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  1. Happy birthday to the lad @falcon

    1. falcon


      thank ya GOYYA! :wub:

  2. hawk

  3. Happy birthday @lou25000 :)

    1. lou25000


      Thanks! Come to pyrgos reb soon ill be waiting for my bday searg loadout Kappa


  4. Congrats on finally getting medic!

    1. HunterBklyn


      ye bro congrats!

    2. hawk


      :pog: Cant wait to make you proud

  5. Happy birthday @Doc and @King

  6. hawk

    Selling MK1 Taser offer me
  7. hawk

    Selling MK1 Taser, 2 MXM's, 2 Spar-16s and 7 MX's have mags for the weapons also
  8. hawk

    o7 Ill miss you
  9. Happy birthday dude

  10. APD is finally a gang :lol:


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. hawk


      For those wondering, I did not accept or decline the war.

    3. Yikers


      That was me who sent that

    4. Kden


      20 hours ago, Unjo said:

      Thought we didnt need to engage anyway? :hmm:

      I don’t atleast

  11. Happy birthday @Scribble

  12. hawk

    You want the APD to be limited to the ground while patrolling redzones yet civs can just fly off?
  13. hawk

    Instead of complaining about how orcas and hummingbirds are overpowered, why don't you suggest a solution?

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