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  1. anyone wanna play sea of thieves just got it and need a crew

    1. Soulz


      Is it cross compatible 

    2. BillyBobJoe


      yes it is 


  2. Congrats @Kamikaze and @Hylos 

    its about time

  3. Pretty sure it’s a grave stone you scroll wheel on at Pyrgos cemetery that says destruct is the worst senior admin
  4. So who is next civ council lead

  5. NokiaStrong

    WTS bw items

    Dude funny 1! I love the bottom text
  6. why does the object get more mass the higher tier you go
  7. he used incognito mode for that one
  8. NokiaStrong

    s1 wz Garage

    Exactly for war zone and rebel
  9. we try to do a dome strat and have to restart twice because cars suicide themselves. 3rd time our medic logs off mid fed, we barely live epi people and our truck full of gold wins an olympic gold medal for fucking backflips and sticking the landing on a crate, we try to ram it with a car to get it off because we cant unflip or get in. both blow up. 

    this update is a joke.

    props to apd it was a close one the entire time and a fair fight.

    we could've made it just barely if cars wern't ticking time bombs.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Linka


      @NokiaStrong people who have played the server long enough know its not the apd's fault they lose feds lol

    3. NokiaStrong


      @Linka if it’s unbalanced then it could be the apd’s fault but most of the time it’s people who have no clue what they are doing that causes a loss. 

    4. Linka


      i meant to tag nerdy woopsies

  10. Why aren't people do more feds!/1/1!?!?!/1


     8 hunters in 1 wave on the first fed in years, the apd wont let themselves lose


    1. Show previous comments  28 more
    2. Tacosmell


      not surprised 

    3. Mutiny


      @N7Zero doesnt really matter if it isnt new. its still broken lmao

    4. Linka


      EAT THE RICH!!

  11. I will outbid all of these guys
  12. can i get a link to the titles perks

    1. Jonesy


      this is from the orginal patch notes 

      Hope it helps

      Passive Perk System

      Total Civilian Minutes - Paychecks increased
      Total Vehicles Lockpicked - Lockpick chances increased, chance for silent lockpick even with security mods
      Total Bombs Planted - Boltcutting process is faster at federal reserve
      Total Distance on Foot - RedGull endurance last longer
      Total Anti-Air's Hacked - Faster process to hack AA
      Total Cop Kills - Decrease on fee when sent to jail
      Total Epipens Used - Small chance to not require dopamine when revived
      Total Vigilante Arrests - Discount at vigilante weapon shop
      Total Suicide Vests Used - Discount for suicide vests
      Total Time in Jail - Less jail time when sent
      Total Civilian Kills - Small discounts for rifles at rebel shop and at vehicle shop
      Total War Kills - Big discounts for rifles at rebel shop and at vehicle shop
      Total Deaths - Random Death Messages
      This can be disabled via a new option in Y-Menu Settings

      Total Drugs Seized Value - Drug seize payout increased
      Total Pardons - Discount at cop weapon shop
      Total Bombs Defused - Bomb disposal process faster
      Total Cop Minutes - Discounts at vehicle shop
      Total Distance on Foot - Coffee endurance last longer
      Total Anti-Air's Repaired - Faster process to repair AA
      Total Medic Minutes - Overall Medic discount increased
      Total Revives - Revive process is faster
      Total Vehicles Impounded at Yard - Profit increase at impound-yard
      Total Repairs with Toolkit - Repair process is faster


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