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  1. hawk

    Welcome back VX runs the server
  2. hawk

    Welcome, just stay away from Kavala
  3. @draMa @Stuuurrt Congrats on admin! :)

    1. Stuuurrt
    2. draMa


      Our date night just got even better :4head:

  4. hawk

    Damn... how you gonna do that to a homie
  5. so redo the app or just wait 24 to take the test again

    1. hawk


      Make another application in 24 hours and you will be all good :) 

  6. hawk

    easiest win of my life
  7. hawk

    bruh make me one pls
  8. @Fusah Congrats on lead dev. :wub:

  9. hawk

    o7, another Canadian is gone. I didn't talk to you much but you were a very chill dude, good luck in your future!
  10. I told you that you'd get it if you put in the work. Congrats @DeadPooL


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