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  1. NokiaStrong

    Why you have @D P profile pic
  2. NokiaStrong

    When are you getting ur hot girl gif as a profile pic? @ikiled
  3. NokiaStrong

    no keep ur current one
  4. NokiaStrong

    if plagues gonna win then it doesnt matter where they are. grim vs bw
  5. NokiaStrong

  6. @xDRO ban this hacker immediately!

  7. NokiaStrong

    o7 you helped improve cartel life leaps and bounds recently. Thanks
  8. NokiaStrong

  9. NokiaStrong

    enable advanced flight
  10. NokiaStrong

  11. NokiaStrong

    What gang are you in?
  12. Congrats @Creepy On Corp 

  13. Guess what day it is guy. It’s Mar-10 day. Lolol


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