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  1. @ikiled Congrats you elite coder! 

    1. ikiled


      Thank you LT Rat hawk ;) 

  2. hawk

    If there isnt any evidence he sadly cannot report the cop
  3. hawk

    If 1 rotor gets tapped both of them don't work sooooo I don't see what youre tryna say
  4. hawk

    Too bad Hurons are worse in almost every aspect compared to the ghosthawk
  5. hawk

    Time to use zubr only on cop
  6. hawk

    Imagine cops having NLR
  7. hawk

    Well it's all a matter of the devs now as we have already figured out the way it will work and the rules for it so sadly I don't have an ETA but it has been discussed a while ago and I'm assuming it should be done soon as everything has been worked out. Sucks to wait but it's all about patience
  8. hawk

    Once HQ takeovers happen, it will be easy as hell to tase cops in HQ so increasing the respawn timer will make it even more aids.
  9. hawk

    So thats why you play only play medic for the money, no one could've stopped your gambling addiction
  10. hawk

    Don't think APD should have to wait 5 minutes after the first wave, we aren't going to give civs even more time to leave the redzone and hide when they already have a decent amount of time. At that point, why not just wait the 10 minutes to raid the redzone again lmao
  11. hawk

    How would you know?
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    2. Orgondo


      It was definitely not worth the wait, The Great Wipe almost deleted Olympus.


    3. Ronin


      what an absolute unit

    4. SPBojo


      Too bad only 50% of it actually worked.


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