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  1. NokiaStrong

    Just don’t get banned
  2. NokiaStrong

    Can we do a drop party in Kavala? I need a new set of diamond armor
  3. So is Rex co-owner of this clan now?

    1. N7Zero


      na he is co-owner of the guild

    2. Ryan


      3 minutes ago, N7Zero said:

      na he is co-owner of the guild

      @TheCmdrRex and I are in fact bubble buddies :) 

    3. N7Zero


      Just now, Ryan said:

      @TheCmdrRex and I are in fact bubble buddies :) 

      get a room faaaaag

  4. Why is plumbers o7 post in server information?

    1. hawk


      Are you high or am I high?

    2. NokiaStrong


      Neither. Someone moved it or hid it

  5. NokiaStrong

    How much does bank give you
  6. NokiaStrong

    I mean i haven’t been once since the update but I looked at the map before I left and I thought it was pretty generous on cop side with all of the extra buildings and ruins and construction that you can get on top of and clap.
  7. NokiaStrong

    For a second I though u meant cause the cops didn’t want to break rules but yeah the tasing needs to have some rules
  8. NokiaStrong

    When ever anyone likes content of his it counts as a dislike
  9. Cause civ council decides rules
  10. NokiaStrong

    Welcome back alots changed since you left

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