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  1. Dante

    Happy birthday u Canadian fuck 

  2. Happy Birthday! 

  3. Where did @Strikke's status update go :(

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    2. Civak


      i mean he did continue to post something he was already warned about

      it's not like they're trying to hide it from the community it was something he shouldn't have said that would negatively impact the server

      *if a certain company saw it

    3. zoomzooooooom
    4. Millennium


      3 hours ago, an overweight giant retard said:

      If it was true it would’ve stayed up. Dont say something false and inflammatory. Only time I’m gonna warn about this

      I mean everything that I read there was true, and Ikiled just gave up soooooo......

  4. China just enacted a major stimulus plan. With all the Tariffs THEY are paying to the USA, Billions and Billions of Dollars, they need it! In the meantime, our Federal Reserve sits back and does NOTHING!

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    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Wait thats the Federal Reserve?  I thought it was the Federal Reservoir!

      Explains why the cops are always so angry.

    3. Ryan


      Man lives in Canada :cry:

    4. Millennium
  5. I'll be waiting in TS for you to come back, o7
  6. Welcome to retirement, I'll miss all the fun stuff we did during our times as sAPD. Cya around and thanks for being a great chief
  7. I had to refresh the page for every @ so I got bored of it lmao, had fun with playin with ya <3
  8. Well, it's finally time for me to retire from Olympus. I have thousands of hours on the server over the years I’ve been playing and I finally got bored of Olympus. I did everything I wanted to, I experienced everything such as being Staff, APD and Medic and it just got too repetitive and boring for me to keep playing. The game just isn’t as fun as it used to be when I started and I don’t want to force myself to play the game every week and hold the rank when other people can fulfill the role. I decided I was going to resign around a week ago but I was waiting until today. I joined cop back in 2017 after playing the server for a while since I wanted to try something new. I made a couple of friends there and proceeded to play as I wanted to climb the ranks, which after a lot of time, got me to Dep Chief, even though it seemed impossible, it worked so if you’re trying to rank up, don’t give up I was sAPD for around a year, I enjoyed every second of it and don’t regret it, I met some chill people and had great times. Recently, playing cop and dealing with sAPD duties became more of a chore than something I did for fun which makes it impossible for me to invest time in this game every week. I’ll still be around in TS to talk and play games, but Arma is just too boring to spend my time on weekly. Time to @ some people, if I don’t @ you, it’s just because there's too many people. @Pledge Thanks for teaching me the ropes of sAPD and being a chill friend who was always there to help. Also won’t forget your debates that never ended during meetings. From being the reason you got demoted to Sgt to seeing you get Chief was an amazing thing to see, I'm glad you achieved your goals. Thanks for giving me a chance at Dep Chief. @tyler You’re just a legend <3 @zoomzooooooom Always gonna miss the times you are saying some crazy shit in TS. If you get Sgt again make sure you don’t dupe OIC’s @DABESTevaThe guy whos high all the time, you scream way too much but its funny as fuck. @Eggmasta @Plumber @Fat Clemenza @BenJI You big gays, we gotta play some more Liberation. Message me if you guys are down to play. @Decimus You hold the record for most inactive LT, just wanted to remind you. @TheCmdrRex Thanks for giving me a chance in sAPD and keeping the server alive. I shouldn’t have gave you such a hard time for certain things. @thor I remember playing with you when you started in the APD and won’t forget all the funny shit we did on cop. Ill still carry you in CSGO. @rapidaax Make sure the feds don’t arrest you. BTW stop paying people to boost you in BDO. @destruct Great Snr Admin, thank you for helping me throughout my whole time on the server and making it enjoyable. Make sure you keep the Staff and others in check. @Ryan Congrats on Owner, I know you’ll keep this server going for a while since you don’t only care about the money. I won’t forget all the times you helped me also. I’ll send you a few shekels for being a good friend @ChrisGG I'm not gay, thanks for admitting it. @Jordan540 Re-install Arma you canadian nerd @All sAPD Keep up the great work, I appreciate all of you for making Olympus fun, even though it was aids sometimes. Don't bully @Hurricane too much Sorry if I wasn’t able to @ everyone, I still appreciate all of you :). Everyone else that wasn’t @’ed, thank you for helping me and making Olympus fun for the time I was around. Even though there are some toxic people, I can gladly say I had fun and the community is what made it great. I’ll still be on from time to time to fuck around. o7
  9. There are only 2 genders
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