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  1. Hey bud. I’ve been trying to find that hostage takedown we had in Tanoa. Remember? I can’t find it on the forums. I think it was called “hostage takedown with the burrito”. 

  2. Bubbaloo Burrito

    I don’t know you @ChubbyElf but you sound like you like to suck dukies for a living.
  3. Bubbaloo Burrito

  4. Bubbaloo Burrito

  5. Bubbaloo Burrito

    Hey nerds. Is it worth running Arma 3 via SLI? I can see my GPU usage percentage pretty even on both cards but I don’t noticed a whole lot of improvement. This is normal right? As Arma 3 is not too GPU dependent?
  6. Bubbaloo Burrito

    I agree. These factions are part of altis life. I believe they are just playing the wrong game mode.
  7. Bubbaloo Burrito

    What did you say? @Marty
  8. Bubbaloo Burrito

    lol it was the deputiz
  9. Bubbaloo Burrito

    1+ on this. Pliz remove kopz. Thei are aidz. Make game no phun.
  10. Bubbaloo Burrito

    You are too nice :p
  11. Bubbaloo Burrito

    It really all depends on the availability of said staff member. When I was staff I used to be excessively active BUT that kind of dedication will create problems in real life. People like to balance their virtual and real life and hey.. you should too. Breath some air. Play another game. They will get to you.
  12. Bubbaloo Burrito

    No worries man. Server ain’t dying. I have been here since 2015 and play at least twice a week. For me, is nostalgia. I have even considered coming back in some form but my current job is demanding enough that I just want to relax when I come home but the love for Olympus is real. Who knows....
  13. Bubbaloo Burrito

    You know we never saw hand in hand on some things staff related but that doesn’t mean I never respected and appreciated everything you did for the community .
  14. Bubbaloo Burrito

    @Ares that is awesome news man! I know you’ll make this place great! My favorite MC member that I could never understand. Great co worker too!! I know that I did not agree with a lot of @Peter Long ‘s policies but man he always did a lot of good for this server... I salute you bro.

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