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  1. NokiaStrong

    There are multiple versions of this. Old and outdated. Don’t use it
  2. NokiaStrong

    Pawnee fights!
  3. NokiaStrong

    Take a shot if they ask for your opinion. Take a shot if they tell you to ban someone
  4. NokiaStrong

    Are the MXSW and mk-200 same price now?
  5. NokiaStrong

    What Ajax said
  6. NokiaStrong

    1.25 mil for mar-10 lethal?
  7. NokiaStrong

    How do I know if it’s brain dead offer? Like how bout 1.5 mil for a mar-10 lethal.
  8. NokiaStrong

    o7 man
  9. NokiaStrong

    So you are buying tasers?
  10. NokiaStrong

    There was going to be a way to transfer warpoints but Idk how that’s coming along. @ikiled
  11. NokiaStrong

    1.5 m for mar-10
  12. NokiaStrong

    o7. Are you stepping down from admin as well?

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