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  1. congrats @IM LAGGING it came soon than you though

  2. @ikiled @Fusah

    what finals are you taking

    1. hawk


      Finals that last a few months :bruh:

  3. Anyone else not able to connect to Olympus ts only?

  4. price check on armed hurons?

    1. Best Player Okay

      Best Player Okay

      _veh = "B_Heli_Transport_03_F" createVehicle(position player);

      O fuck wait u cant use that nvm sorry im no use sir

    2. Mason Harrison
    3. MAV


      15 maybe pre-8+ BW complete per day... i'd say 10 mil now.

  5. Happy bday @TheCmdrRex and @Ryan

    1. Ryan


      Thanks qt :wub:

  6. NokiaStrong

    How is it useless during big fights both kav rebel and wz are constantly being used or camped. So now you have more options
  7. NokiaStrong

    Imagine being here for over 4 years and only having 40 rep
  8. Video on the forums from two years ago vs required up to date video during training
  9. Idk it’s already in the training guide or what ever but maybe have a section dedicated to milking and explain it in some depth(would only take a few minutes) And fed call outs ie gate 1 northwest tower crate jump. Or bw callouts.
  10. Someone put me on their cs go olympus roster


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