “kids”?
  2. Listen. Play the game and don’t bitch and moan. This is for the original poster. Everyone else is cool in my book
  3. Hey. I have an AKM Taser with at least 22 mags (I believe). As most of you know, this rifle is no longer available for purchase. Post your offers below or just PM me.
  4. Where is it? Nevermind. I don’t have that much money lol.
  5. Pooping should be considered a work of art. 

    1. Noahhh!


      I'm making a phat poop mountain while typing this.

  6. @ThatNerdyGuy you are my dad. Although technically I can be your dad. Now I’m confused.
  7. 1) Agree. Banks are unbalanced but “APD needs to be nerfed meehhhhhhh” 2) Agree but as long as the shots are not directly affecting your CIV then you could argue that by placing him on the pillbox he should be safe but that’s a case by case. Going to have to take him to a different HQ. (Kavala HQ is too easy to camp, maybe add some additional walls to it? 3) Agree, being 3-1 is terrible and a waste of time but just part of the role.
  8. I like @decla man. Just a bad judgement call. Best of luck man! 

  9. Well... you are more OG than me but I’m still jealous.
  10. The real question is how did you get that TAG??? OG? I want it!
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