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  1. @Ryan @TheCmdrRex @Zahzi could we get the old dark theme back as an option?


    1. Ryan


      It was broken and outdated with the current version of invision, we tried but couldn’t 

  2. all the mong staff that stepped down are actually cringe

  3. Dirty greasy nonce @Kyle Lake

  4. You see @ikiled no one actually likes you anymore cause an e rank changed your personality pathetic retard and you pay more attention to a support team blacklist than the own server and its mission file, you're actually a retard and you should kys, just leave the server, downy fucking faggot
  5. Remove ikiled, he literally sits there paying more attention to get someone blacklisted from Support Team than the own server and its mission file. dirty fucking retard also imagine changing over e power l o l
  6. Remove ikiled, absolute spastic of a dev, spends more time on attempting to get someone blacklisted from support team than the actual mission file, roblox retard.

  7. Happy birthday

  8. Unfortunately I will have to be announcing the sad (10th) retirement of proud!! :cry::(


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    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Proud is the beta twin anyway.

    3. Excision


      4 hours ago, Jimmy Jarvis said:


      cant be mad dudes got hoes on his arma montages

    4. Ryan


      11 hours ago, Excision said:

      cant be mad dudes got hoes on his arma montages

      She’s like 12 bruh 

  9. f7d919dd701ce84cbdddbe2c171dc7fe.png

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    2. thor


      Just now, ╲⎝⧹Bloodmoon⧸⎠╱ said:

      Commenting before @Kyle Lake purges this :pog:

      I am just showing my designs before I start my portfolio, thats all

    3. zoomzooooooom
    4. ThatNerdyGuy
  10. Aren't you the one saying 'Who are you' to someone on a military simulator where no one gives a fuck about relevancy?
  11. No, I leaked a script, nice try
  12. The fact you're still saying 'who are you' in 2019 is actually sad, especially when no one has a clue who the fuck you are
  13. 3333333333333333333^ @Jester

  14. thor


    Shut up faggot
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