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  1. hawk

    o7 man, had fun fucking around on cop with you
  2. hawk

  3. hawk

    The fact that you decided to write this and flame someone based on their personal life ON A VIDEO GAME FORUM shows that you're so fucking immature. He didn't agree with your arguments so the first think you decided to do was flame a teenager and bring it to a personal level. You never met the guy and probably barely talked to him. Stop commenting on this post if you have nothing productive to say. You don't have the right to call @Panda :) immature after writing this. And, I guess you proved yourself right about this:
  4. hawk

    o7, I appreciate all the work you've done to help the community, I'll miss ya P.S. Make sure that BMW is always in top condition
  5. Fill out a compensation request on the support tab as the other people said above.
  6. hawk

    You managed to spell Prime wrong, so I fixed it for you
  7. hawk

    Wait a second.... That's not @Pledge's vest
  8. hawk

    I forgot you're in prime, I guess theyre losing if Thor is on the roster
  9. hawk

    I'm calling it right now, Prime is gonna win
  10. It is against Bohemia's monetization policy https://www.bohemia.net/monetization

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