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  1. Hey guys! Just wanted to type down a bit of a reminder on the best way to submit player reports so that you can help US, help YOU! When submitting a player report, please make sure to try and follow this format as much as possible: Title = RDM – [OS] Burrito – Server 1 Exploiting – [OS] Burrito – Server 1 VDM – [OS] Burrito – Server 2 NLR – [OS] Burrito – Server 1 FAILRP – [OS] Burrito – Server 1 And so on and so on.... Then on the body text make sure to specify what happened and when it happened. Obviously do not forget to include the proper evidence to support your case. This will help us identify the player you are reporting as sometimes we get low quality videos and it gets a bit more complicated, especially when it comes to VDM reports as we have to jump hoops sometimes to figure out the name of the reported player. Please try and avoid the following format: Title = Player report - (blank) Link - youtube.com/thisplayersucks Or Ohh mer gosh - (blank) Link – youtube.com/thisplayersucks We will always review your player reports as they come in but if you try and follow this simple format it will help US help YOU as we will be able to understand a bit better what you are trying to report and we know what to look for. Granted , we view and inspect each video on its own merit but this way we may take a little less time to respond to your tickets. Thanks for reading and for playing on Olympus Servers!
  2. As previously stated. These things do happen every once in a while and it sucks! I know! But 10/10 I’ve seen our developers on and kicking ass to get that hacker out. If they are not on the server they can’t deal with it but we have a pretty active Admin and Dev team so you are in good hands. If you loose a kit just report it as a compensation request if it’s up to a reasonable 300K like the previous admin stated. If it’s something higher than that then please make sure to record. Olympus has grown for the better for the past couple of years. Unfortunately hackers are inevitable and yes there are preventative measures in place but sometimes it’s not enough. Give us a chance, we got you!
  3. Damn. You gotssss magic fingers.
  4. Oh damn. I wanted to say “working as intended” because memes but this ain’t funny. @Designer @ Doc Im sure it will get looked at.
  5. Yes. Administrators and Moderators do use Ts. However, like everybody here has said, it’s a matter of patience. We all do this voluntarily. We have lives outside of the game and while we thrive to serve the community as much as possible we simply can’t all the time. It’s difficult to adhere to a specific time as a voluntary Admin or moderator due to these other circumstances but I am sure that whoever banned you will take a look at your ban appeal as soon as possible. Have a great day!
  6. @ Doc congratulations man!

  7. Put your sandals back on man.
  8. Happy birthday @ Doc . Holy shit I’m old. 

  9. Aside from you @ FadedHazard , any other OG back? @ Orgondo @ Jaeger Mannen ...
  10. @ jig . It’s true. I really will miss him.

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