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  1. There are 5 anonymous users online. Wonder what the fuck they hiding from 😂

    1. Dante


      Prob people that quit trying to keep the impression that they’re not addicted. Lol

  2. I stayed for launch just to get a city square house to troll. I loved that server man.
  3. Dude. Why do you even play altis life then? All I see you doing is complain about what an officer is supposed to do in an altis life server. If you dislike it that much then this is not the game mode for you.
  4. Pliz remove cops and medic. dey R 2 OP. Please no RDM rulez. Pliz change servel to Olympus wasteland and we be happy. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Elements


      you aren't funny

    3. Drippp


      die cringe bastard

    4. N7Zero


      who pissed in ur cereal today dripp?

  5. Nope. Not a good idea. If you want the server to offer even les RP just go play wasteland. Civs complaining about cops not role playing are just mad because they got caught as they themselves don’t role play for shit. Wait... that was a different topic. Still a valid point.
  6. I loved Tanoa man. We had fun while it lasted. I had an absolute blast back in the day. @Lucki
  7. I think the server is still going strong. I don’t understand why people keep saying otherwise. I agree population is not what it used to be but If you don’t like it you can always go to shit-Sylum
  8. I think it’s a dick move. Don’t burn your bridges. I’ve gotten bored of the server before only to come back months later and be active again. Why the fuck would I be an asshole to a gaming community that has given me thousands of hours of entertainment? No respect to them kids. You don’t have a big dick just because you tried to do something stupid to stand out. You have a small dick for not shutting your mouth and just leaving quietly if you were fed up with the server.
  9. I take it more than 2000 people watching Bob Ross paint have to be very fucking high to find that entertaining. I find playing with dog turds more fun than watching that. 
    That’s just me though 🙂 

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    2. Proud


      some bob ross while fucked up got me thinkin like im in a cartoon 🤣

    3. crxckrxck


      no one thinks your cool everyone does drugs retard @Proud

    4. Strikke


      One of my friends watched Bob ross for 10h while flying to the US, he didnt even sleep.

  10. I don’t see what the issue is. It just makes it a little easier for you to NOT break RP when we have clearly taken your comms and GPS . If we catch you in Kavala your boys are going to meet us at HQ...if I catch you in Kavala and process you in dodosjsissisn (whatever the fuck the names are) then even if you break RP it will be a little more difficult for them to find you.
  11. You are all penis pumpers. That is all. 

    1. Millennium


      Atleast we got bigger dicks then.

  12. Congratulations to all of the new sAPD members! 

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